SwiftCover Contact Number

Swiftcover Contact Number 0844 385 1111

Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

Get in touch with the Swiftcover Customer Services Unit by directly calling at the straight Dial number which we have listed on our website, available 24*7. Dialing the direct Swiftcover Customer Service Number would let all the customers to get fast help and support which they might require concerning their Insurance Policies. Now, this is superb news for clients as the company offers a wide range of insurance products; the customers are able to receive all their insurance requirements at one place. This means that it’s mandatory for the Swift Cover Customer Service Unit to ensure that they always answer all queries, concerning any policy.

SwiftCover Insurance Contact Number

When the client dials the swiftcover phone number, firstly, they’d be linked through a preset programmed menu which will provide all the necessary information about each and every insurance services provided by the company. Each of these services is assigned a particular serial number and the related details are then shared with the client and in turn they’re asked to choose the option which is related to their query.

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The very purpose of organizing a unit like this, as well as creating minor teams under a single umbrella Unit, is to make sure that the company can effectively deal with the call volumes which are diverted towards the Swiftcover Insurance Customer Service Team. And then based on the know-how which is then communicated to the customers, via this system, our experts are able to prepare the Swift Cover team to an unbelievably high level where each unit can effectively deal in their own unique sphere.

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Swiftcover Customer Service Number

The Customer Care Number which we have listed on our website would surely connect its dialers directly through to the Swift Cover Customer Service Department without a need to initially go via any 3rd party. Finding the customer care number for the Swiftcover Car Insurance Company might not be easy enough as you might have to consult through a directory enquiries company. This is why we have listed an easily accessed direct dial Customer Care Number over here. We even ensure that the entire charges which are incurred, when a caller calls the Swiftcover contact number, are transparent as well as consistent.

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All the advisors of Swiftcover Customer Care Team efficiently adhere to all the fundamental guidelines of customer care services and in case a client is connected to any other department by mistake, the respective advisor would willingly venture to assist as best as possible, even if it means he/she is required to transfer the call straight to the designated colleague.

 Swiftcover Phone Number

The Customer Care Unit is available 24*7 and the point of time when the client calls swiftcover contact number customer services doesn’t have any bearing on the charges which would be incurred. However, if the caller dials from a BT landline to put up their call, they would basically be incurred around 5p per minute charges. And the dialer should ensure that he/she is a major i.e. they are above 18 yrs of age and should possess the consent of the bill payer to make the call right before they dial.

  • Part of the AXA Group
  • Swiftcover’s headquarters are based in Surrey
  • Established in 2005

Swiftcover is an internet-based UK insurance company formed in 2005 by a group of former Churchill Insurance executives. In 2007 Swiftcover was acquired by AXA and it is now a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA UK plc.- Wikipedia

It is quite important that in case they’re using a telephone line by any company other than BT landline or a mobile connection, than the bill payer should contact their respective service provider right before permitting the caller to dial the Swiftcover Phone Number.

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