Visa4UK – Home Office/UK Visas and Immigration Contact Number

Most frequestly asked user queries given below:

How To get help with your visa application or immigration status?

What is the contact number for Home office for general immigration advice/visa?

How To contact immigration division of the UK Home Office?

Visa4UK is the new UK visas application website, still being built by UKVI and currently hosted within the old Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) website. The Visa4UK is still in its beta mode, yes, you are assuming right it is still being tested, but it is planned to become the new de-facto UK Visa application website and is designed to make the application process more simpler and clearer. See the prototype of the new website or you can contact UKVI for further information on the most pertinent numbers from those mentioned below.

Uk Visas And Immigration Contact Number Tier 4

So, for all the UK citizenship and the nationality enquiries to the UK Visas (tier 4 visa) and immigration division of the UK Home Office, you can phone Uk border agency contact number. The lines are open from Monday to Thursday between 9AM-5PM, and on Fridays 9AM to 4:30pm. On the other hand the email

For general enquiries

For visas, the settlement and asylum-contact the Croydon Contact Centre about asylum, settlement, extending your stay in the UK, work and study visas. Just phone them on 0300 123 2241 (Monday-Thursday 9am-4:45 pm and Friday 9AM-4:30pm)

What is Visa4UK used for?

Visa4UK is the official website for the online visa applications which are  administered by the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

It can also be used virtually worldwide to apply for the UK visa over a protected and secure internet connection.

The information provided is transmitted through an encrypted (coded) connection, access to which is strictly permitted to UKBA staff only.

Remember that the information given is transmitted via an encrypted (coded) connection,

The Visa4UK website enables applicants to:

All you have to do is, Pay the visa application fee>> book an appointment at the visa application centre using Visa4UK.

Please note: this is an obligatory once an online application is being submitted.

What can Visa4UK not be used for?

The below mentioned applicants who are located in the Uk should not use Visa4UK:

  • The applicants who wish to extent their stay in the UK
  • The applications who want to change from one immigration classification to the other one.
  • The applicants who really desires to permanently settle in the UK.

What is the process for making an online visa application using Visa4UK?

The Visa4Uk is a menu-driven and will ask the applications for the same information which is necessary to complete a paper visa application.

The applicants need to have the following documents or the information at the hand when using Visa4UK:

  • The passport
  • The UK Address
  • The travel itinerary
  • A valid email address (UKBA will also use this address as a point of contact regarding applicants’ online application).

Can Visa4UK be used to apply for a visa for a country outside the UK?

The applicants can also use the Visa4UK in order to apply for visas in:

  • The Channel Islands
  • The Isle of Man
  • British overseas territories
  • The other Commonwealth countries