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 Royal Mail is the ultimate mailing service available for you to deliver national, international as well as your local standard mails, packages and parcels of all sizes and shapes. There is range of options which you can avail. You can opt for standard 1st or 2nd class mail, specific delivery and even avail the assured same day deliveries (which could be subjected to specific criteria) and to know all about these services just dial the Royal Mail Customer Service Number listed on our website.

Royal mail Royal Mail Customer Service Number:

In case you’re moving home, simply dial the Royal Mail Contact Number listed here. A team of expert advisors would assist you to sort out all your queries and reset your redirection services. Use the same number to call in case you’re not sure for how long your current redirection service would last or you’re concerned that your current Royal Mail redirection service isn’t set up as yet or your confirmation letter hasn’t been received.
And in case you have queries regarding online postage, simply dial the Royal Mail Customer Service number. The customer care advisors will properly guide you through the entire procedure and answer all the related queries.

Royal Mail Customer Service Contact Number

Royal mail

How to file Royal Mail Complaints?

The users can file their complaints either by dialing the Royal Mail phone Number or by visiting the official Royal Mail website or by writing to us.
In case you opt to contact via telephone, then be ready with your complaint details. A team of Customer Services Advisors will guide you through the appropriate procedure which you’re required to follow. And in case you are calling on behalf of someone else, you might be asked to provide proof of consent of that person to handle the concerned complaint.

After your particular grievance is being received, the Customer Care executives will confirm your information and give you unique reference digits to identify you as well as your complaint.

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Various Stages of your Royal Mail Complaint:

There are three internal stages for assessing your complaints and though your complaint would be dealt on a person to person basis via phone, in case you wish, your case will be specifically dealt at any phase via letter or e-mail also.

Following are the stages of the assessment of your complaint:

Royal Mail Customer Service Contact Number

  • Stage I: To Contact the Customer Care Executives

The 1st step is to contact royal mail. They will receive your complaint details and would make all the efforts to resolve your complaint as well as provide you the most appropriate answer. In case you’re not satisfied with the response you can raise your complaint to the ‘Escalated Customer Resolution Team’ who will re-investigate your case.

  • Stage IITo Contact the ‘Escalated Customer Resolution Team’

The ‘Escalated Customer Resolution Team’ is well trained and quite experienced to deal with escalated complaints. The team will venture to tackle as well as resolve your apprehensions; though, in case still you’re unhappy with their answer, then you can contact the ‘Postal Review Panel’.

  • Stage III: To Contact ‘The Postal Review Panel’

Royal Mail clients, who have filed complaints, do get access to ‘The Postal Review Panel’, who in turn conducts a fresh and fair look at your complaint. And after reviewing, the Review Panel would give its final reply on behalf of Royal Mail regarding your complaint. The entire process will take around 30 days to complete since you first contacted them.

Clients can always contact ‘The Postal Review Panel’ any time using their reference number provided by the Royal Mail. And though, the Royal Mail’s first preference would always be to resolve all of your complaints and concerns, we strongly recommend that you should 1st dial the Royal Mail Contact Number listed on this website and refer your concerns with the post office customer service executives at Stage I and Stage II before referring your case to ‘The Postal Review Panel’.

Royal Mail Customer Service Contact Number - Post Office Customer Service

  • Stage IV: In case you’re still unhappy

In case you’re not satisfied with the Review Panel’s final response then your particular case would be considered as ‘deadlocked’ and such deadlock cases could be referred to an autonomous Ombudsman known as the POSTRS (Postal Redress Service). Now this service can be availed to you in case:

  • • Your particular complaint isn’t settled by the Royal Mail helpline within the 90 day set time period.
    • Your complaint has been referred to as ‘deadlocked’.
    • The Customer Care has not properly followed the complaints procedure while handling your case.

Royal mail

The Royal Mail Customer Promise:

After receiving your full complaint details, the Royal Mail promises that they generally would take around 30 Calendar Days to fully respond to your particular case.
International complaints might take longer to get resolved because of the job which is required to be done by the foreign overseers.

Now there might be times when they’ll need additional details from you to finish their investigation. And in that case they’ll wait for another 14 Calendar Days for you to respond. So considering all such factors, the longest inquiry period by the Royal Mail, for any inland complaints, might take around 90 Calendar Days to fully finish.

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