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Here, the Tesco Direct Contact number will automatically direct you to the Tesco Direct main enquiry helpline and the Customer Service Team who will willingly assist you with your enquiry. The Tesco is among one of the largest retail outlets and only second to US based Wall mart. The Company has also been listed at the London Stock exchange bragging of a market capitalisation of about £25 billion.

Founded1919, East End of London, London
SubsidiariesTesco Bank, Tesco Mobile, Tesco Ireland, more

Tesco Direct is a web-based variant of the regular Tesco stored. The Tesco Direct deals generally deals with the items like clothes, jewellery, home, gaming accessories, health, beauty and many more. Although, in order to obtain a full product list of the items that are available at the Tesco Direct, we suggest you to contact the Tesco Direct customer helpline contact numbers.

Tesco Mobile Contact Number

How to Track your Tesco Direct order?

Well, thanks to Tesco direct contact number   it is now possible to track your order, you can also initiate a complaint, or even rearrange a delivery. One of the basic advantages of ordering the products through Tesco contact number is that the shopper benefit from a wide range of variety of the products from the different stores.

Tesco Opening Hours

The Tesco Customer helpline numbers allows you to find the answers to your queries respectively-Tesco’s committed personnels are always available between the below mentioned hours:

8am to 11pm Monday to Friday

8am to 8pm on a Saturday

10am to 6pm on a Sunday

If it is about Tesco Mobile Customer Service you are suggested please note the opening hours as follows:

8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday

9am until 6pm on a Sunday

What is the cost of calling the Tesco Direct Customer Services number?

Well, making a call to a Tesco Customer Helpline number it may cost approximately 6 Pence, along with up to 2 pence, is using a BT calling plan.

Need to Contact Tesco by post?

Evidently every enquiry is made individually itself, Therefore, it is important to be sure of any written correspondence goes to the correct address. Any online or in-store issues must be addressed to:

Tesco PLC – Contacts

Baird Avenue



Tel: +44 (0)  . Email: customer.service@tesco.co.uk ..

Does the company accept cheques?

The company no longer accepts personal cheques for in-store transactions. However it accepts business cheques, but this needs to be pre-agreed by the  Tesco Store Manager.

Can I use my old Tesco gift voucher?

Yes, these vouchers can be accepted as they do not have an expiry date.

What to do if I’ve been overcharged by Tesco?

You can visit the company’s Customer Service Desk with your receipt if you have been overcharged.

What to do if I have been charged twice for the same transaction?

You can contact the Customer Service team via Contact Us page where the Tesco agent will help you in this issue.

Can I spend a coupon of a branded product at Tesco store?

Yes, the company will accept these coupons as long as you’ve purchased the product and the terms and conditions on the coupon are met.

What forms of ID does Tesco accept as proof of age?

The company accepts Passports (with photo), Photographic Driving Licenses, Portman Cards, Citizen cards, Military ID card and Validate cards as proof of age.

How to check if I’ve left an item in one of the Tesco stores?

All items of lost property are logged at the Customer Service Desk, you can visit the Tesco Customer Service Desk on your next visit.

What are the timings to use the Scan as You Shop service?

The Scan as you Shop Service is available in selected stores between 8am-10pm.

What are the charges to use the Coinstar Centre?

There will be a processing fee of 8.9% on the total amount of coins you put in the Coinstar centre.

Does Tesco reserve items to collect at a later date?

No, the company operates a ‘first come first served’ policy on all  stocks.

How can I return or exchange my item?

You can bring the item back to Tesco store along with your receipt and you will get a full refund or your item will be exchanged

Do I get Clubcard points when I buy a Branded Gift Card?

If you’re a Clubcard customer, you’ll earn 150 Clubcard points for every £50 you spend in a single transaction on Branded Gift Cards.

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