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Orange are one of the UK’s most popular telecommunications companies and their customer services department take a large number of telephone calls every day.

Orange Customer Service Number – 0844 800 27100

Calls cost £0.05 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

Orange is one of the most renowned telecommunications companies in the UK. Their customer services department gets a number of telephone calls daily. The Orange customer care number listed by us on this website is planned to connect you directly to the Orange customer services department. Here you can get all assistance and support for your problems and queries. For all queries regarding the mobile company Orange, contact directly the Orange customer services contact number – 0844 800 27100. In the event, you’re out on a holiday and suddenly you discover that you have lost your mobile phone, you can instantly call the Orange customer service number listed here on this website.

Here the customer care executives will assist you greatly and in fact help in obtaining a substitute phone. To contact Orange customer services department, just put call to the contact number listed here – 0844 800 27100. When the caller put calls to the Orange customer service number from a BT landline, the bill payer will be charged at the rate of 5p per minute. Further, the caller must be older than 18 years of age, and must be using a BT landline to put the call. In case, the Orange contact number is called from another landline provider or a mobile phone, the bill payer may incur additional charges or extra cost per minute.

FAQs / General Orange Support Queries

forwardWhat does a locked phone mean?

Now since most of the handsets are subsidized quite heavily, in turn these are locked to that very network/carrier these were purchased from. Some of these phones could be unlocked and utilized with other carriers/networks, but in case you’re under any contract then this would be considered a breach.


Can the phone connection be utilized abroad?

Usually there are 2 restrictions based on which your phone can be used abroad: one is network-specific and the other is phone-specific. Now in case your phone is ‘Quad band’ which means it can be used almost anywhere in the world and in case your phone is ‘Tri-band’ then it can used within Europe only.

Now as your contract allowances are applicable within the UK only, you’d be usually charged the roaming-rates by Orange if you call from or to abroad. And you should also intimate Orange in case you’re planning to utilize the phone abroad, as an account-setting might be required in advance.


Is it possible to read as well as send emails via your phone?

Now all the latest Smartphone are great for sending as well as reading emails. Most of these phones are availed with a push-email option which means that the emails are automatically sent to your phone. And all you’re required to do is type in your email-account (usually the POP3 or IMAP) settings and after that you could send and read emails just like you do it on your PC.


Is it possible to cap the usage?

No. Orange unfortunately doesn’t offer the option to cap the usage currently. But, there’re numerous tools available at various app stores that will enable you to monitor the data usage and even cap it in case if it crosses a certain limit. Orange also recommends the usage of Wi-Fi wherever possible in place of mobile data, as the Wi-Fi usage won’t be counted towards the data allowance.

For further information, just dial the Orange customer care contact number or visit us at


What about the contract minutes as well as texts?

Orange contract comes with a specified allowance of free minutes as well as texts as a part of its contract. And in case your allowance is exceeded, an overage charge would be applicable to your monthly bill.

Now at the start of each month these allowances are being reset, so that the contract minutes as well as texts are not carried over to next billing cycle. Though, in case if you cross your limit in a month, it won’t get deducted from next month.

Various contracts also include a data allowance. Now these also works just like the texts and minutes allowances and are usually specified in GB and MB. Occasionally tariffs also include bonuses such as free unlimited texts, landline calls or additional data roaming.


Shall I opt for ‘Orange Pay As You Go’ or a ‘contract’?

Contracts are at much cheaper prices, which allows you to enjoy plenty of texts and minutes as well as a mobile phone for free (as on PAYG you need to purchase the phone separately).

Pay As You Go (PAYG) is the correct option in case you use your phone only during emergencies or in case you don’t wish to enter contracts. However, in all other cases a contract will offer you a better deal.

Orange Broadband Customer Service

Orange Broadband Customer Service

Just calling the Orange customer service number will connect you directly to the customer services team. Initially you’ll hear an automated menu, and you will have to choose an option that is most closely related to your enquiry. There are alternative ways of contacting the Orange customer service such as visiting the Orange website or reading the information there. The Orange website has been specially designed to answer all the most frequently asked questions and provide basic support as much as possible.

The Orange customer service team has been specially trained to answer all the questions, and is equipped with all the information needed by the customers. Orange customers may require talking with an executive of the customer services department team about the tariff plan, or how they can upgrade their old phone. Callers are able to contact the Orange customer service team whenever they like. They are to get all the valuable advice regarding the mobile company.

Orange has just combined with a fellow mobile telecommunications company, and they are committed to offer the greatest level of service possible. Moreover, the gaining of new customers will push Orange to accomplish this. This aspect is very favorable for the customers, and they can get the best customer services.

 forwardCan I retain my existing number if I change the network?

Yes, you can. According to Ofcom regulations, all service providers are required to offer number portability service to their users on request.In case you’re changing your network, you’ll require two things: a ‘Porting Authorization Code’ (PAC) from your existing network and your new SIM card or phone. After that just call Orange’s customer services contact number within thirty days. The Orange team would take all the information and sort out your transfer process. The entire process would take around a couple of days.


How come the mobile phones are for free?

Now mobile phones could be real expensive with some worth even up to whopping £ 500. But, Orange offers handsets absolutely free along with many of its plans.And the reason why those mobile phones could be given for free is, these are being subsidized by Orange which actually allows you to get hold of a phone when you opt for any Orange contract. Now, on some of the contracts, the entire cost of the phone might not be covered by the subsidy and as a result some contracts come with an up-front cost.So when you opt for a contract, just think before you decide if you wish to opt for a plan with an up-front cost, as such plans means lower monthly cost.

For more information, just call at the contact number of Orange customer care or visit us at

Orange Cash:


What does ‘Orange Cash’ stands for?

Now the ‘Orange-Cash-prepaid-MasterCard’ is quite different from a debit card, however, it could be used in the similar way for online-shopping, either in high-street stores or via phone.

You need to load ‘Orange Cash’ card with money prior to shopping. And you have to load more cash, in case it’s running low and above all, you don’t even require any credit check or a bank account to get one.

And as it’s being offered by Orange, it comes with a few extras which you won’t get with most of the other major prepaid cards. It offers:

  • Various mobile rewards.
  • Is contactless.
  • Allows top up on your Orange pay as you go (PAYG) phone.
  • Allows sending money to your friends.
  • Allow you to manage your card through the Orange Cash app, via text or your online account.

Orange Contact Number

It is commonly known that customer care services from huge companies like Orange come at some additional cost. Orange may have invested funds in corporate training in order that customers might be able to get the greatest level of service possible. Whenever any caller dials the Orange customer care number listed here in this website, the caller will be connected directly to the Orange customer care service department and will get an outstanding customer service.

In the event, you’re calling Orange customer service number to talk about the airtime you are getting or experiencing any problem with your mobile phone, you can contact the Orange contact number listed here on this website.

The Orange customer services team is on hand to be directly contacted whenever you require talking with them. There is a large number of ways to make contact with the Orange customer services department. Some of these include an email conversation and live chat option. You’ll get an instant reply from an executive from an executive of the Orange customer service team.


What are the ‘Orange Cash’ benefits?

‘Orange Cash’ rewards:

Now with each of your spending, you’re automatically collecting reward points which you could exchange with your ‘Orange cash’ rewards. You will gather one reward point every time you spend £ 1. You can then redeem your reward points against free minutes, texts or credit.

After the reward points are applied to the account, it will remain active either till your reward points run out or only for one month from the purchase day, whichever happens first.

No credit-checks required:

The ‘Orange Cash’ card is perfect in case you don’t wish for or you couldn’t get a debit or credit card.

No Bank-account required:

Now the user can only spend the money which they’ve loaded onto their card so in turn they won’t have to worry anymore about going over-budget. Also it’s quite easy to manage money with ‘Orange Cash app’. One can load more cash, view their balance as well as all the transactions, redeem their reward points and access balance-notifications, while on the go. And for all the cards with expenditure limits, Orange will email you and send SMS alerts to update you on your card usage. Dial the contact number of Orange customer services or visit us at, for more information.


Sending money to friends:

The users can transfer money to the ‘Orange Cash’ card owned by their family members or friends from either their Orange mobile phone or their ‘Orange Cash’ online account.

Contactless (Chip & PIN security):

The ‘Orange Cash’ card is contactless, so when the users are purchasing on the high street they don’t require spending time to put their PIN in stores which possess contactless payment-terminals. They simply need to tap their card for an amount which can be up to £ 20 wherever they’ll see the contactless symbol and then they’re on. Their card also posses Chip and PIN security technology to make payments over £ 20 and for those stores that do not possess contactless payment-terminals.

Covered for theft & loss:

The card is protected against any theft & loss, in case the user reports it straight away. After your call is received the Orange team will block others from using your card. The user can also log onto the ‘stolen/lost/damaged’ section of their ‘Orange Cash’ online account and fully fill out the form. And in case you prefer a replacement card, Orange will transfer the existing funds onto it and send it to you within about 7 to 10 business days. An additional £ 5 charge would be debited as the replacement service charges either from the existing balance or whenever you’ll load next time.


What does ‘Contactless-Payment-Technology’ stands for?

The ‘Orange Cash’ card is embedded with ‘PayPass’ contactless payment technology. So you don’t require waiting around to enter or change a PIN.You simply need to tap your card for an amount which can be up to £ 20 wherever you’ll see the contactless symbol and then you’re on. What about card with lower spending limits? Orange legally requires confirming your identity when your application is received. You would get a card which will enable you to shop in the high street as well as online and even money withdrawals from ATMs. The utmost balance allowed on the card at a time is around £ 5,000. And if the Orange team is unable to confirm your identity, then still you’d get a card which would let you shop anywhere, but has a spending limit of only £ 1,600 a year and only up to £ 600 withdrawal is allowed from ATMs. A solo transaction limit is up to £ 600.

  • Call at the Orange customer support contact number or visit us at, for more information.
  • Do you need to pay interest on your card?
  • No, there isn’t any interest on your card. It is just like a debit card.


Who can access a card?

  • As long as the ID can be verified by Orange, anyone can access a card.
  • Do we require a bank account to access a card?
  • No, absolutely not. There are neither any credit checks nor any bank accounts requirement to access a card.


How to pay for the ‘Orange Cash’?

The ‘Orange Cash prepaid MasterCard’ costs only £ 5. One can pay for their card via:

SMS text message:

You have to text the word “APPLY” to 82023. Then you’ll receive a unique code to enter during the payment stage and a £ 5 application charges would be deducted from the top-up credit (PAYG plan) or would be included to the monthly bill (pay monthly plan).

Credit/Debit card:

During the ‘Orange Cash’ card application payment stage, one can pay for his/her card via credit/debit card. However, there’s an additional 4 % charges for payments via credit cards.


Orange shop:

You can even pay for the ‘Orange Cash’ card via any of the Orange shop. You’ll get a receipt bearing a unique 8-digit code. After you reach your ‘Orange Cash’ card application’s payment stage, just select the ‘promotion voucher’ option and then type in the unique 8-digit voucher code.

‘Orange Cash’ promotion voucher:

In case you get an ‘Orange Cash’ promotion voucher, you’ll receive a unique 8-digit code. After you reach your ‘Orange Cash’ card application’s payment stage, just select the ‘promotion voucher’ option and then type in the unique 8-digit voucher code.


How long does it take for the card as well as the PIN to arrive?

  • The cards usually arrive within 8 to 10 business days. And the PIN is provided when the user calls Orange to activate the card.
  • Just call at the Orange customer Helpdesk contact number or visit us at, for more information.

What does a ‘PIN’ stands for?

The Personal Identification Number-(PIN) is a 4-digit number which Orange will send when the users call to activate their ‘Orange Cash’ card. They’d be asked to type in this number when they opt to withdraw cash from ATMs and at various ‘Chip & PIN’ terminals when they opt to pay with the ‘Orange Cash’ card. Make sure to keep your ‘PIN’ secure and don’t share this anyone.


What are the first things to do after your card arrives?

Following are the 3 simple steps to begin your card usage:

1.      Card activation:

  • Take out your card and do sign it. Just look for the unique activation code.
  • After that just dial the contact number of Orange customer Helpdesk from any other phone.
  • Orange will provide you with 4-digit ‘Personal Identification Number-(PIN)’ over the phone. Do note down the PIN separately.

2.      Card Registration:

  • Log on to the site and then click on the log-in button there. After that, carefully follow the online-instructions.

3.      Load-it and shop:

  • One can load his/her card through the ‘Orange Cash app’ or in the online account’s ‘Top-up account’ section, at any of the Pay-Point outlets, Post Offices or even at any Orange shops.
  • The users can now start to use their card wherever ‘MasterCard’ is accepted, anywhere in the world; whether online, on the high street as well as over the phone.


How to change the PIN?

One can change his/her PIN at most of the ATMs available in the UK.

What to do if you forgot your PIN?

Now all you need to do is to visit your online ‘Orange Cash’ account and after that carefully follow all the onscreen steps visible there in the “Forgotten PIN” section.

Orange Customer Service Phone Number

Orange Customer Service Phone Number

Orange has successfully emerged as one of the top providers of mobile Phone services in the UK. The devoted team of customer care professionals is available to respond to all of your queries, ranging from bill payment to addition of extra add-ons to your existing packages. You can also discuss about the model, make and type of handset to select depending on your personal requirements. The proficient customer care advisors can also recommend on the package that is most suitable to your personal usage. You might be a user who uses huge voice minutes, large SMS and maximum volume of data. Every type of user can get customized advice on the best packages that meet their personal requirement.

By simply calling the Orange contact number on , you can best advice regarding the type of handset, data, voice and SMS packages precise to your needs. Orange is now a part of the bigger mobile company EE, which is now formed by the combination of the Orange and T Mobile companies. It also permits you to use any of the networks in either of the locations where either of the networks is accessible or not.

Orange customer service phone number – 0844 800 27100 can also help you subscribe to the popular Orange Wednesdays. It is easy to get access to Orange Wednesdays by texting FILM to 241 from the Orange Mobile. You can enjoy a movie along with a meal at half the mentioned prices. An Orange Mobile broadband customer is able to get access to the same offers, and for this you can dial the Orange contact number and discuss the various options with the expert and dedicated team.

 forwardWhat is the meaning of ‘for electronic use only’?

Now the users will surely notice that their card bears a “for electronic use only” message on its top right corner. This doesn’t affect their online card usage, either at any ATM or over their phone. It means, the users can only use the card wherever the ‘Magnetic-Stripe-cards’ are being accepted and at all the ‘Chip & PIN terminals’ in the UK. This card simply can’t be used in the old ‘manual-sliding-type’ card machines, as it does not bear any raised numbers. Likewise, the card can’t be used on a train or a plane as the non-availability of electronic connection might be an issue.


What does ‘PayPoint’ mean?

The users can load money onto their card wherever they view the ‘PayPoint’ logo. They can find it at certain shops as well as near-by garages. There are more than 21,000 places in the UK where you can the ‘PayPoint’ logo. Just call at the Orange customer support Helpdesk contact number or visit us at, for more information.


How to set up the ‘Orange Cash’ online account?

You need to log on to, to setup the online account. The set up process is really easy and would take only a few minutes. Just reply some security-questions and you’d be on. After that you can view your statements, check-out balance, load money and even update.


How To to Manage Orange account via mobile phone?

Yes, it is possible. After downloading the ‘Orange Cash app’, simply follow the onscreen registration steps and then you can easily manage your account while you’re on the move. You can do the following:

  • Confirm the current amount on your ‘Orange Cash’ card and check all the latest transactions.
  • Instantly load your card from your credit or debit card or a voucher.
  • Notifications settings when the balance reaches below a set level.
  • SMS alert when you load money to your account.
  • Confirming your reward points and redeem all your PAYG (pay as you go) credit, minutes as well as texts.

The other way to do is, setting-up the online-account via the PC. After that the users can access all the important functions via the internet option on their mobile phone such their balance check, a mobile top-up function, view last three transactions and funds loading onto other ‘Orange Cash’ card. And if you wish you can even text an SMS to 311 (which is for Orange users only) and request your account information.


How to transfer funds to other ‘Orange cash’ card?

The users can transfer funds from their ‘Orange Cash’ card to their family as well as friends who also possess an ‘Orange Cash’ card. And all they’re required to do is set these up in the Orange Cash online account’s “Make a payment/Load another card” section. And after that, whenever you wish to transfer them the funds, you have to choose the appropriate identifier, the balance you wish to transfer them and even confirm your transferred funds. The users can track each of such transfers right in their online account’s ‘Payments section’.


How to cancel the ‘Orange cash’ card?

In case you wish to cancel the card before its being activated or till 14 days after the activation date or during the ‘Cancellation Period’, Orange will refund the application charges (if applicable) and the available amount (if any) on the card. Now there are no charges at all for your card cancellation. But, in case you opt to cancel your card after the ‘Cancellation-Period’, you’d be charged a redemption fee of about £ 5, in case you wish to redeem any remaining money on your card.


How to login to ‘Orange Cash’ app?

In case you’re already registered to the Orange website’s “My Account” section, all you’re required to do is enter the following:

  • Your username.
  • Your password.
  • Date which you can easily remember.

Then you have to create a passcode which would provide you a quick and a secure access.


How to log out of the ‘Orange Cash’ app?

You just need to press your phone’s home button and you’d be logged out. Also you’ll get logged out automatically, in case the app is left open for a few minutes or more. And for the safety of your details, the app will enquire for your passcode each time you return.

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