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Looking for a best deal for your Sky Tv? Want to switch to Sky Tv services? Then you are on the right site. On this page you can access all the information about Sky Tv, deals, promotional offers etc. Sky offers plenty of options for users on their Sky Tv services. Whether it is Sky KidsSky Go, Sky Sports, all of these come under Sky Tv services. Don’t miss your favourite football premier league on Sky Sports channel. To enjoy these services, you have to simply drop a call on Sky contact number0844 385 1222Once the Sky Tv services are installed, get ready to enjoy your favourite movies and programmes.

So without further ado, let’s get going.

Sky TV Contact Number 0844 385 1222

Also access the most user friendly Sky Planner to manage recordings of your favourite shows. Many customers face difficulties while getting the right and genuine phone number to contact Sky. But you don’t have to worry anymore as you will be getting the top notch contact number to access Sky customer services. With less waiting time and highly professional team, these are both the best ingredients for making Sky, a number one telecom provider in UK.  Still want to learn more about Sky tv? Don’t worry this article will take you through all the services offered by Sky Tv.

What Is Sky TV?

Sky is the brand name for BSkyB’s digital satellite television and radio service, transmitted from the Astra satellites located at 28.2° east and Eutelsat’s Eutelsat 28A satellite at 28.5°E. It was the country’s most popular digital TV service until it was overtaken by Freeview in April 2007. – wikipedia

Sky Tv offers mainly six type of bundles and the minimum rate to subscribe for Sky tv is £20. However you can choose from other Sky tv deals as well depending upon your needs. Each bundle is priced at a different rate and comes up with various service packages. The Sky contact number:  0844 385 1222 can be used by both existing as well as new users to know about the best deals also any promotional offers going at that time. When it comes to assistance, Sky does exceptionally well in offering best after sale services, thus making them a proud telecom services provider in the whole country.

Just sit back and relax by watching your favourite programme on your Sky Tv. Get the latest set top box that can record and keep a reminder about your favourite tv programmes. Get your Sky tv online services that comes with free Sky+HD box with a storage upto 2 TB. This is six times more than the standard Sky Tv box. The tv bundles are starting from £20/month + free Sky+HD box and one year of free unlimited Sky broadband. Get access to latest award winning dramas and movies to all time best comedy shows and don’t miss out to cheer for your favourite Manchester united team on Sky Sports channel. To know more about Sky Tv channels, click on the links stated below:

Why choose Sky TV?

  • Wide range of channels
  • Great channels in High Definition
  • Pause, record and rewind with Sky+ HD
  • Bundle with broadband and phone

Sky Talk – Find Out Which Sky Talk Product Is Best For You

Are You NEW to Sky TV ?

Just a few more questions will be asked by sky , and you’ll be ready for all that Sky has to offer.

Are You NEW to Sky TV ?

Just a few more questions will be asked by sky , and you’ll be ready for all that Sky has to offer.

Q1. Before we get started, are you already with Sky?
Q2. OK, how many people will enjoy Sky TV in your house?
Q3. OK, what do you both like to watch?
Q4. What type of entertainment do you both like?
Q5. OK, would you like to watch Sky TV in HD?
Q6. Do you tend to record shows and use catch up TV?
Q7. Where would you like to watch Sky TV?

Choose Your Favourite Sky + Tv Bundle

Check out the latest Sky Tv bundle deals mentioned below:

Sky Original Bundle:

  • In this bundle, get ready to enjoy the award mining shows. More than 270 channels are covered under this package. Some of the most popular channels such as FOX, Mtv, TLC, Comedy Central, BBC One and many more can be accessed on this package. Record your favourite shows on your free Sky+HD box that comes with huge amount of space to store your programmes. You also get Sky Go app for watching Sky tv online on your wireless devices such as tablets, mobiles etc.  This package starts from as low as  £20/month.

Sky Variety Bundle:

  • This bundled is especially for music fans, fact geeks and kids. Watch your favourite program from 300 channels available on this package. Kids can watch their favourite cartoon episode from 1900+ episodes available on this 300 channels. Especially for kids, Sky has offered many cartoon channels such as Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and many more. If you want to know more about sky tv channels related to your kids education or other educational channel, you can anytime contact Sky customer representative for that.  Coming to the price, you can get this deal at £32/month. Minimum subscription for this bundle is one year.

Sky Family Bundle:

  • Watch your favourite channels in HD clarity by opting Sky family bundle. In this package, you will get around 350 channels with 50 HD channels. Enjoy your favourite channels in HD clarity such as Sky Atlantic HD, Sky 1 HD, Nat Geo HD, als you can now watch Sky news in HD quality. The package gets started from £38/month with free Sky+HD box.

More Sky+Tv Bundles

Check out for more Sky+Tv bundles below:

  • Sky Movies Bundle: This package is a combination of Sky Original bundle and 1000 movies on demand. Around 11 Sky movie channels will be included in 270 channels. Get ready to watch your favourite on Demand movies via Sky Go. Three services are included in Sky Movie Bundle which are mentioned below:
  1. Sky Catch up Tv: If you have missed any of your favourite show or any program that everyone is talking about. Then you can catch up on the latest program or shows from the last thirty days.
  2. Sky+HD box: Record, play, pause and rewind your favorite programmes using your Sky+HD box.
  3. Sky Go: Watch Sky Tv on your wireless devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc.

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Sky Broadband – Get A Broadband Package To Suit Your Needs

Everything you need to know about Sky TV

There’s a dizzying amount of stuff to watch on Sky TV: The hottest US shows, the most popular sports events, movie premieres, homegrown programmes, loads of kids’ TV – the list goes on.

With so much choice, choosing a package can be a little daunting, but don’t worry – we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll look at what you can get with Sky TV, what we like about it, what we don’t like about it, and what actual Sky TV customers think of it.

What TV packages can I get from Sky?

Sky ( offers three TV ‘bundles’ that incorporate different numbers of channels. The important thing to note is that all Sky TV bundles are customisable. You can, for example, add Sky Sports or Sky Movies to any package.

You can also save money by adding broadband to your bundle. Sky offers all TV customers Broadband Lite for free, although you don’t have to take it if you’re already signed up to another provider. While there’s no cost for Broadband Lite, at just 2GB of downloads a month, all but the lightest of users will need to upgrade.

Sky’s biggest fibre optic broadband packages are truly unlimited, which mean you can download as much as you like without fear of being hit with hidden charges or restrictions. Want to binge on an entire series on Netflix, or download vast amounts music? There’s nowt stopping you.

In addition, Sky also has a fibre package with a 25GB usage limit for those who want to spend a little less. It’s good for small households, though heavy users will want to stick with the aforementioned unlimited options.

Here are Sky’s TV bundles:

  • The Original Bundle – gives you more than 35 entertainment channels, including Sky 1Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky Arts 1 and 2, Syfy, Fox, MTV and Comedy Central. That’s on top of the usual Freeview channels, naturally.
  • The Variety Bundle – get everything in the Original Bundle, plus over 40 extra news, documentary and kids’ channels, including the Discovery Channel and three Disney channels.
  • The Family Bundle – you get all the channels in the Original and Variety bundles, plus Sky’s 3D channel – imaginatively called Sky 3D – and more than 300 box sets of TV series to watch on demand, including The Wire, 24 and Grey’s Anatomy.
  • The Movies Bundle – pick this and you’ll get the Original Bundle plus all 11 Sky Movies channels.
  • The Sports Bundle – this one gives you the Original Bundle and the all seven Sky Sports channels, showing live Premier League football, every Formula One race and more.
  • The Complete Bundle – as the name implies, it gives you the full whack – basically the Family Bundle with Sky Sports and Sky Movies.

If you’re serious about TV, you should consider one of these Sky Q bundles. They’re more expensive than standard Sky packages, but they give you a lot more, including the ability to watch Sky TV around the whole house, improved search, better personalisation, apps like Vevo, connectivity with your smartphone and more. It’s all very slick indeed.

  • The Sky Q Bundle – gives you a Sky Q box that stores up to 150 hours of TV and can record three channels at the same time, more than 300 channels, 50+ channels in HD, more than 300 box sets, exclusive web videos, apps, and Sky Q Extra.
  • The Sky Q Silver Bundle – gives you everything in the Sky Q Bundle, but adds a superior Sky Q silver box, with even more space for recordings, a Sky Q Mini box so you can watch Sky TV in another room, and the ability to use the service on two tablets.

For the full list of what you can watch with each TV package, check out guide to Sky TV channels.

Sky Contact Number – 08001 512 758

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Sky Store

If you want the newest of the new movie releases, you can buy or rent them from the Sky Store, and play them through your Sky HD+ box, computer or smartphone.

Films are typically available to rent or buy from the service at the same time they appear on DVD and Blu-Ray. So if, for example, you wanted to watch Inside Out before it’s on TV – and you should because it’s magical – Sky Store’s one of the easiest ways to do it.

If you only want to watch something once, you can typically rent it, with new films costing £4.49. If you buy, however, there is an additional perk in the form of Buy & Keep – not only do you get a digital version to watch whenever you want, Sky also sends you the DVD. Not every film has this option, but most of the new releases do, and it’s a great idea.

Sky movies is also famous among kids because of the most popular Sky Movies Disney. With this bundle your kids can watch favourite disney programmes such as Alice in Wonderland, Big Hero 6, The Lion King, plus many more. Get started with this bundle at £38/month.

  • Sky Sports Bundle: Don’t miss your favourite sports programme or your favourite football premier league. Wit Sky Sports bundle you can watch up to 116 live premier games. In this bundle you can watch 7 sports channels and this bundle is priced at  £47.50/month. Enjoy live coverage of the test series and any big sports event occurring in UK.
  • Sky Complete Bundle: Get all the benefits of Sky movies and sports in one bundle. Watch your favourite sports events and movies in this package. Enjoy the following benefits in this deal:
  1. More than 350 tv channels that includes 50 HD channels.
  2. More than 350 Sky Box sets.
  3. 7 sports channels and 11 movies channels.

Subscribe for this bundle at  £80/month.

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Watch Recorded Shows Using Sky Q

With Sky’s new wireless home entertainment device known as Sky Q, you can carry on watching your favourite recorded shows or programmes on your wireless devices. You can easily sync recordings to your wireless device and watch wherever you want in your home. The programmes can be watched on laptops, tablets, mobile phones and computers. With Sky broadband you can turn your Sky Q box into a Wifi hotspot. On the new Sky Q slider situated on your tv screen, you can access to all Sky Q apps, photos and Sky Sports news. Sky Q is available on Sky store with advanced technology and with more storage for your recordings.

You can choose from any of the two varieties of Sky Q. One is the standard device and the other is silver version. To get started with Sky Q silver version, you will have to pay £56/month. If you want to discuss about Sky Q with a Sky advisor, then you can use the phone number mentioned on this site to contact Sky customer services department.

Watch Your Favourite Channels On Sky Tv

Don’t miss out on any of your favourite programme on Sky Tv. Catch up the shows that you missed from 60 channels available on Sky Planner.

  • Sky Multiscreen: Love to watch your special program in a different room? Now with Sky multiscreen you can watch a different programme on your Sky tv whereas keeping other family members busy in their own tv shows. This service starts at £32/month. You will also get a free Sky HD Multiscreen box.
  • Sky+: With Sky+ smart series link you will; never miss a programme. Record any of your dearest or special show live with Sky+ box.
  • Sky Go:  Watch your favourite tv shows anywhere by using Sky Go feature. Whether you are in UK or Ireland, it is easy to access tv on go. You can move further with Sky Go Extra and watch your downloaded shows without any internet connection. The Sky Go is available for both Android and Apple devices.
  • Sky Kids App: This is a tablet app that is basically designed for kids to watch their kids show using on demand feature. To download Sky Kids, use the link mentioned below:
  1. Download the app for Android tablets .
  2. Download the app for Apple tablets .
  • Sky Store: on Sky Store, you can buy or rent the latest blockbuster movies directly into your tv. Every week, latest movies are updated on Sky Store. For movie freaks, Sky store allows them to build an ultimate movie collection. Use the Sky “Buy & Keep” service to download the latest movies. You will also get a DVD by post when you buy a Sky Store movie.

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Get Assistance For Sky Tv Problems

This article also guides you during any time of technical trouble with your Sky tv.

There may be various scenarios where your Tv has encountered any fault or got damaged. In that difficult situation, first and foremost thing you have to do is call on Sky contact number: 0844 385 1222. Just explain the Sky representative about your problem and get ready for quick assistance.

Sky has designed its customer service helpline in such a way that there is less waiting time when you call on Sky phone number and also your call is not obstructed by any third person team. Get to know about the upcoming area works or outages in your area by ringing on Sky contact number mentioned above. This number can also be used by new customers who are first time installing Sky services at their homes. Sometimes due to bad weather conditions, your Sky satellite dish gets misaligned. To get it fixed, schedule an appointment with Sky engineer by using the phone number mentioned above.

After reading all this article, if you are satisfied with Sky Tv services, then to subscribe it call on Sky contact number: 0844 385 1222.

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