Sky TV Deals, Packages & Offers – An Ultimate Guide

Sky TV Best Deals

There are currently 96 different Sky package deals options available, including sports and movie channels to keep crazy kids, restless students and adults after some private time, occupied with their favourite sky digital tv channel. You can also add stand-alone premium channels such as Disney, Film Four, Music Choice and Artsworld and numerous sky box office channels. All you need to do to receive Sky Digital, is order online, then sky will have a free sky digital dish installed and get a digibox sent over to you. All that’s left to do is to sit back and enjoy all the channels on your chosen sky package.

 Sky TV Deals

All Sky TV bundles come with 12 months unlimited free broadband and a £75 credit when you join online – with a free Sky+HD box. Also Get 25% off Sky TV when you join Sky TV online.


  • Free Sky+HD Box
  • Over 35 channels
  • Sky Go
  • £75 credit added to your first bill
  • 25% discount if you buy online

From only £16.13 per month

FYI Note:

Sky Broadband and Talk has the best overall customer service compared with BT, Virgin Media and Vodafone (Source: Ofcom Report.). There’s absolutely no usage limits and Sky’s new Switch Squad will help make your switch easy.

Sky Broadband

Sky customers can expect a super fast broadband connection of up to 20Mb (depending on your location) and a generous download limit, so you need not worry about exceeding your monthly usage.

The broadband facet of Sky’s offering also includes a free limited period trial of McAffee’s Internet Security Suite to keep you safe online. Round the clock technical support is included across Sky’s deals, as is a free wireless router.

Want to keep your broadband separate? Compare the best standalone broadband deals here

Today’s best deal – Broadband Unlimited
  • £100 M&S voucher for new Sky customers who order online.
  • 12m free, then £7.50 a month.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Line rental £16.40 a month.

 Sky Sports

Sky’s sports programming includes Sky Sports 1-4, Sky Sports News as well as a dedicated Formula 1 channel, all of which are bundled together in the Sky Sports Pack.

This gives you live coverage of over 100 sports, including football from the Premier League and every race from the Formula 1 season.

Choose the HD pack and you’ll get the same channels in rich high definition. Sky World HD customers can also enjoy sports in 3D, which is provided for no extra charge.


Call sky sports phone number and speak with a member of sky customer services department to find out sky sports package deals for existing customers/new customers . 

 Sky Movie channels

Sky Movies offers 12 dedicated channels, all of which are available in high definition to customers who also sign up for Sky’s HD Pack. New movies are added weekly.

Sky Movies customers also get use of the Sky Go app. This is a free add-on and means they can watch Sky Movies while they’re on the move on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Film buffs also benefit from the free Sky movies app, which includes schedules, as well as the option to use their phone or tablet to remotely set their Sky+ box to record shows.


The Sky+ service is all based around the Sky+ box. Sky+ customers can:

  • Pause, rewind and fast forward live TV.
  • Record two shows simultaneously or entire series
  • Catch-up on TV from the last seven days from terrestrial broadcasters
  • Watch movies and series from an on-demand trove
  • Set their Sky+ box to record remotely with their phone or tablet via the Sky+ app
  • Rent movies instantly from 99p each

 Sky+ HD box

Sky customers who want same features but want to enjoy the channels in HD need a Sky+ HD box. This offers 64 HD channels and super-sharp picture quality.

 Sky+ HD 2TB box

This is Sky’s top of the range Sky+ box and provides six times more personal storage than the standard box and the HD box, as well as all the features of the HD box.


Call at sky customer service number given here and speak with a member of sky support department to find out sky+,sky hd box packages, deals for existing customers/new customers . 

 Sky Go Package

Sky Go is free to Sky customers and enables them to watch Sky Movies, Sky Sports, entertainment and kids’ TV packages on their iPad, iPhone, laptop, Xbox 360 or selected Android smartphones.

Which channels you can watch on your smartphone depends on the channels you subscribe to through your Sky TV package.

 Sky TV HD Package

Want to enjoy your favourite Sky shows in HD? Then you’ll need to sign up for the Sky TV HD package. This includes 64 HD channels – the widest range of any UK pay-TV provider.

How to compare Sky bundles?

Sky TV offers an array of bundles to suit everyone’s taste. Once you have decided which bundle is right for you, there’s an option to add on broadband and phone. To save you the hassle of finding the right package, the comparison table above provides a breakdown of each deal.

Availability of Sky bundles

The availability of Sky bundles varies if you take out Sky broadband, but Sky TV is available throughout the country via satellite. Although standard Sky broadband is available in the majority of households, those who are outside the network area will only be able to get Sky Broadband Connect. This is a little pricier, and somewhat slower, and comes with a 40GB usage allowance.

You can use availability checker to see what services are on offer in your area. You can then compare what each package offers, including the channels, broadband speed and price. If you like anything you see, click on “See Deal” and you’ll be redirected to the Sky website where you can make your purchase.

Why choose a Sky Bundle package?

Sky Broadband offers truly unlimited usage

Whether you just do some occasional web browsing or download endless movies, Sky has the right broadband for you. As well as the standard unlimited broadband, Sky also offers fibre broadband that can handle multiple devices at once, ideal for bigger households who demand a lot from their broadband connection.

Inclusive freebies and perks

Sky is very generous with its extras and it offers quite a range, including the Sky Broadband Shield. This useful parental control tool is ideal for a family household. You can filter what content is visible in your home through your broadband, and even customise privacy settings into age categories. Other perks include access to thousands of wi-fi hotspots, including popular highstreet stores and restaurants, such as Pizza Express.

Sky TV Bundles

All the Sky TV packages include 240 free-to-air channels.

  • Original Bundle – Includes 35+ entertainment channels, 11 free-to-air HD channels
  • Variety Bundle – Includes 75+ entertainment channels, 11 free-to-air HD channels
  • Family Bundle – Includes 75+ entertainment channels, 50+ HD channels
  • Movies Bundle – Includes the Original Bundle + Sky Movies
  • Sports Bundle – Includes the Original Bundle + Sky Sports
  • Complete Bundle – Includes the Family Bundle + Sky Movies HD and Sky Sports HD

Get a Sky+ HD box absolutely free

The smart set-top box allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV. It offers a generous amount of memory, in which you can store 185 hours of standard TV or approximately 60 hours of high definition TV, enough to record a whole series. Plus, it comes with built-in wi-fi, making it easier to connect to TV on demand.


Call at sky contact number given here and speak with a member of sky support department to find out sky+, sky hd box packages, deals for existing customers/new customers . 

6 essential questions before you buy

  1. Which TV bundle suits my viewing tastes?
  2. How much recording space do I need?
  3. Are the services available in my area?
  4. What broadband speed is best for my needs?
  5. How often do I use the phone?
  6. Do I understand the terms and conditions?

Fixithere recommends

Now you have all the info you need, it’s time to make your decision. Jot down which Sky TV Deal , Package, Sky+ , Broadband Offer will suit your taste, how much you use the internet and the phone at home, and your budget, and then you can make your decision as to which of the three-in-one Sky packages is right for you. For more info, speak with a member of sky customer services department to find out sky tv package deals for existing customers/new customers . They will evaluate your situation and then explain your options to you.

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