SwiftCover Contact Number

Swiftcover Contact Number 0844 385 1111

Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

Get in touch with the Swiftcover Customer Services Unit by directly calling at the straight Dial number which we have listed on our website, available 24*7. Dialing the direct Swiftcover Customer Service Number would let all the customers to get fast help and support which they might require concerning their Insurance Policies. Now, this is superb news for clients as the company offers a wide range of insurance products; the customers are able to receive all their insurance requirements at one place. This means that it’s mandatory for the Swift Cover Customer Service Unit to ensure that they always answer all queries, concerning any policy.

SwiftCover Insurance Contact Number

When the client dials the swiftcover phone number, firstly, they’d be linked through a preset programmed menu which will provide all the necessary information about each and every insurance services provided by the company. Each of these services is assigned a particular serial number and the related details are then shared with the client and in turn they’re asked to choose the option which is related to their query.

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The very purpose of organizing a unit like this, as well as creating minor teams under a single umbrella Unit, is to make sure that the company can effectively deal with the call volumes which are diverted towards the Swiftcover Insurance Customer Service Team. And then based on the know-how which is then communicated to the customers, via this system, our experts are able to prepare the Swift Cover team to an unbelievably high level where each unit can effectively deal in their own unique sphere.

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Swiftcover Customer Service Number

The Customer Care Number which we have listed on our website would surely connect its dialers directly through to the Swift Cover Customer Service Department without a need to initially go via any 3rd party. Finding the customer care number for the Swiftcover Car Insurance Company might not be easy enough as you might have to consult through a directory enquiries company. This is why we have listed an easily accessed direct dial Customer Care Number over here. We even ensure that the entire charges which are incurred, when a caller calls the Swiftcover contact number, are transparent as well as consistent.

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All the advisors of Swiftcover Customer Care Team efficiently adhere to all the fundamental guidelines of customer care services and in case a client is connected to any other department by mistake, the respective advisor would willingly venture to assist as best as possible, even if it means he/she is required to transfer the call straight to the designated colleague.

 Swiftcover Phone Number

The Customer Care Unit is available 24*7 and the point of time when the client calls swiftcover contact number customer services doesn’t have any bearing on the charges which would be incurred. However, if the caller dials from a BT landline to put up their call, they would basically be incurred around 5p per minute charges. And the dialer should ensure that he/she is a major i.e. they are above 18 yrs of age and should possess the consent of the bill payer to make the call right before they dial.

  • Part of the AXA Group
  • Swiftcover’s headquarters are based in Surrey
  • Established in 2005

Swiftcover is an internet-based UK insurance company formed in 2005 by a group of former Churchill Insurance executives. In 2007 Swiftcover was acquired by AXA and it is now a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA UK plc.- Wikipedia

It is quite important that in case they’re using a telephone line by any company other than BT landline or a mobile connection, than the bill payer should contact their respective service provider right before permitting the caller to dial the Swiftcover Phone Number.

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Admiral Insurance Customer Service – 0844 385 1330

Admiral Customer Service 

0844 385 1330

Calls cost £0.05 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this

You can directly contact the Admiral Customer services department by dialing the phone number  listed by us on this website. It is a direct contact number to the Admiral Customer support team, and there is no middle man involved in the whole conversation.

For all the enquiries pertaining to insurance services offered by Admiral, simply contact the Admiral Customer service helpline. This number is accessible seven days a week, and here you will get resolved all of your queries in an efficient way. Because of several reasons, many customers may entail contacting their vehicle insurance provider. Any caller can dial this easily accessible number, either day or night.

service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

Admiral ContactThe customers are in the tendency of getting high quality services from their car insurance companies. Some customers feel they are being charged hefty amount towards the annual cost, and they are not provided the same level of services as expected by them. Because of theft, frequent car accidents, many insurance companies get themselves occupied in great pressure. On the contrary, the insurance company like Admiral has emerged as a reputed service provider amongst various other companies. Moreover, they offer the greatest level of service, and as expected by one and all.

Admiral Car Insurance Customer Service Contact Number- Fixithere

Admiral Insurance has provided extensive training to its customer service executives, and you are expected to get the best satisfactory services just the once you dial the Admiral Contact number  listed on this website. The Admiral Customer service contact number is populated by cordial and supportive employees who are devoted to offer the uppermost level of services.

Admiral Insurance Claim Contact Number

Admiral Customer Service NumberPrior to dialing the Admiral Contact number, be ready with all the significant information which you take account of. The Admiral Contact phone number is available to both possible and existing customers, and they will get the same level of service. An existing Admiral customer may possess a unique reference number of the account, and it will certainly permit the concerned executive to immediately access the account details. In case, you’re gazing for a new vehicle insurance policy; or want to make a claim, you must be ready with all the information like the model of car, year of manufacture, payment details and contact address.

You can also contact Admiral Insurance customer service department UK via the internet, such as email or instant messaging. You can get fresh quotes or even renewal for existing policies, just by visiting the official website of Admiral. A lot of information has been listed on the website, such as the section of frequently asked questions and their appropriate answers. If you need any information pertaining to your account, you can enquire about the same online. The Admiral Customer service department has also tendered all the relevant over the internet, and there is no need to call the customer service number. However, they are some situations when there is an absolute need to call the Admiral Contact number, and thus this Admiral Insurance Claim Contact Number for your easy convenience.

Contact Admiral Insurance_contact-us-help

Contact Admiral Insurance 

Admiral Insurance Contact NumberAt whatever time the Admiral Car Insurance Number is called from a BT landline, it will incur charges at the standard rate of just 5 p per minute. On the utilization of another telephone or a mobile phone, it may get incurred extra charges for the call placed. However, it is advised that the bill payer must give its authorization to place the call, and the caller should be more than 18 years of age.

Any customer can make contact with Admiral about all their insurance enquiries or any other problems. Whatever the problem may be, the Admiral Customer service advisors are capably trained to tender the most valuable support needed by you. You can ask any question you want to enquire.

Admiral Car Insurance Contact

Admiral Insurance NumberThe customer care executives employed for the insurance company Admiral are devoted to offer the best promising customer services. Admiral has provided all of their employees a broad training, and also conducts several checks in order to ensure that they are dedicated to offer the best and efficient services they can.

Admiral is a reputed company that has endorsed the value of best customer services. They have made incredible efforts only to develop their teams and all other departments. Admiral is emerging as the main player in the insurance market, and a lot of customers are highly satisfied with their services. No doubt, there are many other insurance companies who are in the achievement to get the same level of business. As a result, the customer services play an important role in many sections regarding the success of a particular insurance company.

There are some other ways to contact Admiral home insurance customer service department, and you needn’t call the number listed on this website. The Admiral official website lists all the relevant information, you can find the section of frequently asked questions and details about the type of insurance policies that are suitable and best suited.

Admiral Insurance Number

Admiral Car Insurance ContactYou can also contact Admiral Customer service department through a variety of other options. You can send them an email or also enter into a live chat. This medium of conversation is available to all the customers, and they can communicate with an executive of the customer service team.

The option of instant messaging permits all of the customers to get relevant assistance needed by them. The Admiral Customer service comprises of a team of expert advisors that are effective in holding more than one conversation at a single time. All the customers can get an appropriate and effective assistance. The popularity of internet has led all the companies to tender high-quality customer services.

The Admiral Insurance Contact number can be contacted 24/7 a week, and there is no need to allocate some special time so as to call the insurance company.

NatWest Customer Service

NatWest Customer Service

We’re dedicated to provide our users the best value for money via our Direct Dial Customer Care Number Directory Service, which is one of the best in the UK. Now numerous numbers including Natwest contact number which are being listed on our site are quite hard to locate in the public domain. And we constantly integrate such numbers to improvise our services.

Why should I Need NatWest Service Number?

Now the NatWest Helpline is always there to serve you, if you require assistance with:

•  Questioning or understanding any latest bank charges or statement.
•  Rescheduling your economics and looking for a perfect account type which suits both you as well as your business.
•  Registering a Savings Bank account or ISA or knowledge about stocks, investments and bonds.
•  Looking for a perfect insurance policy which suits all your needs.
•  Finding a mortgage or a credit card.
•  Using mobile/online banking or sorting all issues related to your online account.

How would the NatWest Customer Care Number assist me?

It can help all its users in many ways such as:

•  It can be utilized to set-up or shut down an account.
•  The users can even talk to any adviser to enquire about the best services according to their own requirements.
•  It can be utilized to make a formal complaint or report a lost or stolen card.

The Natwest phone number listed on our website offers instant access to its committed staff team which are trained enough to offer sound services and advice on abundant services and products to serve both personal as well as businesses of all shapes and sizes. NatWest surely takes pride in its tradition of supporting not only the personal clients but even the new as well as established businesses. Just dial the NatWest Customer Services Number to get professional advice from their committed team of experts.

NatWest bank has numerous branches located on the High street of major cities and towns all over the UK. NatWest also provide a variety of products from savings and Investments to Mortgages and Loans for both personal and business users. NatWest even possess a team of professionals who can make sure that their clients can seamlessly transfer to their accounts and also ensure that all the concerned problems are kept to a bare minimum.

Just dial the contact natwest and the expert staff would make sure that your call reaches the right department the very first time and with the minimum amount of commotion and waiting period, as they are very much aware of the significance of time. NatWest does even offer a plenty of monetary advice on Mortgages, Loans, Debit and Credit cards as well as a range of diverse accounts products which suits all sort of purposes. Just dial the natwest helpline number to make sure that the particular query of yours is dealt with, in a very courteous as well as professional manner and even make sure that your busy schedule is not disrupted at all.

NatWest Customer Service Number

The professional staff who respond to this number can even help you out while making sure that you possess all the relevant credentials and documents for the purpose of opening a new valid account or in case you simply wish to transfer your existing one, as they are aware of the fact that making several rounds to any high street bank could be both costly as well as quite time consuming which is directly associated with the present day’s higher fuel cost as well as highly charged parking spaces which are closely attached to the high street bank branches.

What can NatWest do for you?

NatWest is among the leading high street banks in the UK which provides a wide range of banking products as well as services including savings and current accounts, loans, ISAs, credit cards, mortgages and numerous types of insurance products, loans and investments, international banking as well as travel currency.

NatWest clients are being offered to select and do their banking transactions either online or/and via mobile phone, which in turn allows them 24 hour access to their bank finances and even better sophisticated control. NatWest clients who wish to start set up with their online banking just simply need to dial the NatWest Customer Care  for further assistance.

NatWest provides specialized and ultramodern banking services to both personal as well as business customers. NatWest Business Banking caters to the industries of various shapes as well as sizes, right from the startups to bigger international businesses and even offers elite services such as business lending, business insurance, foreign exchange, commercial cards, letters of credit, guarantees as well as bonds and a perfect guide to the international trade. NatWest Private Banking is even best for all the long-term clients with earnings of over £ 100,000 offering them with a better customized as well as personalized banking experience.

NatWest Background

Established in 1968, NatWest bank is a ‘The Royal Bank of Scotland’ subsidiary and though its unique heritage goes back to the Seventeenth Century, now it is considered to be among the top 10 largest banking services in the world. Formerly created from what use to be the ‘National Provincial Bank’ (which was established in 1833) and ‘Westminster Bank’ (which was established in 1836), merged as the ‘National Westminster Bank’. Collectively as a unit these banks can trace down their history back to the centuries through an ancestry of prominent constituents, which dates back to the 16th century.

This merger declaration completely took the entire City as well as the public by surprise; however, to both banks the benefits were quite apparent. The merger improved balance sheet strength, shaped up the opportunities to update the branch networks as well as enhanced bigger investments in newer technologies. The legal process of integration was concluded in 1969 and the ‘National Westminster Bank’ began trading on 1st Jan 1970, with its official logo (the three – arrowheads symbol).
Simply dial the NatWest Customer number to know more about the NatWest Banking services.

Child Benefit Contact Number

Here, We list all the required information about child benefit forms, repay child benefit overpayments. Appeals and child benefit complaints. Manually contact child benefit office or child benefit helpline for more information about eligibility, claiming and stopping Child Benefit.

Child benefit is a program that is specifically designed for children’s benefit. It is available for all who qualify – parent or guardian, responsible for at least one child irrespective of their savings or income.  If you are responsible for a child’s well- being even you’re not the parent of the child or your child doesn’t live with you, you can still claim child benefit. You can call child benefit contact number to find out more details.

For Child Benefit General Enquiries – Child Benefit Contact Number

You can contact child benefit contact number for your queries related to this program. Phone charges are applicable according to your network service provider.

Whether you qualify for child benefit or not?

To know whether you qualify for child benefit or not, look at the following conditions mentioned below:-

  • If you are paying for child’s upkeep.
  • If your child is living with a person who is not getting child benefit.
  • The amount you receive on child benefit is the same you pay for your child.

It is to be noted if your child is living with the person and you are trying to claim child benefit compensation for the same child, only one person either you or him is eligible to receive it. Child benefit program is applicable to the child under the age 16. When the child reaches the age 16, child benefit program may stop paying you unless they are in full- time education. This program is age restricted i.e. when you child reaches a certain age, the eligibility to claim for program is exhausted.

You can contact child benefit number listed on this website for more information like:-

  • What are the qualifying criteria for child benefit?
  • What type of education or training counts for child benefit?

child benefit number uk - child benefit form - family allowance

Why your Payment not received?

You have to keep in mind that it can take up to 12 weeks for a claim to be processed. However, it is possible that you payment may not be made due to following reasons mentioned below:-

  • It is possible that you have not told your Bank account details to the Child Benefit Office.
  • Your child had passed the age of 16 and you didn’t confirm their Education plans.
  • The Child Benefit Office sent you a letter but you haven’t replied.
  • The Child lives with someone else.
  • You are not eligible at certain point of time.

Child Benefit Number

Child benefit is paid every four weeks on a Monday or Tuesday. There is also possibility to be paid weekly if you are single parent or receiving other benefits such as Income Support.

Why should you register your child For Child Benefit?         

child benefit number uk - child benefit form - family allowance

There are many reasons to register your child for Child Benefit program besides the financial ones.

  • Child Benefit program will make it easier for your child to gain a National Insurance number when they reach 16 years of age.
  • It protects your rights to a number of benefits including Guardian’s Allowance.
  • The payments of Child Benefit count towards your National Insurance Credits as well as your state pension.
  • Child Benefits can be back- dated up to three months. So you should contact Child Benefits team as soon as possible so that you will be able to pay all the money you are entitled to.
  • Parents earning over 50,000 pounds may be fined 100 pounds if they don’t fill in a tax self- assessment on time.

For more details about Child Benefit program registration you can contact to the Phone number listed by us on this website.

Way to Claim Child Benefit

You can get a substantial amount per week if you are claiming for your eldest child. The payment per week may be different for the rest of your children. You will need to fill and submit a claim benefit form to the child benefit office to get child benefit. You have to make sure that you send all the documents that are essential for claiming to avoid any rejection.

You can contact child benefit over the phone or over the Internet to get details of essential documents. However, the only way you can claim through claim form, you can discuss regarding claiming process or get expert advice personally using the Phone number listed on this website by us.

Child Benefit Support Number

With the Child Benefit helpline number you can only discuss a claim if you are the   person named on claim form. A partner or someone else gets general advice but to discuss a claim with the helpline they must be authorized.

How can you keep Child Benefit Up- to-Date?        

child benefit number - child benefit form - family allowance

You can receive Child benefits even after your child is 16 if they are in non- advanced full time education in college, school, or into any other approved training programs.
Education is considered full time if the student devotes more than 12 hours per week during the educational term. If your child is undergoing non- advanced and full time education then you are eligible for child benefit program.

During your child’s last year of school, the child benefit office will contact you in writing to know about the future plans of your child. You can reply after ensuring if your child will continue his education or training. The Child benefit helpline number listed on this website by us will help you to contact child benefit office and provide necessary details.

Tips for Child Benefit Claimants

  • On your child benefit claim form only one person can be named and Child Benefit office will only be authorized to speak to that person over the phone.
  • By calling child benefit helpline you will be able to appeal against a Child benefit decision if you feel it is wrong. So you can request that your claim must be looked at again.
  • Child benefit entitlement ends when your child reaches 16 years of age. Although you can contact Child benefit helpline to know if you are entitled to continue your child benefit program, if your child continues in full time education or full time training.
  • To contact HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) you will be able to know the recent changes that are made to child benefit payments and how it affects your tax.
  • If you have a problem about the handling of your Child benefit application you can call the child benefit helpline number listed by us on this website.

What is the Change in Circumstances and what should you do?

Change in circumstances can mean a change in your Child circumstances as well as family circumstances such as:-

  • Your child starts receiving other benefits.
  • Your child goes abroad for more than 12 weeks.
  • Your child move to or from Northern Ireland.
  • They get married and start living with a partner.
  • Your child starts working for 24 hours a week or more.
  • Your Bank Account changes.
  • You move in with someone.
  • You have moved abroad for more than a year.
  • You have child or baby comes to live with you.
  • You as well as your child serve a Prison sentence of more than 8 weeks.

It should be noted that you must report any change in circumstances to the Child benefit office. The above list is not complete. Other reasons may be possible. To speak to an advisor, call the child benefit helpline number listed on this website by us.

How to complain to the Child Benefit Office?

How to complain to the Child Benefit Office?

When you are dealing with Child Benefit office you will receive maximum satisfaction regarding their services. However, mistakes and delays can happen, or you may feel unhappy about the services offered by the Child benefit office. You always have the right to complain about the poor service.

You can complain about:-

  • How you have been treated by Child benefit office.
  • A mistake could have been avoided by the Child benefit team.
  • An unreasonable delay.

You can make a complaint:-

  • Online.
  • By calling Child benefit contact number.
  • By writing to the Child Benefit office.

You have to make sure that while complaining, you must provide or ready to give:-  

  • Your name and address.
  • National Insurance number.
  • Contact number or email address.
  • The reference number the Child Benefit used when contacting you.

Employment & Support Allowance Contact Number

What Is ESA?

ESA, or Employment & Support Allowance, is a government based form of financial support designed to help the ones who cannot work sue to illness or disability. Still, it is also possible to claim ESA if you are working in the lower paid employment or even if you are self-employed. Here, every case is unique in a way, so it is advisable to ESA contact number for free and discuss the situation directly to the individual.

Contact ESA

What Is ESA?

Can I Claim Employment and Support Allowance?

To claim either type of ESA you need to:

  • be under State Pension age
  • have an illness or disability that affects your ability to work.

You can also get a claim form (ESA1) from your local Jobcentre Plus office.

You can’t claim either type of ESA if you’re claiming:

  • Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Statutory Sick Pay.

You can’t claim income-related ESA if you claim Universal Credit or have savings of more than £16,000.

Are You Looking For Esa contact number free?

There are a number of reasons why people have the need to contact Esa for free. Despite being able to find a wealth of information online. Thankfully the ESA has a dedicated team of advisors within an easy approach from Monday-Friday from 8am to 6 pm.

Address your problem-quickly and simply.

Esa Contact Number

Income support allowance

As you are be apprised of the ESA is now divided into two parts, namely ‘contributory’ and ‘income-related payments. The both categories are undoubtedly require the claimants to adhere to the specific criteria in order to prove their eligibility. Plus, you will also find the details of both within the site. You can also find the information you require so do not hesitate to call the ESA.


Making an ESA Claim

The simplest way to make the ESA claims is by using you telephone to contact them-One call to the ESA number is all it takes to start up with your application process. SO, before calling the ESA Claims Department it is advisable to have some basic information handy that includes:

  •   National Insurance Number
  •   Address details including mortgage/landlord information
  •   Medical certificate
  •   GP’s address & phone number
  •   Council Tax Bill
  •   Bank account details
  •   Employer’s address & contact details plus dates last worked
  •   Details of any income you are receiving such as benefits or sick pay

Esa Phone Number

However, in case you require more information outside of these very hours try to download the Employment and Support Allowance Leaflet from the following link:

Important Noe: there is also a Welsh version of the leaflet available that you may require.

ESA – Existing Claimants Guide

Where can i download ESA1 Form?

Changes in circumstances

If there is a change in your medical condition of the alterations in your working hours or the income, or any other changes in your personal circumstances must be reported as soon as you can. Well, Thankfully just one call to the ESA contact number will automatically direct you to the Department for the Work and the Pension (DWP) who will be able to access and update your details too.

Repeat Claims

Have you ever tried been in the receipt of the ESA benefit and would like to make a repeat claim? Well, it is important to be well aware of the fact that is after your work capability Assessment you were deemed fit for the work, it is extremely unlikely and you will then be eligible for the ESA. There are occasions when you may still qualify. for example:

  • If you are claiming for a new health condition
  • If your current health condition has got worse

Please Remember that you may be asked to complete a ‘Capability for work Questionnaire’-failure to do so could result in non-payments.

 ESA Helpline Number

ESA Opening hours:

8am until 6pm on a Monday to Friday

ESA Contact centre numbers

Telephone: 0800 055 6688
Textphone: 0800 023 4888
Welsh language telephone: 0800 012 1888
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

What happens if I experience a benefits sanction?

When your ESA is establish there are designated work-activities or tasks or the pre-established interviews with your ESA advisor. The failure to stick fast these tasks or the interviews may result in a reduction in terms of your ESA payments.

Sanction Letters

You will informed prior by sending the initial letter for such failure to comply. At this very stage it is important to inform your ESA advisor of the reasons behind your missed appointment or the task.

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]On 27 October 2008, the Employment and Support Allowance replaced Income Support claimed on grounds of sickness or disability. Wikipedia [/mks_pullquote]

Incapacity Benefit is being replaced with Employment and Support Allowance ( ESA ).
DVLA contact number
The Work Capability Assessment is the test for employment and support allowance (ESA).

Green Flag Insurance Contact Number

How To Contact Green Flag Vehicle Insurance Cover?

Green Flag is a British company that was established in 1971. It has remained one of the leading breakdown companies for over 40 years now and the firm’s localised approach to the problems faced by its customers has helped it gain 5 stars on Defaqto rating. Defaqting is an independent rating and research agency aimed at the products available in financial markets.

The company is presently owned by Direct Line Group and had started as an idea between two friends. Bob Slicer and John Pittock’s National Breakdown Recovery Club started with the aim to provide a swift response to vehicle’s breakdown than the market leaders AA and RAC.

Looking for Green Flag Contact Number?

0800 051 0636

Green Flag Phone Number, Green Flag Contact Telephone Number, Green Flag Helpline Number, Green Flag Call Out Number, Green Flag Number From Mobile, Green Flag Breakdown Number

Green Flag Customer Services

Some of the major services offered by Green Flag are

  1. Breakdown cover
  2. Route Planner
  3. Get a quote
  4. Motoring advice

Greenflag breakdown contact number

Has your car broken down?

Do you need a quote for a recovery plan?

Greenflag breakdown number

Greenflag contact number

0800 051 0636


0141 349 0353 

How To Contact Aviva Car Insurance?

About Aviva

Aviva is a British multinational brand that specialises in insurance and besides that also provides savings and investment products. It is considered to be the UK’s biggest and also one of the world’s largest insurance companies.

The company has its roots in a 300 year old company called Hand in Hand Fire & Life Insurance Society started in 1696 in London.

The company boasts of more than 31 million customers

Some of the most frequently asked questions by Aviva  customers are:

Where Can I Get Telephone Number For Aviva Support?

Which Is Best Aviva customer care Number?

What Is Aviva Customer Service UK Phone Number?

Where can I get  Aviva Phone Number?

I Want the Free Phone Number For Aviva?

Contact Number For Aviva Customer Services ?

How To Contact Aviva Support?

 Looking for Aviva Car Insurance Breakdown Number?

01603 622200

Aviva Telephone Number, pension contact number, car claims number, breakdown number, customer service number, customer service opening hours

AVIVA Services

Some of the major Aviva Services are

  1. Car and Motor Insurance
  2. Home Insurance
  3. Pensions and retirement
  4. Breakdown Cover
  5. Life Insurance
  6. Savings and Investments
  7. Travel Insurance
  8. Health Insurance
  9. Pet Insurance
  10. Personal Accident

Do you want to know how to get Life Insurance cover with Aviva? Are you facing any issue with payment on premium? Don’t waste your time searching for contact details for Aviva Customer Support.

We provide you information on how to contact Aviva UK numbers.

Looking for Aviva Car Insurance Number?

0345 030 7077


Monday – Friday                                                             8 am – 8 pm

      Saturday                                                                          8.30 am – 5 pm

 Sunday                                                                              10 am – 4 pm

Bank Holidays                                                                10 am – 4 pm

Looking for Aviva Private Health Insurance Number?

0800 404 6531


Monday – Friday                                                                9 am – 5 pm

Looking for Aviva General Enquiry Number?

01603 622200

0044 1603 604999 (Outside UK)


Monday – Friday                                                                9 am – 5 pm

For rest of the contact details, Go Here

Hastings Direct Car Insurance Contact Number

Want to make a claim for your car insurance? Facing issues while declaring a SORN? Do you have any queries that you would like to discuss with the customer care representative? We have provided you the list of Hastings Direct Insurance – Car, Bike, Van and Home Insurance numbers mentioned below. Once you contact the customer care representative, kindly rate the helpline number given below.

Hastings Direct Contact Number

How to make a Hastings Direct car insurance claim?

To report a claim you can call Motor Vehicle Insurance from Hastings Direct number on 0800 035 4260 with the following information mentioned below:

  • Date and time of the incident.
  • Location of the incident.
  • You can provide the name, addresses and the telephone number of parties involved. You can also provide their vehicle registration number(s),
  • Details of how the loss occurred eg accident, fire, theft, etc.
  • Photographic evidence (if possible).

Hastings Direct Car Insurance Phone Number

How to declare a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification)?

If your vehicle is not being driven on the public roads, then you can declare a SORN. To declare a SORN, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • To declare the SORN on the DVLA website, you will need the vehicle registration document whether V5C or V11(if renewing the SORN)
  • You can also complete a V890 (SORN) form and post it to DVLA.
  • You will get the conformation of the SORN within four weeks of the declaration.
  • Your SORN will be valid for a year.

Hastings Car Insurance Number?Hastings Car Insurance Number

How to get in touch with Hastings direct customer support team?

You can get in touch with the customer support team by calling on their helpline numbers. The customer care team will help you in resolving the issues regarding your claim, fees and complaints. You can contact the team by the following methods mentioned below:

  • Car Insurance:

Hastings Direct Customer service

New quote:  0800 101 8172

Timings: Weekdays- 8 am to 9 pm.

Saturday-  9am-5:30pm

Sunday- 10am-5pm

Claims helpline number:

Breakdown Assistance  number

  • For Complaints:

Contact Hastings Direct Car Insurance UK: 0800 035 3949

Post at: Customer Relations Department,

Hastings Direct,

Conquest House,

Collington Avenue,


East Sussex,

TN39 3LW

Online: You can also Register a complaint online

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