SKY Phone Problems: How to fix it?

So whether you’re experiencing any issues like dialing or receiving your calls, the foremost thing you should do is to check for any of the problems related to the SKY network. Just verify if there are any current network problems in your area from the SKY’s Service Status page.
And if the current problem is not listed on the Status page, then follow the below mentioned easy steps to rectify your SKY Phone problems:

1). Dial tone:

Just check your telephone receiver for the dial tone and if you’re unable to hear it, then confirm the following:

• If the phone line is damaged or has been accidentally pulled off from its socket.
• If the volume control of your phone is turned off.
• If the telephone is plugged to the power socket (by mistake).
• If your cordless phone’s docking station is appropriately plugged in or if the phone is fully charged.

After checking all these, try to plug another corded phone with the master socket. The master socket is quite easy to locate as it is usually found where the phone line enters your place. And if you don’t hear any dial tone with that phone, then in all probability the problem lies with your handset. Just change it.

2). Detach all the equipments far from the phone line:

Detach each of the equipment connected to your phone line which may include:

• Fax machine, telephones and computers.
• Broadband router, SKY boxes as well as micro filters.
• Adaptors as well as all the extension leads.

After you unplug the equipments, connect a corded phone (in working condition) with the master socket. Now in case if it resolves your phone problem, gradually plug-in back each of the equipments one after the other. Now you need to simultaneously verify the phone line, every time you plug back any equipment piece. Now it is high time you should contact the equipment’s manufacturer either to repair or exchange the equipment, in case if it is found to be faulty.

3). Checking the phone line:

In case if your phone problem is still persisting, then the problem might be lying with the phone line at your place. Just try to recall if any maintenance work was accomplished around your place which might include:

• Any changes of your equipments or telephone service provider.
• Any renovation or restoration job that possibly would have dislocated the phone lines.
• Any external refurbishing work such as gardening that possibly would have severed the line entering your place.

Now if you find any noticeable damage to your telephone line entering your premises or if you certainly believe that it might have been damaged by any recent maintenance work, do Contact Sky Customer Service to report your problem. If you are still unable to resolve your phone problems, feel free to dial Sky Number or just log on to the , for further information.


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