Which Are The Top 5 Pocket Friendly Mobile Networks In UK?

If you are a traveller or holidaying in or outside Europe than making or receiving calls via your cell phone could prove to be a costly affair, the EU roaming caps notwithstanding.

The detailed list of top mobile networks uk that offer the cheapest data roaming is provided here that should assist you in roaming on pocket friendly basis , plus the add-ons available to help you save money whether your destination is within the EU or elsewhere in the world.


Top 5 Pocket Friendly Mobile Networks For Nomads: Feb 2015

Pay monthly plans

Non-EU calls – From 18.7p

Non-EU texts – 5.8p per text + the cost of a domestic text (14p)

Non-EU data – 19.8p per MB for up to 5MB; £15 per 5MB thereafter

Vodafone’s international roaming rates are some of the lowest around, which make it pretty affordable to keep in touch with home. The Euro Traveler feature allows pay monthly customers to use the calls, texts and data within your existing data plan within Europe for £3 per day, and you’ll only be charged for the days you use your phone. Be aware however, that by opting into Euro Traveler (by texting ADD to 40506), you’ll automatically opt out of the monthly data roaming spend limit for data within Europe because you’re using your existing allowance

For more information, we have made it easy for you to contact Vodafone uk, just dial Vodafone customer service number to speak with support representativeFAST & EASY

The Vodafone boasts of the lowest international roaming rates. It comes up with a Euro Traveler feature which enables the existing monthly customers   to call text and browse with your existing plan within Europe at £ 3 per day and charge will be only for the day you use the phone. But by using this plan you will shed your roaming spend limit for Europe within Europe.


 Top 5 Pocket Friendly Mobile Networks For Nomads: Feb 2015 Mobile Phones, Mobile Broadband

Pay monthly plans

Non-EU calls – From 80p per minute

Non-EU texts – 40p per text

Non-EU data – £6 per MB

O2 offers a wide range of bolt-ons to assist pocket friendly international roaming viz-a-viz UK. You just have to select the destination from the list provided and the cost of calling messaging and net browsing.

For more information, we have made it easy for you to contact O2 uk, just dial O2 customer service number to speak with support representativeFAST & EASY

In case you plan to discontinue during trip than O2 Travel feature is just for you. The charges for using data in Europe are £1.99 for 50MB for 24 hours after that you will have to text MORETRAVEL to 21300 for an additional 50MB.The pay monthly customers can get a free talk time of up to 60 minutes for   inter European calling on payment of connection charge of 50 p. You can check whether O2 Travel is by calling customer services on 202 or checking your online account.

Virgin Mobile

Top 5 Pocket Friendly Mobile Networks For Nomads: Feb 2015

Pay monthly and pay-as-you-go

Non-EU calls – From 24p per minute

Non-EU texts – 8p per text

Non-EU data – From £1.50 for 10MB

The Virgin mobile offers   Three Tier travel passes on monthly basis that are highly flexible with add-ons running just for one .These three tiers are: £1.50 for 10MB data, £6 for 50MB data, and £20 for 250MB data. These options are very cost-effective and helpful for surfing within Europe and some other nations namely Iceland ,Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Though there are no add-on packages for rest of the world but the standard rates are pretty reasonable for   calling and messaging. You may check the full list.

For more information, we have made it easy for you to contact virgin media uk, just dial  number to speak with support representativeFAST & EASY

European Union roaming rules

European Parliament caps are binding on all networks on cost of mobile use

Of late the mobile usage charges for abroad have come under great scrutiny from European Parliaments Special Caps have been introduced via new legislation for to regulate overseas roaming charges on local networks determined by mobile operators while overseas. One must be aware of the European Unions rules and regulations on roaming charges while overseas.

List of capped charges to be abolished from December 2015

The following table indicates the European Union roaming caps and the charges that will be done away with from December 2015.As per the current laws the users at the max can use the data up to €50 per month and are forbidden from transmitting or receiving more data unless they choose to do so.

Making a call (per minute): €0.19 (15p)
Receiving a call (per minute): €0.05 (4p)
Sending a text (per SMS): €0.06 (5p)
Internet data (per MB) €0.20 (16p)

*Prices are set in Euros, but cost in British Pound Sterling varies with exchange rates.

3 Three

3G & 4G Mobile Phones.

All pay monthly, SIM-only and pay-as-you-go plans

Non-EU calls – From free

Non-EU texts – From free

Non-EU data – From free

 Three comes up with a feature called Feel at Home in select countries which enables you to use your UK plan allowance( or add on for pay-as-you-customer) for calling or messaging or net surfing as you are able to do it at home with no extra charge. The countries that are covered under this are France, Australia, Denmark ,Austria, Ireland ,Finland ,Norway, Indonesia , Sweden Switzerland ,Israel ,Italy/ USA and Switzerland. It also includes Macau and Hong Kong which fall under the Chinese administration.

For more detailsgo here.

 If you are travelling at some other place than you will be charged extra for internet browsing unless you have the Euro internet pass which costs £5 a day and is specially designed for browsing purpose. As per the Three the streaming and other activities might me relatively slow and also tethering calling and messaging are not included .You can find out more about Three pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go plans abroad here


4G Phones & Fibre Broadband UK

EE Extra pay monthly plans with roaming

Non-EU calls – From 20.4p per minute

Non-EU texts – From 6.8p per text

Non-EU data – Data add-on required

If you have got EE’s data add-on you can benefit from it on roaming to cut on extra costs. Otherwise you will have to pay extra charges. You will be presented with the additional price list when you open the browser at your destination. The add-on prices may vary from place to place and it could go up to £ 200 for 50 MB data at far flung places.

For more details, See EE Plans Price Guide(PDF). & EE Broadband Customer Service

As for calling and messaging you can enjoy free unlimited roaming within a few selected countries. It means that all incoming calls or text for free from UK and eligible countries This however doesn’t apply on outgoing messages and calls or on countries except covered under this plan, in which case you will be charged according to standard EE plans and charges that apply on international roaming.

Thomas Cook Contact Number

Thomas Cook has successful emerged as one of the largest holiday and flight operators in the UK. All the customers can call the Thomas Cook contact number 0844 listed here on his website. The passionate team of customer care advisors will help and assist you as regards to all of your queries.

You can talk about anything like holiday booking, changes required, and determine any grievances about a holiday you recently had. The advisors of Thomas Cook customer service team are capable enough to get resolved all of your queries like holiday packages, and any holiday extra’s needed by you.

0844 381 3600.

Calls cost £0.05 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

Thomas Cook Contact NumberThomas Cook Contact Phone Number

In the travel industry, Thomas Cook is a prominent name and it got started originally in 1841 by a religious man, named Thomas Cook. He arranged a number of trips in Europe and started negotiations with train operators, cross channel operators all through the Europe. He initiated the deal of arranging vouchers for hotel stays, which developed into travelers’ cheques.

In case, you wish to discuss anything pertaining to Thomas Cook holidays, just dial the Thomas Cook customer service contact number on 0844 . You will be able to get all relevant assistance regarding adventure holiday packages, Ski holidays, types of packages and much more. Even if you have booked any holiday package, and if you opt for any possible changes and amendments, you can talk with the expert Thomas Cook advisors so as to get the best option suited to your needs.

Thomas Cook Contact NumberThomas Cook Customer Service Number

Thomas Cook has provided immense training to its customer care executives, and they can able to answer all of your queries in an efficient way. You might have booked a holiday scheme either online or store, and you want to discuss or resolve any complaints about a holiday you just had. The enthusiastic team will be able to answer questions for a massive amount of things like


  • Hold luggage allowance and cabin baggage allowance
  • About booking reference and whom to call in case of any problem
  • How to lodge a complaint and get instant assistance
  • How to select a seat while travelling
  • How to check the status online
  • Inquiry about additional features associated with the holiday

For more information and any other details, just call the Thomas Cook customer service number  .

Thomas Cook is a reliable company, and it constantly talks with the hoteliers and travel companies to make sure that its esteemed customers are getting full value and satisfaction for money. If you want to discuss anything in details, simply call the Thomas Cook contact number listed on this website.

Here the proficient customer advisors can assist you confidently with Holiday packages, Ski holidays, City breaks, adventure holidays and much more. After you have booked, you can dial the Thomas Cook customer service number for any amendments or changes to the selected package. The responsive team of advisors will ensure you receive the best available option to suit your individual needs.

Thomas Cook Contact NumberThomas Cook Helpline Number

Planning a holiday can be a rewarding experience, only if you choose your destination appropriately and carry out wide research on all the best suited deals. Most customers prefer to choose a reliable package company, so as to get a pre-planned holiday scheme. You can get all the information by simply dialing the Thomas Cook telephone number at 0844 381 3600.

Thomas Cook has emerged as the UK’s most popular holiday package operator, and they have gained a brilliant reputation in the travel industry. Thomas Cook has become the most famous and significant destination for package holidays. You can contact the Thomas Cook customer service team directly at 0844 bumber for more information and details that you would like to be acquainted with.

  • Holidays
    City Breaks
    Flight + Hotel

Thomas Cook Contact NumberThomas Cook Number

In the event, your holiday experience has encountered some problems and not turned up to your expectations, it is best recommended to contact the Thomas Cook customer care number just the moment you are back from the holiday destination. Prior to making any complaint, you are required to gather all the information like booking details, reference number, payment made and package chosen.

Here the proficient customer service executives will be able to support you, and process your complaint as quickly as possible. Prior to dialing the Thomas Cook contact number, maintain all the information ready with you. It will help in taking the first step in the direction of resolving a problem concerning a Thomas Cook holiday. It is advised to call the Thomas Cook phone number 0844 0 for an instant solution.

Thomas Cook Contact NumberCall Thomas Cook Customer Relations

You may come across some problems which are beyond your control. It may lead to your inability to travel at the desired time and place that you had actually booked. In this situation, it is advised that you should immediately contact the Thomas Cook customer service team in order to confer about your preferences.

Thomas Cook is one of the UK’s greatest holiday and flight operators, and in order to make sure there are no additional charges when attempting to find that perfect family holiday, simply call the Thomas Cook helpline number 0844

Thomas Cook Contact NumberContact Info

Thomas Cook Group plc
3rd Floor
South Building
200 Aldersgate
EC1A 4HD Visit Official Website Here

DVLA Contact Number: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

DVLA contact number

0844 385 1655

Calls cost £0.05 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

Get all the information about DVLA services, Our DVLA contact number helps you find more information on driving licences, vehicle registrations and car tax. Dial the DVLA telephone number listed by us on this website to contact DVLA about driving licences, vehicle tax, medical enquiries, complaints and vehicle registration.. This is a direct dial number, and there is no middle man involved in the whole conversation. Here, a team of professional customer service experts will guide you properly for driver licensing, vehicle registration, car tax application, and many other related services. Customer support is available between the hours of 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays.

 DVLA Contact Numbers:

Are You Looking For DVLA Contact Phone Number?

For general enquiries and complaints, contact DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) customer services team on (user friendly number).

The customer representative on this helpline number will also assist you with vehicle registration, vehicle tax, driver medical issues and many more. However these departments have their specific numbers that are listed below in this page.

What Is DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency)?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is an organization of the Department for Transport, UK. It is accountable for assigning numbers to different vehicles in UK, their registration and taxation purposes. In 1983, most combinations of numbers were hampered from standard registration purposes. Because of this development, a majority of customers demanded personalization of their vehicles. Consequently, the DVLA initiated to put forward these numbers for sale in the year 1989. Millions of registrations are accessible to acquire through the official DVLA website. Also, some of the registrations are sold at DVLA auctions which are held constantly throughout the UK. DVLA has its headquarters at Swansea, Wales and they are accountable for keeping up records of more than 45 million drivers, including near about 38 million records of licensed vehicles. In case of any query, you can contact the DVLA contact number at

Services Provided By DVLA

Dvla Driving Licence – Driving Tests and Learner licenses• Provisional driving licenses
Dvla Blue Badge Questions
Dvla Number Plates
Dvla Change Of Address
Dvla Reg • Getting a photo card license
Dvla Car Tax • Car and Tax Discs
Dvla Swansea • Driving with a medical condition or disability
Licenses for other vehicles, like motorbikes, coaches and buses.
Dvla Road Tax
Personalised Number Plate
Dvla Registrations • Vehicles registration
Vehicle registration and Road Tax enquiries

This is an agency set up by U.K government to regulate policies affecting the vehicle users throughout the country. The main aim of DVLA is to issue driving licences to the people of U.K. DVLA also monitors any rash or bad drivers and can refuse their driving licences. Almost all working or middle class families possess at least one vehicle and there is a limited lifespan of every vehicle. By monitoring vehicle tax renewals, road and speeding offences, it is easy to see that DVLA is overwhelmed with lot of enquiries every day over the phone.

DVLA provides user friendly cheaper rate phone numbers starting from 03. People who have free number allowances from their phone service provider can use DVLA Driver Licensing contact numbers & details to contact DVLA. These numbers are eligible to use under free allowances services. You can find the most appropriate numbers for your queries below:

Which Are The Best Ways to contact DVLA for driver licensing and vehicle registration?

For General Queries And DVLA Complaints:

General queries related to your vehicle driving licence, complaints or any other general DVLA query can be solved by contacting Driver’s Customer services team on phone number:  Local call rates will be applied on calling this number. Call this number if you are unable to find any specific phone number to your query. Driver’s customer services team is DVLA correspondence team. Timings to contact DVLA Customer Service Contact Number are mentioned below:

Weekdays- 8 am to 7 pm.

Saturday- 8 am to 2 pm.  

Contact DVLA For Vehicle Registration And Tax Enquiries:

If you’ve bought a new vehicle and want to register with DVLA or you want to tax your vehicle, then call on DVLA vehicle registration and tax helpline number: . People who have applied for tax disc and it hasn’t arrived give a call on this telephone number. If you want to enquire about vehicle taxation, tax discs, declare a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) then contact this number. DVLA Customer support is available from 8am to 7 pm during weekdays and 8am to 2pm on Saturday.

DVLA Contact Number For Medical Enquiries:

If there is a query regarding medical issues and how they can impact on your driving, then give a call on Driver’s Medical Enquiries helpline phone number:  Call on this number at the following timings:

Weekdays- 8 am to 5:30 pm.

Saturday- 8 am to 1 pm.

It is cheaper to call on 03 numbers as local charges will be applicable on it.

DVLA Contact Number For Driver Check Service:

You’re driving licence can be checked by Car rental companies and employers if you are using their cars with their permission. To contact DVLA Driver Check Service call

This is an official phone number of DVLA Driver Check Service. This 09 number is a premium number and it is expensive to call on this number as compared to 03 numbers. Calling on this number can cost you around several pounds/minute.

What are the functions of DVLA?

DVLA largely deals with road users and vehicles. They monitor and examine a massive database, comprising of figures of users of the road and vehicles. It’s the central agency for managing provisional and permanent driving licenses. If you desire to book a theory test or have a medical condition, you should inform the DVLA as they may impact on your capacity to secure drive. In case, you want to acquire a personalized registration plate or renew your car tax, you can talk with an executive of DVLA helpline department

From the year 2004, DVLA has introduced the method of Electronic Vehicle Licensing, and the customers are able to pay their vehicle tax online and also over the phone and also order dvla forms. However, the option to pay the same is still available at the Post Office.

DVLA Headquarter – Address

Address Driving Licence Enquiries
SA99 1BU
Vehicle Registration and Tax Enquiries
SA99 1AR
Drivers Medical Enquiries
SA99 1TU
Drivers Customer Services
Correspondence Team

Contact DVLA Helpline

Driving Licenses – A Driving License is required in the UK to drive a vehicle legally on public roads. A Provisional or Learner License is issued when you are learning to driving. After passing a driving test, a permanent driving license will be issued.

Car Tax – Within the UK, Car Tax must be paid for all the vehicles operating on public roads. In case, a vehicle is not being driven, still there is a charge known as ‘SORN’.

Tax Discs – A Tax Disc is issued by the DVLA. It is displayed in the window of the vehicle, and also showing the date of expiry. On the other hand, from October 2014 onwards, the scheme of issuing a Tax Disc has been discontinued. But you are required to pay your car tax and update the status of the same online.

Blue Badge – A Blue Badge is a permit issued to individuals related to disability and mobility limitations. The beneficiary is permitted to certain parking privileges, disabled parking spaces and also permissible to park their vehicle on single or double yellow lines (nearly 3 hours).

DVLA Contact Number

For the convenience of all of the customers, we have provided the DVLA Customer Service contact number on this website. You can get all the required support pertaining to driving credentials, car tax, blue badge, personalized registration plates and everything that you would like to question.

Most important questions asked by customers –

How can I get a provisional or learner’s driving license?
How can I get new driving license, if it get lost or stolen?
How can I make a booking for a driving test (theory and practical)?
How can I pay my car tax?
How can I get a personalized registration plate?
How can I get resolved my queries about a service provided by the DVLA?

DVLA Phone Number

The customers who dial the DVLA contact phone number at will get connected directly to The DVLA customer services division. However, there are some limitations in relation to the phone call. All the callers will be charged at the standard rate of just 5p for every minute, provided that a BT landline is utilized to place the call. In the event, the call is placed from a mobile phone or another landline with a different provider, the service provider may incur additional charges per minute on the call made. Furthermore, the bill payer should give their permission to the caller, and the caller should be more than 18 years of age.

In case, you are a road user or a vehicle owner, still you can contact the DVLA phone number listed on this website. You can make an enquiry about the services offered by DVLA, and find out more about driving legislation, Highway Code and a lot of others.

How To Locate The Desired Registration Number?

If you are unable to locate your ideal registration or would like to have a request, you can directly contact the DVLA helpline Registrations that are not presently available but issued earlier could be tendered for sale at potential auctions. Still, if you are unable to locate the registration that might be formerly issued to a vehicle, you could trace the same if issued to a reliable number dealer.

The DVLA never recommends any particular dealer, and will not agree to any accountability for issues happening from this referral. The DLVA cannot revive old registrations for sale, and for this all details are listed on their official website. They also hold several auctions every year, comprising of approximately 1500 registration numbers in each auction. These actions are termed as Traditional and Timed auctions. At Traditional actions, a majority of popular registrations are sold, and at Timed auctions held 2-3 times a year in the UK, specifically requested registrations are sold to the public.

Visa4UK – Home Office/UK Visas and Immigration Contact Number

Most frequestly asked user queries given below:

How To get help with your visa application or immigration status?

What is the contact number for Home office for general immigration advice/visa?

How To contact immigration division of the UK Home Office?

Visa4UK is the new UK visas application website, still being built by UKVI and currently hosted within the old Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) website. The Visa4UK is still in its beta mode, yes, you are assuming right it is still being tested, but it is planned to become the new de-facto UK Visa application website and is designed to make the application process more simpler and clearer. See the prototype of the new website https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/ or you can contact UKVI for further information on the most pertinent numbers from those mentioned below.

Uk Visas And Immigration Contact Number Tier 4

So, for all the UK citizenship and the nationality enquiries to the UK Visas (tier 4 visa) and immigration division of the UK Home Office, you can phone Uk border agency contact number. The lines are open from Monday to Thursday between 9AM-5PM, and on Fridays 9AM to 4:30pm. On the other hand the email ukbanationalityenquiries@ukba.gsi.gov.uk.

For general enquiries

For visas, the settlement and asylum-contact the Croydon Contact Centre about asylum, settlement, extending your stay in the UK, work and study visas. Just phone them on 0300 123 2241 (Monday-Thursday 9am-4:45 pm and Friday 9AM-4:30pm)


What is Visa4UK used for?

Visa4UK is the official website for the online visa applications which are  administered by the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

It can also be used virtually worldwide to apply for the UK visa over a protected and secure internet connection.

The information provided is transmitted through an encrypted (coded) connection, access to which is strictly permitted to UKBA staff only.

Remember that the information given is transmitted via an encrypted (coded) connection,

The Visa4UK website enables applicants to:

All you have to do is, Pay the visa application fee>> book an appointment at the visa application centre using Visa4UK.

Please note: this is an obligatory once an online application is being submitted.

What can Visa4UK not be used for?


The below mentioned applicants who are located in the Uk should not use Visa4UK:

  • The applicants who wish to extent their stay in the UK
  • The applications who want to change from one immigration classification to the other one.
  • The applicants who really desires to permanently settle in the UK.

What is the process for making an online visa application using Visa4UK?

The Visa4Uk is a menu-driven and will ask the applications for the same information which is necessary to complete a paper visa application.

The applicants need to have the following documents or the information at the hand when using Visa4UK:

  • The passport
  • The UK Address
  • The travel itinerary
  • A valid email address (UKBA will also use this address as a point of contact regarding applicants’ online application).

Can Visa4UK be used to apply for a visa for a country outside the UK?


The applicants can also use the Visa4UK in order to apply for visas in:

  • The Channel Islands
  • The Isle of Man
  • British overseas territories
  • The other Commonwealth countries

AA Breakdown Contact Number


Are You Looking for AA Claims and emergency breakdown contact number?

Want a breakdown cover quote from the AA?

Just Contact AA customer service team for all enquiries related to the AA motoring services.

Some of the most common questions asked by users related to The AA Breakdown

What to do in case of a car breakdown?

How to contact AA in case of a car breakdown?

What are the different ways to contact AA breakdown number quickly?

Can you get AA breakdown cover if my car suddenly breaks down?

What steps to follow is my car suddenly breaks down in the middle of the highway?

What do to do on roads other than highways if my car breaks down?

There is an App to call AA and its various services?

What are the various services AA provides?

Introduction : History Of TheAA


AA or The Automobile Association which started in 1905 as MMA or The Motorists Mutual Association from a restaurant in London called Lyon’s Trocadero restaurant in Shaftesbury avenue, London.

The Automobile Association is a British motoring association founded in 1905, which was demutualised in 1999 to become a private limited company which currently provides car insurance, driving lessons, … Wikipedia
  • Sales Contact Number: [mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] 0800 085 2721
  • Emergency: [mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] 0800 887766
  • Founded: June 29, 1905

In 1905 there were 100 members and by the time Second World War had started in 1914 there were 83,000 members patrolling the highways on cycles warning motorists about impending dangers and speed traps.


AA insurance started in 1907 and by 1912 there was a handbook of 1500 repairment. From 1912 onwards not only we started issuing 239, 00 routes a year but classifying hotels too.

Here are some common queries which AA insurance customers may ask the customer support team. If you happen to call the customer support team, don’t forget to rate the AA Customer care support team below:

How to make my AA car insurance claim?

If you have met with a car accident and want to make a car insurance claim, you have to call the claims’ helpline number:   The claim advisor will brief you about all the options available to you at that time. Once the accident report is completed, you will be either assisted by your insurer or “Claim Fast” to work on  your claim. You will be notified by your advisor about the status of your claim within a week.

Am I eligible to drive my car abroad with AA insurance?

You will be eligible to drive your car in EU countries for up to 90 days. You will get the same cover as you get in U.K for 12 months. You will have the comprehensive cover while driving in EU countries. Depending on your additional premium, you will be able to drive your car outside EU countries and extend your 90 days period.

How to contact AA insurance customer services?

If you are facing any issues with your claims or any of AA insurances, you can get in touch with AA insurance customer support team. You can contact the insurance support team at the number mentioned below:

  1. Emergency:

  2. Car insurance claims:

  3. Home membership claims:

AA BreakDown Phone Number

What will the AA breakdown cover customer service contact basically help you with?


1. If your car is struck down wherever it may be. The place and situation does not matter as AA breakdown customer service will be there with you to assist on every step from not just your car’s recovery but also ensuring you proceed safely.

AA engineers also try to assist you to your home if possible.

Contact AA Customer Service Contact Emergency Breakdown Number at

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”]

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] You can also contact AA for insurance claims too at another AA customer service Insurance claim number at? Yes.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] You can call AA for Home Membership claims and take care of your central heating, home emergencies and heating repairs? Yes.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”]. For people who have problem hearing and are speech impaired how can we contact AA?

Just for the convenience of people having hearing problems or speech impairment AA customer service contact has a number

Another way to contact AA customer service for you is to contact AA by textphone by prefixing any published number with 18001. This will put you through to the Next Generation Text (operator) who will help you with your call.

If you want more, AA has an app for you to take the advantage of NGT which anyone having a smartphone, tablet or a computer can use.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] What are the various AA breakdown cover customer service contact numbers to use?

In U.K-24 hour AA emergency breakdown customer service

In Europe-24 hour AA emergency breakdown customer service

What are the different types of car insurance covers AA provides?

AA contact customer service number will give you a low down on the different kind of insurance services

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] 1. Car Insurance

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] 2. Classic Car Insurance

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] 3. Car Insurance Claims

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] 4. Existing Car Insurance Policies queries

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] 5. Home Insurance and Existing Home Insurance queries

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] 6. Any Home Emergency

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] 7. Pet Insurance

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] 8. Business Insurance

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] 9. Life Insurance

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] 10. Insurance for people over 50

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] 7. What if I lost my car keys?

Thankfully for you AA customer service contact number will come to your rescue and all you have to do is call at

0344 209 0754

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . Can AA emergency customer service number help me in case of any Home Emergency? Yes.


[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] You can start by getting a quote by calling AA customer service at

 Mon-Fri–8 am to 8 pm

 Sat– 9 am to 5 pm

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”]   You can Report an Home emergency at

  0800 197 4184 (For existing customer)

 Open 24 hours

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] Any queries on Home Membership? Call

 Mon-Fri–8 am to 8 pm

 Sat– 9 am to 5 pm

Contact AA breakdown customer service for Financial services

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”]  AA Spend and earn card

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . AA Travel currency card

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . AA Saving account

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . AA Credit cards

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . AA Legal documents

For further information call AA breakdown contact for customer service at

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . Can AA provide me other services during my travel? Yes, below is the list.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”]  AA Roadwatch

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . Provide you maps, books, atlas and car accessories.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . Get you an International driving permit

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . Hotel services

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . I am in drastic needs of driving lessons? Can AA help me? Yes again.

AA Car Insurance Cover & Claims


[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”]  Driving Lessons

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] Join AA as a driving instructor

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”]  Learn to become driving instructor

For any additional AA inquiries call

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . What services does AA Drive Tech provides me with?


AA DriveTech to start with is aimed at minimalising road risk damage to all the motorists with the following

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . Driver Awareness Courses

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . Commercial and Passenger Vehicle Division

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . Fleet Safe Division – For everyone who drives for work

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . General Inquiries

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] . Steer Fleet Division – To rehabilitate drunk drivers

The AA breakdown number

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check” color=”#ffc300″ type=”fa”] Can AA provide me business services? Yes.

You can call 0344 209 0754 for a breakdown of the financial services given by AA at their AA breakdown customer service number.

Some other services are

AA Signs

 Fleet Breakdown cover

AA Telephone Number & Opening Hours

Here are the opening times for the most popular departments in The AA.

Department Opening times
Breakdown Cover Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed
Home Emergencies Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed
European Breakdown Cover Monday – Sunday 8am – 8pm
Breakdown Rescue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
AA Driving Lessons Monday – Friday 8.30am – 8pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 5pm

Booking.com Contact Number

Want to know about the status of your booking? Want to cancel your bookings? Get answers to these questions by simply contacting the Booking. Com customer service team. To do so, you have to give a call on Booking.Com contact number mentioned above. You can call on this contact number during the normal working hours of the day.

If you are new to this site and want assistance regarding the procedure to book your rooms or want to know about the hotels and its services, you can simply drop a call on Booking.com contact number: 0203 564 6725. Standard calling rates will be applied on calling on this number.

The company also offers customer services to its international customers. People who are living abroad and want to contact Booking.com customer service department can call on international Booking.com contact number:  +44 20 3320 2609. Users will be charged as per international call rates. Booking.com customer service contact number can be called during the normal working hours of the day.

Booking.com Contact Number

0203 564 6725

Booking.com Contact Number

Booking Contact Number UK: 0203 564 6725

Booking.com is a website that is used to book the accomodations online. The company was started in 1996 and now is operational under the US company known as Priceline. Customers can choose from forty two languages available on Booking.com website. More than nine lakh reservations are made on booking.com website everyday. Thus making a pet destination for ordinary holiday makers as well as backpackers and business persons to book their accommodations online. With its user friendly interface, one can easily book his/her venues and easily manage the bookings online. The company is leading the online accommodation market for around a decade. To book your accommodations online, you can click on the link: http://www.booking.com/ . If facing any problems while booking your rooms, simply make a call on Booking.com contact number: 0203 564 6725.

Alternatively, you can also reach out to Booking.com customer service team through email. For that you have to send an email at: customer.service@booking.com  . You will get a revert back from the customer service team within 4-5 business days.

Booking.Com Customer Service UK

Reach out to Booking.com customer service team, if you are having problems related to your bookings. Take help from the Booking.com customer service experts for signing up your account and getting started with the bookings online. The customer service advisor will be more than happy to assist you with all your queries. Access the Booking.com contact number to know about the latest deals and discounted rates for room bookings. The Booking.com customer service experts will be the best to help you around and all your questions and problems will be solved by these well trained professional customer service experts. Get all your problems solved today and instantly by ringing on Booking.com contact number: 0203 564 6725.

Get in touch with the Booking.com customer service team in case of the following situations:

  • If you need assistance regarding booking online.
  • If your property needs assistance.
  • Want to get answer to your questions.
  • To know about the legal information of the company.
  • To work for Booking.com
  • And many more.

Benefits With Booking.Com

Booking.com provides various benefits to its users. Get set and enjoy the following benefits with Booking.com:

  • Cheap prices: Booking.com offers cheap and best prices to its users for booking their favourite hotel rooms.
  • No reservation fee: There is no reservation fee included in any type of the booking. The company does not charge any booking or administration fees. In the most cases the rooms can be cancelled without any cancellation fee.
  • Safe and secure bookings: Making reservation on Booking.com is safe and secure. All your personal information as well as the credit card information is concealed. So you do not have to worry about any compromise made to your Booking.com account.

To learn more about the benefits of the company, simply drop a call on Booking.com contact number: 0203 564 6725.

Reach Out To Booking.com Customer Service Department

To reach out to Booking.com customer service department, the most common and easiest way is through phone. To get in touch with the company representative, one can simply call on Booking.com contact number: 0203 564 6725. Customers who are living outside UK, can use the international Booking.com contact number and that is +44 20 3320 2609. International call rates will be applied when called on this number. The Booking.com contact number can be contacted during the normal working hours of the day.

Reasons to contact Booking.com customer services:

  • For hotel bookings.
  • Cancellation of your bookings.
  • To request a refund.
  • To know about latest discounts.
  • And many more.

Booking.com Phone Number

0203 564 6725

Booking.com Phone Number

Booking.com Customer Service Postal Address

Now reach out to Booking.com customer service department through postal address. Send your query or complaint in written to the Booking.com customer service address.

Write At:

Postbus 1639,

1000 BP Amsterdam,


Booking.com Customer Service Email Address

If you do not want to use the phone services and want to contact the Booking.com customer service team voa email. Then you can send all your queries at the email address: customer.service@booking.com .

Best Way To Get Your Queries Resolved

The best and quickest way to get your problems solved is by contacting the Booking.com customer services department over the phone. As claimed by the Booking.com customers, this method has benn proven out to be the best method to get the problems solved instantly. If you want your queries to get solved and do not have enough time to wait for the solution. Then this will be the best option for you to get the problems solved quickly.

Check out the benefits of using phone services over other methods:

  • The contact number is easy to remember.
  • Easily book or cancel your hotel room bookings.
  • It can also be accessed by the international customers.
  • Can be accessed during the normal working hours.
  • Plus many more.

We are sharing some of the common questions and their solutions below. These might be helpful to solve your problem. If your problem still persits, make sure you give a call on Booking.com contact number which is 0203 564 6725.

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How to know if my reservation is confirmed?

Once you are done with the booking process, you will see a confirmation page on computer screen. On this page, you can check all the details related to your bookings such as reservation details that will contain your booking number and your PIN code. You can check your confirmation online at My Booking.com .

You will also receive a confirmation email at your email address with all the booking details.

If you are still unsure about the confirmation of your reservation, you can simply take help from Booking.com customer service department. For that you need to call on Booking.com contact number which is 0203 564 6725.

What is my PIN code and where can I find it?

It is a four digit number that is listed on your booking confirmation. The PIN code along with your booking number lets you to sign in to your  My Booking.com . Change or cancel your bookings on this page.

TIP: Make sure you keep this four digit PIN confidentially.

Unable to get your PIN code? Don’t worry, take assistance from the representative of Booking.com. For that you need to ring on Booking.com contact number: 0203 564 6725.

Which credit cards can be used for making reservations?

Most of the hotels through Booking.com accepts both MasterCard as well as Visa card. Now you can also use American Express cards for making reservation. You can check the “Hotel Policies” section under the hotel description to see which credit cards are accepted by the hotels.

To learn more about which credit cards are used for making reservations, you can use the Booking.com contact number: 0203 564 6725.

Where to find the cancellation policy of the hotel?

The cancellation policy is included alongside the “Conditions” column. The special deals, the cancellation or the deposit policy is different from both the normal policy. Make sure you check both the policies. You can also find the specific information related to your booking included in your confirmation email and also on My Booking.com.

If you are facing difficulties to find the cancellation policy, then simply take assistance from Booking.com customer service representative. For that you have to ring a call on Booking.com contact number: 0203 564 6725.

How to know whether my booking has been cancelled?

You will receive a confirmation email of the cancellation. Make sure you also check the inbox and spam/junk mail folders. If you haven’t received the confirmation email, you can contact the Booking.com customer service on the phone number: 0203 564 6725.

Do I have to pay the full price for my kids?

You can check the “Hotel Policies” section for information regarding the children. Make a note of the following conditions:

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If you want to know more about whether you want to pay for your kids, you can also contact Booking.com advisor. For that you have to dial the Booking.com contact number that is  0203 564 6725.

Contact Booking.com. Unable to cancel your reservations? Want to get in touch with Booking.com customer care? We have shared the details of the Booking.com phone number to get in touch with Booking.com customer care team. Once the query is resolved, kindly rate the number below. Booking.com phone number.

Booking.com Customer Service

0203 564 6725

Booking.com Contact Phone Number UK - 0203 564 6725

How to cancel my reservation through Booking.com?

You can cancel your reservation by logging in to your Booking.com account. You can login to your account by clicking on the link. Before cancellation, check the cancellation policy of the hotel. Some non- refundable rooms and other deals have a different cancellation policy.

Is it possible to make reservation on booking.com from someone else’s credit card?

Yes you can make reservation from someone else’s credit card with his/her permission. You have to state this in “Remarks” box while making the reservation. The hotel may also require authorization from the original card holder.

Contact Booking.com UK

0203 564 6725

Contact Booking.com UK

How to contact Booking.com customer support services?

You can contact Booking.com customer support services by calling on their helpline numbers mentioned below:

Booking.com customer support number: 0203 564 6725

+44 20 3320 2609 (outside UK)

Will there be charges for ordering an extra bed in my room?

You can get the information about ordering any extra bed in the “Hotel Policies”.

Please also note the following information:

  • There will be additional charges if that item is not included in your reservation.
  • You can also place your request for extra beds or cots in the “Special box” request.
  • For more queries you can contact Booking.com customer services number by calling booking.com number: 0203 564 6725 or +44 20 3320 2609 (outside UK)

How to make a special request like “twin beds”, “sea view” or a room on a certain floor?

You can make the special requests at the time of the booking. While making booking, enter your request in “Special Request” box on the “booking.com Contact info” page.

Is there a cancellation fee if I cancel my booking?

You can check the cancellation fee under the “Hotel Policies” page. The information of any fee will also be written in your confirmation email. You can cancel or change your bookings 24 hours prior to your arrival time at the hotel.

Easyjet Customer Service Contact Number

How To Contact Easyjet Customer Service?

Easyjet is a popular low-cost airline, based in the UK and has its operations in over 32 countries & 700 routes. It has been in working since its inception in 1995 by its founder Sir Stelios Haji Loannou.

Some of the most widely asked questions by Easyjet  customers are:

Where Can I Get Telephone Number For Easyjet Support?

Which Is Best Easyjet customer care Number?

What Is Easyjet Customer Service UK Phone Number?

Where can I get  Easyjet Phone Number?

I Want Free Phone Number For Easyjet?

Contact Number For Easyjet Customer Services?

How To Contact Easyjet Support?

Have any problem with booking a flight on Easyjet?

Was your luggage lost in a flight on Easyjet?

Contact Easyjet

easyjet helpline number,easyjet contact number, contact easyjet, easyjet helpline number, telephone number, easyjet login, customer service number

Easyjet Customer Services


7 days a week                                                         08:00 – 20:00

For rest of the contact info, Go Here

Scottish Citylink Contact Number

Looking For Scottish Citylink Phone Number?

Scottish Citylink Contact Number

0141 352 4444

About Scottish Citylink

Scottish Citylink is a long distance operator of express coach bus service in Scotland and Ireland. In Ireland it works by the name “Scottish Citylink”.  In 1985, during the restructuring of Scottish Bus Group (SBG) and in order to coordinate & manage the long distance express services, operated by other subsidiaries of the group, Scottish Citylink was formed.

Headquarters: Glasgow
Founded: March 1985, Glasgow
Parent organizations: Stagecoach Group, ComfortDelGro

Scottish Citylink was privatised in 1990 and was sold to National Express in 1993.

The company is presently headquartered in Buchanan Bus Station is Glasgow and does not operate or own any buses in its own right.

Scottish Citylink serves around 200 destinations in total.

Are you facing any difficulty in booking a ticket on Scottish Citylink?

CityLink Contact Number

Scottish City Link Customer Support UK, Scottish Citylink Timetables, Scottish bus services

Contact Scottish Citylink

Thomson Customer Service Contact Number

Thomson Contact Number

About Thomson Holidays

Thomson Holidays is a UK based multinational travel operator and is a subsidiary of TUI Group.  Thomson Holidays was originally called Thomson Tour Operations (TTO) and was then changed to Thomson Travel Group in 1965 after acquiring four tour operators namely Skytours, Riviera, Luxitours, Gaytours alongside Britannia Airlines.

Some of the most frequently asked questions by Thomson Holidays  customers are:

Where Can I Get Telephone Number For Thomson Holidays Support?

Which Is Best Thomson Holidays customer care Number?

What Is Thomson Holidays Customer Service UK Phone Number?

Where can I get  Thomson Holidays Phone Number?

I Want the Free Phone Number For Thomson Holidays?

Number For Thomson Holidays Customer Services Contact Number?

How To Contact Thomson Holidays Support?

Contact Thomson Customer Support

Have you had a problem while booking on Thomson Holidays site?

Thomson Holidays Customer Support, Thomson holidays cancellation, complaints, contact number, phone number, telephone number, thomson package holidays

Do you want to book a flight on Thomson Holidays?

Thomson Holidays Contact Number

Package Holidays

Call at

0203 451 2688


Monday – Friday                                                     08.00 – 20.00

Saturday                                                                     09.00 – 18.00

Sunday                                                                        10.00 – 17.00

Flight Only

Call at

0203 451 2695


Monday – Friday                                                     08.00 – 20.00

Saturday                                                                  09.00 – 18.00

Sunday                                                                        10.00 – 17.00

Worldwide – Reservations


Monday – Friday                                                 09.00 – 20.00

Saturday                                                                09.00 – 18.00

Sunday                                                                   10.00 – 17.00

For rest of the contact details for Thomson Holidays Customer Services, Click Here 

Air India UK Contact Number

Here are some common questions that Air India travelers ask the customer support. If you happen to call the customer support, please don’t forget to rate the Air India UK Customer Support below.

Air India UK Customer Service Number

What is the criteria for carrying baggage on Air India flight?

The criteria for carrying baggages on flight are mentioned below:

  • The maximum weight of the baggage must be around 8 kgs per passenger.
  • The size of the baggage to be carried for Airbus must not exceed 115 cms and for normal flights it must not exceed 110 cms.
  • When the occupant is travelling with an infant, he is allowed to carry a collapsible chair or stroller with him.
  • You are also not allowed to carry any gel, tooth paste, shampoos and lotions exceeding 100ml.
  • You are not allowed to carry any lithium batteries or E-cigarettes.

Air India Contact Number

What is the criteria for Pregnant ladies to travel in Air India?

The criteria for Pregnant ladies to travel via Air India airlines are mentioned below:

  • Lady with good health and upto 32 weeks of pregnancy is eligible to travel on flight.
  • Ladies with complicated pregnancy or expecting twins or triplets are not allowed to travel.
  • Ladies with more than 35 weeks of pregnancy can travel only on the basis of urgency and compassion. The occupant first have to take permission from Executive Director of Medical Services.
  • If the lady is with an infant. The baby has to be at least 14 days old to travel on the flight.
  • Only in emergency scenario, the child is allowed to travel before 14 days of his birth.