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Sky go- overview

Sky go is an online television service introduced by Sky. It was launched in the year 2006. Sky go was previously called as Sky Player, Sky Anytime on PC and Sky By Broadband.With Sky go users can enjoy watching live streaming video as well as they can demand for the desired video for their respective PCs such as Macbook, Windows, mobile phone, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 through connecting with a broadband network or a Wi-Fi internet connection. If you are demanding an online content then you are liable to get sports highlights, latest news, movies and TV programmes etc.

But viewers should keep in mind that these content are only available for a limited period of time and as well as it is protected by digital rights management software that has been developed by the Microsoft and the NDS Group, hence you cannot copy the content in a disc. No extra cost to existing Sky TV customers. Depending on the subscriber’s Sky package they can have an access to the content. For a non-Sky TV customers, they can avail the service by subscribing per view pay basis.

You can install and view Sky Go up to 2 devices, but you can exceed this upto 4 devices by paying Sky Go Extra for a monthly fee. If you wish to play the content on the computer then you would be requiring the Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 browser plug-in.

There are certain channels that are blacklisted from the list to maintain the viewing rights. In order to have a full access on these channels users will have to take a subscription to all these channels of the relevant TV packages. Only then will the programmes will be available on Sky Go.

If you are using Apple devices then you might have problem in operating Sky go on it. Well in that case users should have installed Mac OS X 10.7 version or higher when playing movies.

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How can the Sky customer services help you?

While you are using the Sky go, you get stuck up at any point of time. Don’t be hesitant just call up sky customer services number. Today every company has incorporated a customer service center associated with them. The main purpose of these services team is to help out the customers with whatever problems they come up with.  It is true that small and negligible glitches can be handled by you yourself can solve those. But when it comes to unmanageable technical glitches you need the advice of an expert. Just like every company Sky go also has unparalleled and supreme customer services. You can get all sorts of help regarding your Sky go devices.

If you are wondering as to how can you get in touch with them, then here is the answer. You can directly call on sky contact number which is available on this site. This number will connect you with the customer care expert. He will then guide you with your problems.

If by any chance the customer care representative is not able to cater your problem then you can ask him to forward your call to the department expert. Also if you are still not satisfied with the service then you can ask for a engineer visiting your place and solving your technical issue.

If you are placing a request for an engineer to pay a visit to your home, then remember that the customer care representative will give you a call to fix the meeting. He will tell you the date, time when the engineer would be visiting your place.

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What you need to do when you are in a call?

If have choose to call the sky go customer care team then you should follow these steps. First choose the topic, like you are having a problem with your Sky go. Let the representative know the problem area i.e like what are the problems you are facing with your Sky go device. Whether you have forgot your pin, password, id or any other problem. After you have narrated all your problems to the Sky go expert, he will further guide you how to solve these problems. What else you can do is to follow his instructions and try to resolve your issues. Even if you want to get information on the below mentioned points you can call the customer care team who can further guide you on this like information for you Sky go, Upgrade or if you are a new customer then join Sky go, Cancel or downgrade your Sky go etc. You can get all your problems solved with the help of the Sky go customer care team.

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Sky Go Contact Number

What you need to remember is that the phone lines for the Sky go customer care number are only open from 7am in the morning to 10pm in the night for 7 days a week. Hence, if you are wanting to contact the Sky go team then you need to call on the number in between these timings only. So, if you are facing any troubles with your Sky go device or you want any other help with Sky go don’t wait for any more time just call on the Sky go number immediately and get world class assistance from the Sky go customers care team.

Let’s have a look at the features of Sky go device:

  1. Sky go is offered free to all those who are sky tv customers
  2. Choose channels from your package
  3. You can opt for watching your favourite shows on your PC’s tablets and mobiles.
  4. If you are residing anywhere Ireland you can have access to in Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living and Sky Arts
  5. You will be needing an internet connection to operate Sky go whether broadband or wifi
  6. Download your favourite content and choose to watch it later
  7. You can avail the Sky sports package if you are a sports freak

What all you can do with your Sky go??

With enrolling yourself with Sky go you get to enjoy few benefits. Let us take a look at the benefits that you will get as a Sky go customer.

Now you can download shows and watch them later..

In today’s time where we are mostly caught up with work 24*7, hardly get time to watch favourite serials on t.v. But not, as now you can download your favourite shows and keep them to watch later when you get time. Where in the standard Sky Go service you could only get TV programmes and films to your device, the all new and improved Sky Go gives you extra enjoyment by adding an additional benefit of letting you download your favourite programmes and watch later.

Provided you an accessible and good speed wi-fi signal for downloading your favourite shows. Here you can only download one show or film at one time, no multiple download. You do not require internet connection to watch the content after it has been downloaded. After you download the content you can take your device anywhere and enjoy your download. But just keep in mind that Sky go does not provide you with every channel. You can only enjoy watching the most popular shows on your tv.

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Get yourself registered with Sky Go Extra

If you want to use Sky go on all your devices, you can easily get it. What you need to do is just get yourself registered with the Sky go extra. Then you can enjoy Sky go on your devices. After you have got Sky go extra registration, you can easily enjoy the same on your PC’s, Mobiles and Tablets. BY downloading Sky go extra you will be able to download and watch your favorite movies offline.

Also you will be allowed to register 2 more devices thus getting all 4 devices in total to avail the services. You can also get away with the signal loss issues and you can enjoy uninterrupted services. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that with Sky Go Extra service the content that you wish to download can only be done via the wifi and no other internet option. Without a strong and good wifi connection you won’t be able to download your content. Even a 3G or 4G connection won’t help you out.

No time to watch movies?- Keep your favourite movies for 30 days

With this busy schedule you might not be having enough time to go and watch the latest trending movies that are projecting in the theaters. With Sky go now you can store your movies for 30 days. Sky Go Extra allows you to download movie of your choice that will be kept saved for 30 days. So now you have plenty of time to watch your content over the time. Hence now you can download a film and watch it later. So now no tension even if you are caught up in work, leave it on Sky extra and carry on with your work, you will get to see you film. You just need get a  Sky TV subscription with Sky Movies So that you can easily watch and download movies of your choice. Just get the Sky Tv subscription and enjoy your movie. If this is what you wanted then don’t waste time, call the Sky customer care team and get subscribed Sky movies today.

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