11 Modernistic New Apple Watch Accessories That Will Leave You Spellbound


Charging docks, bands, and other peripherals for your shiny New Apple Watch

[mks_highlight color=”#cdff99″][/mks_highlight]Nomad Apple Watch Stand

An elegant place to charge your Apple watch . The cantilever twist is much more elegant and complements the style of the watch. Even with the watch’s center of gravity being over the base, I was wondering about stability, but it sounds like they embedded some copper inside.


Custom designs for your Apple Watch

[mks_highlight color=”#cdff99″][/mks_highlight] WatchStand

An elegant charging stand for your Apple Watch

[mks_highlight color=”#cdff99″][/mks_highlight]Composure Dock

A beautiful charging dock for your Apple Watch . integrated magnetic system allows for effortless adding, removing, and reordering of collection attachments.

Apple Watch Charger Dock - composure-apple-watch-dock

[mks_highlight color=”#cdff99″][/mks_highlight]Casetify Apple Watch Band

Create your own custom Apple Watch band with your photos

Apple Watch Bands

[mks_highlight color=”#cdff99″][/mks_highlight]OVAA

beautiful charger dock for the Apple Watch

[mks_highlight color=”#cdff99″][/mks_highlight]WatchPlate

Gold plate your Apple Watch

[mks_highlight color=”#cdff99″][/mks_highlight]Reserve Strap

A band that charges your Apple Watch

'Reserve Strap I Reserve Strap

[mks_highlight color=”#cdff99″][/mks_highlight]Native Union

Apple Watch The minimalist charging dock

FireShot Screen Capture #049 - 'DOCK for Apple Watch I Native Union' - www_nativeunion_hk_dock-for-apple-watch

Dodocase Apple Watch

Charging Stand for Apple Watch

[mks_highlight color=”#cdff99″][/mks_highlight]Luxury Pocket Stand

A luxury stand for Apple Watch. source:  padandquill.com

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To connect your phone with Beats headphone, follow the steps mentioned below:

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How to reset my Beats studio headphones?

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