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Ebay Customer Service

Now we all are pretty much aware that it’s so easy to shop eBay without having any prior knowledge about it, though many online shoppers have discovered that eBay is way different from buy.com or amazon.com or overstock.com.

eBay is a very special kind of shopping setting where a little knowledge regarding what actually works as well as what to expect, can really make a huge impact on your decision whether to enjoy pleasant money-saving deals or a decision when you never wish to hear or see about eBay, ever again.

And in case if you are giving a serious thought of being a regular shopper on eBay, just go through all the following critical points:

eBay UK FaqsWhat is eBay?

eBay Customer Services - eBay contact numbers

Now we can simply define eBay as:

  • A perfect place to purchase: You can purchase nearly anything you wish at rates which are quite competitive than any of the traditional brick & mortar as well as any Online Store. And though there are numerous rotten deals on eBay, you need to be very careful to come out ahead.
  • A perfect place to put up for sale: Whether you are a big time retailer or just a first timer who wishes to clear out his garage, almost anything you put on eBay will definitely sell if your rates are flexible enough. eBay’s outstanding global reach can even turn unusual items such as paperweights into hard cash.
  • A perfect place to meet: Now eBay actually doesn’t sell any of the goods by itself. Each of the eBay goods are sold as well as delivered by many 3rd party sellers, who are not at all related with eBay. eBay provides an excellent platform to numerous sellers and entrepreneurs to reach global buyers and to provide all buyers an access to the world’s biggest collection of things.
  • A perfect place to shop around: Due to the vast range of things (running into millions) which are put up for sale on eBay, it is one of the finest places in the whole wide world to shop around. And all these listed items created by numerous 3rd party sellers usually include detailed descriptions, photos as well as their self experiences. And as all the buyers are able to view the lots of the similar items simultaneously in various conditions and make out the selling price of each item, eBay provides you a proper insight into their real market values.
  • A perfect place for collection: Now eBay is famous for being the world’s biggest marketplace for various discontinued, rare and hard-to-find collectible items. So, whether you’re seeking any vintage box cameras, classic handiworks, 80’s classic arcade games or antique army service medals, eBay would provide you with a platform for the selection range way better than anyone else could provide.
  • Just a Website: There ain’t any physical eBay shop or store. It was founded in San Jose and is now is being operated from many cities. Its services are completely online and all of the business aspects (other than the sold or bought items delivery) are usually handled via its website.
  • Free membership: It’s free to join eBay and become the member anytime, anywhere as well as to purchase goods from eBay. Though, sellers have to pay a minimal amount in order to list the sale items and one smaller margin of the value after selling the item. And there are no hidden costs or any sort of monthly fees.
  • Eco-friendly: eBay has proven track of being environmental friendly. And thanks to eBay, tons and tons of goods which otherwise would be dumped into landfills or any recycling programs instead would find new homes each year. These items usually include many electronic products such as mobile phones and computer parts which in turn release poisonous substances after being discarded and when exposed to the surroundings.
  • Social responsibility: As eBay eliminates all the middlemen as well as shrinks the barriers of selling and buying, it allows numerous rural handicraft manufacturers such as potters and bead weavers all around the world to sell their goods directly to a bigger global client-base. Now this in turn invites new and better economic prospects to various developing regions globally.

Therefore by nearly any statistics, eBay has successfully achieved its entire desired mission and that also in the online universe. Just sign in on eBay and explore yourself its success story by turning your prehistoric junk into fresh hard cash or just shop online for great deals.

eBay UK FaqsWhat is item listing?

Now item listings are the fundamental way to sell and buy on eBay. And each of the items which are placed for sale purpose on eBay is symbolized by an item listing formed by the seller of the particular item. These are just like newspaper classified ads listings where every listing symbolizes something. So, whenever you search eBay to shop for things, eBay would show you the item listings having the following information:

  • Price: Now the prices could either be fixed or variable which actually depends on whether any seller is merely selling or auctioning their items via eBay.
  • Trustworthiness: Item listings also include feedback system which allows all the users to rate the products as well as their respective sellers.
  • Item features: Item listings usually include snaps as well as the details of the items listed for sale, helping buyers to decide whether to purchase the particular item or not.
  • Terms and conditions: Item listings also include the details regarding whether all the sellers accept the returns or how shipment is being made as well as its cost and various information which buyers might have in their mind before finally purchasing the items.
  • To buy or to bid: Item listings offer a ‘Buy it Now’ button to allow buyers to purchase as well as pay for the particular item, a ‘Place Bid’ button to allow buyers to bid on a particular item or/and a ‘Make Offer’ button to initiate an offer to various sellers who are flexible on price.

 eBay UK FaqsWhat are the Listing Formats?

The following quick guide will provide you with the details of the fundamental eBay auction listing formats list, what to expect as well as how to use these to your best advantage:

Classic auction format:

The format which is considered to be the launching pad for eBay allows the sellers all around the globe to decide on their starting bid as well as the auction duration. Afterwards eBay buyers bid on their favorite items.

Then the price is raised along with each of the bid. Finally (after the time runs out) the highest bidder wins the particular item and has to make the payment for it along with any additional handling or shipping charges.

Auction format with reserve price option:

Now this auction format features an option to set a secret price for those who are unwilling to sell their item below that secret set price. The bidding proceeds as usual but if the bids doesn’t meet the expected price when the time runs out, it’s not mandatory for the seller to sell his/her items to the chief bidder and they’re free to either keep the item or relist these using any of the eBay format.

Now for this format, the sellers need to apply on the standard auction listing form and from the list of seller features, just make sure to opt for the reserve price option.

Auction plus Buy It Now option:

Now this auction format features a clearly published price at which the seller is ready to sell the item willingly and immediately. All the prospective buyers might bid on the item but can also opt to make the payment immediately and the seller might have to immediately ship the item to them.

Now for this particular format, the sellers have to apply on the standard auction listing form and from the list of seller features, just make sure to opt for the Buy It Now option.

Fixed Price Listing Format:

Now according to this format, any seller can merely set their price as well as the duration for the listing. Then in order to buy the particular item, the bidder should be willing to pay the price which the seller has specified. And the set price is not meant for any bidding or negotiation.

Now for this particular format, the sellers are required to apply on the standard auction listing form and while posting the auction listing, just make sure to select the ‘Fixed Price’ option under the ‘Create Your Listing’ page.

eBay Stores Listing Format:    

Now just like Fixed Price Listing format, this format also lists all the sale item at a fixed price, but these are only listed in the eBay store instead of the regular eBay listing groups which enables all the buyers to browse.

Now these items might appear on the eBay search, but these won’t be featured as prominently or/and might need some extra efforts to be found. This format is usually chosen by the sellers with bigger inventories.

Now for this particular format, the sellers are required to open an eBay Store online in order to use it.

eBay Motors Listing Format:

Now this format is quite subject-specific such as it could simply be an auction or an auction with a ‘Buy It Now’ or a ‘fixed price listing’ option, but this is specifically meant for eBay Motors categories and searches and therefore is ideal specifically for selling motor vehicles and its components.

Now for this particular format, the sellers are required to apply on the eBay Motors auction listing form.

Real Estate Listing Format:

Now this format is again quite subject-specific. Such type of auctions are specifically meant for sale of land or real estate and are specifically subject to its own listing format rules and restrictions, which might differ from many usual eBay rules in numerous cases.

Now for this particular format, the sellers are required to apply on the standard auction listing form and choose the ‘Real Estate’ option.

eBay Classifieds Listing Format:

Now such format listings are posted on eBay Classifieds just like any classified ads in order to boost local sale as well as pickup. So instead of bidding, the buyers are supposed to contact the classified ad personally through emails if they wish to fulfill the transaction on mutually acceptable conditions. Classified listings can be directly accessed and viewed by searching eBay Classifieds.

Now for this particular format, the sellers are required to log on to the eBay Classifieds home page and then utilize all the selling tools which they can find there.

Want It Now Listing Format:

Now this particular listing format is way different from other formats on eBay as instead of sellers, it is posted by buyers and instead of describing a particular sale item, the description of any item proposed by a buyer is being posted. The prospective buyers are required to specify their price, their terms as well as the item’s descriptions which they’d wish to purchase and wait for the seller to contact them.

Now for this particular format, all the prospective buyers are required to utilize the ‘Want It Now’ listing form.

eBay UK FaqsWhat is eBay Feedback System?

eBay’s Feedback system is one of the main pillars of its business model. And as its main motto is to provide a platform where sellers and buyers can connect with each other, it’s critically very significant for each of the participant to ensure the credibility of their respective trading partner.

How to evaluate eBay feedback system?

  • First view the feedback percentage: Now in case if the feedback percentage is way too low, then there’s no point in continuing the trade any further.
  • Check the feedback score: Now in case if the feedback percentage is higher but the score is way too low, just go with your gut instinct if you wish to deal with an inexperienced partner. And in case, if the score is way too low but the feedback percentage is marginal, you’re recommended to rule them out.
  • Check out the joining date as well as the reasons for the negatives: Now in case, if both the score as well as the feedback percentage are okay, you can consider the lesser significant factor such as the joining date as well as the reasons for the negatives to analyze your prospective partner.
  • Check out for the responses to the negatives as well as other factors: Now in case if you find everything else to be vague, just consider any other factor in the feedback profile such as the responses to the negatives or trade frequencies etc. before finalizing your decision.

eBay Customer Services uk - eBay contact numbers

eBay UK FaqsWhen Not to Bid?

Now gradually the more you familiarize with eBay, the sooner you’ll gain the expertise in judging which auction listings to avoid, a sort of 6th sense which numerous longtime bidders develop.

Before bidding, one usually checks for the seller’s feedback profile. Now unless you’re able to develop the necessary 6th sense, we recommend you the following signs which should be considered as red flags other than the feedback profile, when you’re opting for a bid:

  • Quite low ‘Buy It Now’ price: Now when the price of any brand new item, for e.g. computer or any electronic, is way below the fair market price then it must set off the alarms and should be avoided.
  • Items which do not exist: Never bid on any item in the auction which does not exist in any of the store as in all likelihood the item either does not exist in the inventory of the seller or in case if it does, then it’s not legal. For e.g. items such as film DVDs which yet aren’t released on DVD or the computer systems with never released processors that are much faster than those available for sale in the market.
  • Untraceable or unorthodox payment modes: Now at eBay, PayPal is the only valid mode for any online payment transactions. Be very cautious of the sellers who’ll request you for any of the untraceable wire transfers or ask you for the information about your bank account in the form of ‘e-checks’.
  • Untested or unchecked item sellers: Here ‘untested or unchecked’ is synonym for the ‘broke’. Now even if the seller is quite honest about the status of the product, you still would be having a 50 percent chance of buying an item which actually works.
  • Beware of any ‘Contact me before you bid’ offer: Now beware of the sellers who use the ‘Contact me before you bid’ key phrase in their item description. What they’ll do is, offer you that particular item directly, sidestepping eBay. After that they will acquire your hard earned money and then disappear and eBay won’t be having any transaction record and you also won’t be able to post any negative feedback.
  • Out of the place goods: Beware of the sellers who are selling out of the place items/goods. Now this could also mean that the seller’s account has been hacked or compromised and the hacker is taking care of the transaction now.
  • Contradictory details in the listings: Now in case if an 80 GB hard drive became a 250 GB hard drive or vice versa when you click it to view its listing, it means the seller is not to be trusted. Don’t assume that you’d get a better deal as most of the time you won’t.
  • Listing without a seller: Now in case if you view any listing which seems as if it were copied from somewhere and there is no information about the seller, then don’t even think about bidding. Now this may mean that actually there are no items for sale purpose and the seller just wants to get hold of your hard earned money.

eBay UK FaqsUnderstanding eBay bidding:

Now being new to eBay, it may sometimes seem unnecessarily complex due to the item bidding and pricing stuff. We’ll tell you how to effectively bid on eBay:

Two Kinds of Items:

  • Fixed Price item.
  • Auction Price item.

In generic, there are two basic ways to sell items on eBay:

  • Fixed price items: These items are quite easy to find as these have a ‘Buy It Now’ button and a fixed price mentioned near it. And anyone can buy these items just by simply clicking on the ‘Buy It Now’ button.
  • Auction price items: These items have a ‘Place your Bid’ button just near the box meant for entering your bids and it shows a ‘Current Bid’ price as well. Auction price items are open for a predetermined time limit. And when the time’s up, that particular item is stated as sold to the chief bidder.
  • Many a times, some items have both of the buttons (‘Buy It Now’ as well as ‘Place your Bid’) and even show two prices at a time. It means such items are up for sale both ways. And in case if nobody clicks the ‘Buy It Now’ button, that particular item is sold to the chief bidder when the time’s up.

Question.svgHow to effectively Bid on eBay?

Now before you opt to bid, just consider the following points:

  • eBay auction acknowledge the bids only for a specific time limit: On eBay, auction items are open for bids starting from 1 to around 10 days period. And when the time’s up, the chief bidder wins.
  • Place a bid higher than the current bid: Now just beneath the bidding box, you’ll view the text ‘Enter the amount’. The amount visible is the current least bid and you’re required to enter at least this very amount in case if you wish to bid.
  • You might pay lesser than your bid in case you win: Now after winning an auction one actually pays just a fraction of amount which is slightly more than the next chief bid.
  • Winning bid means must buy: Now your auction bid is a binding legal contract. And in case when you win a bid, you have to purchase the particular item as well as make the payment to the seller.
  • Make use of One-Click Bid for Small bids: Now during the last fifteen minutes of an auction, you can bid one digit higher than the current bid instantly by choosing the ‘One-Click bid’ button.
  • The Automatic Bidding System: Numerous buyers use the eBay automatic bidding system which in turn reduce their frustration as well as improvise their bidding success, the details of which we are discussing below.

eBay UK FaqsWhat is the eBay Automatic Bidding System?

Now the eBay Automatic Bidding System is usually provided to the bidder whose bid is currently higher in the auction listing. And via this system, eBay automatically bids on the higher bidder’s behalf.

Now this actually allows the bidders to bid quite high while simultaneously making sure that they actually don’t pay more than the amount required to hammer down their nearest rivals.

We’ll tell you how it works:

  • Now if you wish to use the automatic bidding system, instead of the least current bid just bid your absolute maximum which you can pay willingly.
  • And if the amount you’ve entered is higher than the bid by your rivals, then you’re the current higher bidder. Now, eBay will bid the auction automatically on your behalf till your latest bid is a small increment just above your nearest rival’s highest bid.
  • And in case if the highest bid is not the maximum bid so far, eBay will register your bid and will continue to bid on the higher bidder’s behalf, which will automatically outbid you by a single bid increment.
  • eBay automatically continues to bid on the highest bidder’s behalf till the auction time runs out.

eBay UK FaqsWhat is Automatic Bidding Cautions?

Though the automatic bidding system sounds way too simple, some users finds it to be complicated. The main reasons for this confusion and complication are the following:

  • Bidding is for everyone: eBay performs the automatic bidding not only for you (in case if you are the higher bidder) but also for all your rivals as well.
  • The current highest bid is a secret: Now no one actually knows about the current highest bid by any bidder. So, no one is aware about the actual bid to outbid their rivals.
  • People are unaware of this: Now numerous bidders actually don’t know about this particular eBay feature as eBay never advertise it that much, but it is mentioned on the help pages of eBay.
  • Sniping. Now many eBay bidders have started to use 3rd party tools sites to arrange their highest bids which would automatically be placed few moments before the end of the auction. This is known as sniping.

Now sniping is not anyway against eBay policy, though it comes with numerous benefits as well as disadvantages.

eBay UK FaqsHow does the valet selling service work?

The valet selling service is a new and simple way to sell your stuff on eBay. Valets sell your items on your behalf, and you receive 70% of the proceeds of the sales for items that sell.

There are 2 ways to sell:

  • Mail in your things—shipping is prepaid:
  • Request a free postage-paid shipping label, and it’s emailed to you. Print it out and use it with any box.
  • Request a free 12″ x 12″ x 12″ box and a postage-paid shipping label. It’s sent straight to your house.
  • Drop off your things: In select locations, you can bring your items to an eBay drop-off center. Find a drop-off center near you.

How do valets determine how to price items?Valets research listings for items like yours on eBay. They look at items that have sold within the last 90 days. Based on this research, valets determine how to best list your items, including how to price them. Items are given multiple chances to sell on eBay for up to 2 weeks. When items are relisted, Valets reduce the price to increase the chances of selling.What types of items are excluded from the eBay valet program?Generally, items that are NOT eligible are:

  1. Items valued less than $40 by the valet
  2. Items heavier than 25lbs
  3. Items in poor condition (torn, stained, broken, worn, odors, not working etc.)
  4. Fragile items (e.g., china, vases, mirrors, paintings…)
  5. Items prohibited for sale on eBay (e.g., counterfeit, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, drugs)

eBay UK FaqsWhat to and what not to expect from a Seller?

eBay shopping as well as buying could be an extremely enjoyable process, but be careful never to misjudge what the seller is trying to sell or never over-exceed your expectation which the seller might not be able to fulfill.

It is quite unfortunate but common to hear buyer’s woe or anger who complain about the bad products or poor services on eBay. Now whatsoever the reason might be, the number of unsatisfied clients on eBay is largely due to their own over- expectations rather than any bad performance of the seller.

Direct complaints as well as negative feedbacks are being considered quite serious and buyers who wish to enjoy healthy as well as long standing with eBay should be cautious not to have any over-expectations before any sale. Now do not put any negative feedback just simply coz you didn’t carefully read the item listing, as this act of yours may discourage other sellers who might not accept your bids in future.

eBay UK FaqsWhat to do instead?

Now before being disappointed, carefully go through the following points to check if your expectations were too high or not, for the item:

  • Used items are already used: Used items usually have wear and tear marks, few scratches and a shortened lifespan. Always consider these as part and parcel when you buy any used item.
  • You’ll receive only the listed items: Now if a seller has listed only a digital camera, then you should expect only the digital camera and not any software, box, accessories, cables, instruction manuals etc. which usually come along with a brand new camera. So, before complaining for those extra accessories, just make sure that those items are listed.
  • Broken items: Now if a seller has mentioned his items as ’AS-IS’, ‘untested’ or ‘unknown condition’ then possibly those items are broken. Therefore consider this as a vital indication that the seller is not promising anything about the condition of the item and he/she can’t be held responsible if the item you bought doesn’t work.
  • Believe those shipping charges: Shipping fees is normally being charged from buyers. Now most often, buyers consider that sellers actually don’t mean it and if they buy the particular item the seller would be charging them lesser. It is the most common of all the complaints from many buyers and also the most frustrating for the sellers who list their charges clearly in advance.
  • Shipping time: Now as most of the sellers are part-timers just like most of the buyers, it might take numerous days to ship any of the items and most of these would be shipped via any basic shipments available, unless stated otherwise. And as a buyer if you wish to receive your item as quick as possible, then make sure that you buy the item from a seller who promises fast shipments.
  • The Return Policy: Now unless a seller exclusively mentions a return policy, never ever expect any seller to take back his/her item which you do not want any more for whatsoever reason as the item won’t be exchanged, returned or even refunded. And if a seller does provide a return policy, do believe that they would adhere to their terms.

eBay UK FaqsHow to return eBay Purchases?

Now it might happen one day that you would return your eBay item. Now there are a few points to bear in mind while you consider returning it:

  • Check policy terms and notify the seller: Now without reading the policy terms don’t just start-up to box the item, then ship it back and expect your seller to refund you back automatically. Recheck the policy terms to ensure that exchanges or refunds are allowed and then notify your seller that you wish to return their item with a specific reason. After that carefully follow their instructions.
  • Proper Packaging for return shipment: Here you can apply the regular packing rules — bubble wrap, a strong box as well as a tape — all in the order. And in case even if any received item is damaged or is in a defective state, just make sure that the seller receives the particular item without any further damage.
  • Proper marking of the box: It’s quite vital to make sure that the particular eBay membership ID is properly visible somewhere over the box, for e.g. ‘Return from eBaymik0213’, to help the seller to identify your lot out of the multiple returns and timely credit yours.
  • The tracking number as well as insurance: It is very important to opt for the return shipping which includes a valid tracking number as well as insurance, even in case if the particular item is damaged as the seller might need to receive the item in one piece to either exchange it or to refund.
  • Patience and courteousness: Now in case if any transaction doesn’t work out the way you hoped it to work, it is still very important to be patient as well as courteous while your exchange or return is being processed. Just remember, a bit of understanding and patience would cover a long distance in this regard, since many eBay sellers are either small businesses or individuals who might not afford a big customer care service staff.

Xbox Customer Service

XBOX Customer Service Phone Number

0844 381 5185

Calls cost £0.05 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

You can conveniently use the Xbox customer service contact number – 0844 381 5185 listed by us on this website. Here you can speak with an executive of the xbox customer support team, and get full support regarding the Xbox console. Microsoft’s flagship games Xbox console is tremendously popular all over the world. There are three key entertainment games console manufacturers, and Microsoft is the most famous out of them. Because of the extreme popularity of the games console, xbox customer support department is very busy throughout the day with a huge number of enquiries. For the ease and convenience of all of the customers, we have listed direct dial xbox customer service number on this website.xbox | support | UK | helpline

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xbox | support | UK | helpline

Xbox One Support Number

'Xbox One Support I Xbox 360 Support I Xbox Live

Xbox console is a video gaming product, and includes a series of streaming services, Apps and the most popular Xbox Live. At whatever time you call the xbox one support number – 0844 381 5185, you will be able to talk about any of the following:

  • How to get started
  • Help with Xbox console setting
  • Trouble shooting problems with the console
  • How to use accessories – wireless controller, headsets
  • How to navigate downloadable content
  • How to play the earlier downloaded content
  • How to fix any errors, play video games on Xbox console

By simply dialing the Xbox customer support number on 0844 381 5185, the customers can also get help with    managing the Xbox live account, password re-setting, safety, upgrading the Microsoft account, reviewing privacy and online security advice.

We assure you will get an exceptional level of microsoft xbox support, as Xbox has provided excellent training to its customer service executives. We are an independent company, and are not directly associated with any of the companies listed on this website.

xbox | support | UK | helpline

Microsoft Xbox Support Number – 0844 381 5185

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Xbox website provides all of the relevant information, and there are some pages of valuable advice in order that if you are having any query or any problem encountered by others, you can find the best way to get resolved this without having any need to call the Xbox customer services contact number.

xbox | support | UK | helpline

Xbox Live Customer Support 


Of course, there are some situations when it is absolute necessary to call the Xbox phone number, since you are unable to resolve your query over the internet. Whenever you get faced with this kind of situation, you can dial the Xbox telephone number on 0844 381 5185 listed by us on this website. This is a direct contact number, and you will be able to talk with an executive of Xbox Live Customer Support for an instant help. There is no third party involved in the whole conversation. The charges for putting a call at the Xbox customer service number are set at a normal rate of just 5p per minute, granted that the call is made from a BT landline. For another landline or a mobile phone, the call charges are different and you must enquire the same from your service provider. Moreover, the caller must be more than 18 years of age and must have got the bill payer’s authorization to put the call.

xbox | support | UK | helpline  Xbox 360 Support Number 

Whenever you need to contact Xbox customer service department, you can easily speak with an expert executive by dialing the direct Xbox contact number – 0844 381 5185. As for other companies, whenever you call, you may have to spend more time about verifying your account details before getting to the original query. The concerned assistant may try to inquire a number of questions to validate your account. Obviously, this can lead to cause a lot of irritation and the assistant is not able to clearly verify what you are asking for. Thus we have provided a direct dial and easily accessible number in order to get the right person promptly.

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Xbox console live is able to provide the best customer services on the telephone. Due to the nature of most enquiries, we have provided the list of easily accessible customer service numbers on this website. You can contact the Xbox customer service team, and get all of your queries resolved in a satisfactory way.

NatWest Customer Service

NatWest Customer Service

We’re dedicated to provide our users the best value for money via our Direct Dial Customer Care Number Directory Service, which is one of the best in the UK. Now numerous numbers including Natwest contact number which are being listed on our site are quite hard to locate in the public domain. And we constantly integrate such numbers to improvise our services.

Why should I Need NatWest Service Number?

Now the NatWest Helpline is always there to serve you, if you require assistance with:

•  Questioning or understanding any latest bank charges or statement.
•  Rescheduling your economics and looking for a perfect account type which suits both you as well as your business.
•  Registering a Savings Bank account or ISA or knowledge about stocks, investments and bonds.
•  Looking for a perfect insurance policy which suits all your needs.
•  Finding a mortgage or a credit card.
•  Using mobile/online banking or sorting all issues related to your online account.

How would the NatWest Customer Care Number assist me?

It can help all its users in many ways such as:

•  It can be utilized to set-up or shut down an account.
•  The users can even talk to any adviser to enquire about the best services according to their own requirements.
•  It can be utilized to make a formal complaint or report a lost or stolen card.

The Natwest phone number listed on our website offers instant access to its committed staff team which are trained enough to offer sound services and advice on abundant services and products to serve both personal as well as businesses of all shapes and sizes. NatWest surely takes pride in its tradition of supporting not only the personal clients but even the new as well as established businesses. Just dial the NatWest Customer Services Number to get professional advice from their committed team of experts.

NatWest bank has numerous branches located on the High street of major cities and towns all over the UK. NatWest also provide a variety of products from savings and Investments to Mortgages and Loans for both personal and business users. NatWest even possess a team of professionals who can make sure that their clients can seamlessly transfer to their accounts and also ensure that all the concerned problems are kept to a bare minimum.

Just dial the contact natwest and the expert staff would make sure that your call reaches the right department the very first time and with the minimum amount of commotion and waiting period, as they are very much aware of the significance of time. NatWest does even offer a plenty of monetary advice on Mortgages, Loans, Debit and Credit cards as well as a range of diverse accounts products which suits all sort of purposes. Just dial the natwest helpline number to make sure that the particular query of yours is dealt with, in a very courteous as well as professional manner and even make sure that your busy schedule is not disrupted at all.

NatWest Customer Service Number

The professional staff who respond to this number can even help you out while making sure that you possess all the relevant credentials and documents for the purpose of opening a new valid account or in case you simply wish to transfer your existing one, as they are aware of the fact that making several rounds to any high street bank could be both costly as well as quite time consuming which is directly associated with the present day’s higher fuel cost as well as highly charged parking spaces which are closely attached to the high street bank branches.

What can NatWest do for you?

NatWest is among the leading high street banks in the UK which provides a wide range of banking products as well as services including savings and current accounts, loans, ISAs, credit cards, mortgages and numerous types of insurance products, loans and investments, international banking as well as travel currency.

NatWest clients are being offered to select and do their banking transactions either online or/and via mobile phone, which in turn allows them 24 hour access to their bank finances and even better sophisticated control. NatWest clients who wish to start set up with their online banking just simply need to dial the NatWest Customer Care  for further assistance.

NatWest provides specialized and ultramodern banking services to both personal as well as business customers. NatWest Business Banking caters to the industries of various shapes as well as sizes, right from the startups to bigger international businesses and even offers elite services such as business lending, business insurance, foreign exchange, commercial cards, letters of credit, guarantees as well as bonds and a perfect guide to the international trade. NatWest Private Banking is even best for all the long-term clients with earnings of over £ 100,000 offering them with a better customized as well as personalized banking experience.

NatWest Background

Established in 1968, NatWest bank is a ‘The Royal Bank of Scotland’ subsidiary and though its unique heritage goes back to the Seventeenth Century, now it is considered to be among the top 10 largest banking services in the world. Formerly created from what use to be the ‘National Provincial Bank’ (which was established in 1833) and ‘Westminster Bank’ (which was established in 1836), merged as the ‘National Westminster Bank’. Collectively as a unit these banks can trace down their history back to the centuries through an ancestry of prominent constituents, which dates back to the 16th century.

This merger declaration completely took the entire City as well as the public by surprise; however, to both banks the benefits were quite apparent. The merger improved balance sheet strength, shaped up the opportunities to update the branch networks as well as enhanced bigger investments in newer technologies. The legal process of integration was concluded in 1969 and the ‘National Westminster Bank’ began trading on 1st Jan 1970, with its official logo (the three – arrowheads symbol).
Simply dial the NatWest Customer number to know more about the NatWest Banking services.

Royal Mail Customer Service

 Royal Mail is the ultimate mailing service available for you to deliver national, international as well as your local standard mails, packages and parcels of all sizes and shapes. There is range of options which you can avail. You can opt for standard 1st or 2nd class mail, specific delivery and even avail the assured same day deliveries (which could be subjected to specific criteria) and to know all about these services just dial the Royal Mail Customer Service Number listed on our website.

Royal mail Royal Mail Customer Service Number:

In case you’re moving home, simply dial the Royal Mail Contact Number listed here. A team of expert advisors would assist you to sort out all your queries and reset your redirection services. Use the same number to call in case you’re not sure for how long your current redirection service would last or you’re concerned that your current Royal Mail redirection service isn’t set up as yet or your confirmation letter hasn’t been received.
And in case you have queries regarding online postage, simply dial the Royal Mail Customer Service number. The customer care advisors will properly guide you through the entire procedure and answer all the related queries.

Royal Mail Customer Service Contact Number

Royal mail

How to file Royal Mail Complaints?

The users can file their complaints either by dialing the Royal Mail phone Number or by visiting the official Royal Mail website or by writing to us.
In case you opt to contact via telephone, then be ready with your complaint details. A team of Customer Services Advisors will guide you through the appropriate procedure which you’re required to follow. And in case you are calling on behalf of someone else, you might be asked to provide proof of consent of that person to handle the concerned complaint.

After your particular grievance is being received, the Customer Care executives will confirm your information and give you unique reference digits to identify you as well as your complaint.

Royal mail

Various Stages of your Royal Mail Complaint:

There are three internal stages for assessing your complaints and though your complaint would be dealt on a person to person basis via phone, in case you wish, your case will be specifically dealt at any phase via letter or e-mail also.

Following are the stages of the assessment of your complaint:

Royal Mail Customer Service Contact Number

  • Stage I: To Contact the Customer Care Executives

The 1st step is to contact royal mail. They will receive your complaint details and would make all the efforts to resolve your complaint as well as provide you the most appropriate answer. In case you’re not satisfied with the response you can raise your complaint to the ‘Escalated Customer Resolution Team’ who will re-investigate your case.

  • Stage IITo Contact the ‘Escalated Customer Resolution Team’

The ‘Escalated Customer Resolution Team’ is well trained and quite experienced to deal with escalated complaints. The team will venture to tackle as well as resolve your apprehensions; though, in case still you’re unhappy with their answer, then you can contact the ‘Postal Review Panel’.

  • Stage III: To Contact ‘The Postal Review Panel’

Royal Mail clients, who have filed complaints, do get access to ‘The Postal Review Panel’, who in turn conducts a fresh and fair look at your complaint. And after reviewing, the Review Panel would give its final reply on behalf of Royal Mail regarding your complaint. The entire process will take around 30 days to complete since you first contacted them.

Clients can always contact ‘The Postal Review Panel’ any time using their reference number provided by the Royal Mail. And though, the Royal Mail’s first preference would always be to resolve all of your complaints and concerns, we strongly recommend that you should 1st dial the Royal Mail Contact Number listed on this website and refer your concerns with the post office customer service executives at Stage I and Stage II before referring your case to ‘The Postal Review Panel’.

Royal Mail Customer Service Contact Number - Post Office Customer Service

  • Stage IV: In case you’re still unhappy

In case you’re not satisfied with the Review Panel’s final response then your particular case would be considered as ‘deadlocked’ and such deadlock cases could be referred to an autonomous Ombudsman known as the POSTRS (Postal Redress Service). Now this service can be availed to you in case:

  • • Your particular complaint isn’t settled by the Royal Mail helpline within the 90 day set time period.
    • Your complaint has been referred to as ‘deadlocked’.
    • The Customer Care has not properly followed the complaints procedure while handling your case.

Royal mail

The Royal Mail Customer Promise:

After receiving your full complaint details, the Royal Mail promises that they generally would take around 30 Calendar Days to fully respond to your particular case.
International complaints might take longer to get resolved because of the job which is required to be done by the foreign overseers.

Now there might be times when they’ll need additional details from you to finish their investigation. And in that case they’ll wait for another 14 Calendar Days for you to respond. So considering all such factors, the longest inquiry period by the Royal Mail, for any inland complaints, might take around 90 Calendar Days to fully finish.

British Gas Customer Service Contact Number

 0844 385 1133

 Calls cost £0.05 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

To Contact, British Gas customer service team Call on 0844 385 1133 . This is a direct dial British Gas contact number that connects you straight through to their department. British Gas contact telephone number can be called from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

British Gas Contact Number

The need to contact the British Gas customer service department is something that customers will face regularly. There are lots of ways of finding information that you may need over the internet but sometimes you are faced with circumstances that dictate you have to pick up the phone and speak with a member of the British Gas customer service team.

Fortunately that is where the contact number of british gas listed on this website comes in handy. Calling  0844 385 1133 will connect you straight through to the British Gas customer service line because it is a direct dial british gas contact number. There is no telephonist who works for the directory enquiries company waiting to ask you which company it is that you wish to speak with and then connect you through, making your phone call last significantly longer than necessary.

british gas knowledge graph contact number

britishgas.co.uk – British Gas is an energy and home services provider in the United Kingdom: ref- wikipedia

Where can I find a telephone number for British Gas?

For all British Gas pay as you go PAYG (prepayment) customers, in addition to this service we also offer one straight rate for the phone call. When the British Gas contact number is called from a BT landline the bill payer can be sure to only pay 5p for every minute the phone call lasts. The caller should be older than 18 years of age and have secured the bill payer’s permission before calling the British Gas contact phone number but the bill payer has a responsibility to check the charges that may be incurred if the number is called from anything other than a BT landline.

The use of a mobile phone or a landline with a different provider can lead to the bill payer incurring additional or greater costs for calling the British Gas customer helpline. We are an independent company offering this service and are only able to provide the billing information in relation to BT landlines.

British Gas Customer Services

While calling the number that we list on this website is a sure-fire way to speak with a member of British Gas customer services and have your enquiry answered immediately, there is also an alternative option when it comes to contacting the customer services team. Visit the British Gas website to find all of the information regarding contacting the company through electronic communication channels.

The British Gas customer service department is available to be reached through email and live chat services as well as over the phone. These are simpler ways to ask a quick, possibly general question that can be done over the internet so customers do not incur the costs of making a phone call. It is also possible to read the information listed on the British Gas website. This comes in the form of a Frequently Asked Questions page which details generic responses to the questions that the British Gas customer service department find themselves answering regularly.

Whether you are a current or potential British Gas HomeCare customer, you can call the British Gas customer service line, the number for which is listed on this website. Their employees are willing to listen and assist respectively depending on your reason for calling the number. There are different levels to the service as well – if you are concerned about the gas supply into your building, perhaps you suspect a leak, you can call the British Gas contact number seven days a week and 24 hours a day. If you simply wish to change some of the details attached to your account, the opening hours of the British Gas customer helpline are a little more limited.

British Gas Homecare Contact Number  

Whatever the reason is for calling, if you are an existing customer it is important to have your account or customer number at the ready. This will allow the British Gas customer advisor to instantly access your account and make any relevant changes.

This is only possible when the customer cooperates with the customer services department, right from the beginning of the telephone call. While this British Gas phone number is a direct dial number and will therefore connect you straight through to the respective department, but when the customer is first connected they will hear an automated menu and be asked to select the most appropriate option. This will allow the caller to be directed towards the most suitable member of staff for their enquiry.

By paying attention to the options and making sure you select the most appropriate option and then having your account number ready when you are connected, will allow you contribute your bit to make sure the most efficient energy service possible can be offered. By immediately giving the British Gas customer advisor your account number you are making sure that they can access your account instantly which will speed the whole process up as much as possible.

There will of course also be security checks that have to be carried out in order to make sure that you are the account holder. After all, anyone could read the account number off the top of your most recent gas bill!

Contact Us details for British Gas

British Gas offer a series of offers to make sure you pay your bills in the most efficient way for you, as well as pleasing them. For example, establishing a direct debit with the company will allow the company to instantly receive the agreed amount each month as well as the customer being able to manage their money more efficiently because they know precisely how much is leaving the account each time. There are two options for direct debits too – monthly or quarterly. The latter is more accurate in terms of paying for precisely what you’ve used, but paying monthly allows for the cost to be spread in a more efficient manner: it makes budgeting easier.

It is perfectly acceptable still for the customer to contact British Gas every time they receive their bill and pay precisely what is owed for that period of time. Customers can do this through any format – card payment, cheque or cash and each time they pay the bill will be reset. With direct debits, the customer is often offered an estimated amount to pay each month and then they will either discover that they need to pay more or less when their account is reviewed (usually every six months) and the direct debit is appropriately adjusted.

British Gas Free Phone Number

With slogans such as “from one off repair to regular care” and “looking after your world”, British Gas make it clear to their customers on a regular basis that they are dedicated to offering the best, most comprehensive customer service possible. This should fill the customer with confidence when they do need to call the British Gas customer care department using the number listed here.

If calling the telephone number listed here is not the way you would most like to contact the company, you can either read all of the information available on their website or alternatively, it is possible to enter into an email conversation. This will mean you can receive the same level of in depth information that you would receive over the phone, but in a way that allows you to communicate at you convenience.

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DVLA Contact Number: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

DVLA contact number

0844 385 1655

Calls cost £0.05 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

Get all the information about DVLA services, Our DVLA contact number helps you find more information on driving licences, vehicle registrations and car tax. Dial the DVLA telephone number listed by us on this website to contact DVLA about driving licences, vehicle tax, medical enquiries, complaints and vehicle registration.. This is a direct dial number, and there is no middle man involved in the whole conversation. Here, a team of professional customer service experts will guide you properly for driver licensing, vehicle registration, car tax application, and many other related services. Customer support is available between the hours of 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays.

 DVLA Contact Numbers:

Are You Looking For DVLA Contact Phone Number?

For general enquiries and complaints, contact DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) customer services team on (user friendly number).

The customer representative on this helpline number will also assist you with vehicle registration, vehicle tax, driver medical issues and many more. However these departments have their specific numbers that are listed below in this page.

What Is DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency)?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is an organization of the Department for Transport, UK. It is accountable for assigning numbers to different vehicles in UK, their registration and taxation purposes. In 1983, most combinations of numbers were hampered from standard registration purposes. Because of this development, a majority of customers demanded personalization of their vehicles. Consequently, the DVLA initiated to put forward these numbers for sale in the year 1989. Millions of registrations are accessible to acquire through the official DVLA website. Also, some of the registrations are sold at DVLA auctions which are held constantly throughout the UK. DVLA has its headquarters at Swansea, Wales and they are accountable for keeping up records of more than 45 million drivers, including near about 38 million records of licensed vehicles. In case of any query, you can contact the DVLA contact number at

Services Provided By DVLA

Dvla Driving Licence – Driving Tests and Learner licenses• Provisional driving licenses
Dvla Blue Badge Questions
Dvla Number Plates
Dvla Change Of Address
Dvla Reg • Getting a photo card license
Dvla Car Tax • Car and Tax Discs
Dvla Swansea • Driving with a medical condition or disability
Licenses for other vehicles, like motorbikes, coaches and buses.
Dvla Road Tax
Personalised Number Plate
Dvla Registrations • Vehicles registration
Vehicle registration and Road Tax enquiries

This is an agency set up by U.K government to regulate policies affecting the vehicle users throughout the country. The main aim of DVLA is to issue driving licences to the people of U.K. DVLA also monitors any rash or bad drivers and can refuse their driving licences. Almost all working or middle class families possess at least one vehicle and there is a limited lifespan of every vehicle. By monitoring vehicle tax renewals, road and speeding offences, it is easy to see that DVLA is overwhelmed with lot of enquiries every day over the phone.

DVLA provides user friendly cheaper rate phone numbers starting from 03. People who have free number allowances from their phone service provider can use DVLA Driver Licensing contact numbers & details to contact DVLA. These numbers are eligible to use under free allowances services. You can find the most appropriate numbers for your queries below:

Which Are The Best Ways to contact DVLA for driver licensing and vehicle registration?

For General Queries And DVLA Complaints:

General queries related to your vehicle driving licence, complaints or any other general DVLA query can be solved by contacting Driver’s Customer services team on phone number:  Local call rates will be applied on calling this number. Call this number if you are unable to find any specific phone number to your query. Driver’s customer services team is DVLA correspondence team. Timings to contact DVLA Customer Service Contact Number are mentioned below:

Weekdays- 8 am to 7 pm.

Saturday- 8 am to 2 pm.  

Contact DVLA For Vehicle Registration And Tax Enquiries:

If you’ve bought a new vehicle and want to register with DVLA or you want to tax your vehicle, then call on DVLA vehicle registration and tax helpline number: . People who have applied for tax disc and it hasn’t arrived give a call on this telephone number. If you want to enquire about vehicle taxation, tax discs, declare a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) then contact this number. DVLA Customer support is available from 8am to 7 pm during weekdays and 8am to 2pm on Saturday.

DVLA Contact Number For Medical Enquiries:

If there is a query regarding medical issues and how they can impact on your driving, then give a call on Driver’s Medical Enquiries helpline phone number:  Call on this number at the following timings:

Weekdays- 8 am to 5:30 pm.

Saturday- 8 am to 1 pm.

It is cheaper to call on 03 numbers as local charges will be applicable on it.

DVLA Contact Number For Driver Check Service:

You’re driving licence can be checked by Car rental companies and employers if you are using their cars with their permission. To contact DVLA Driver Check Service call

This is an official phone number of DVLA Driver Check Service. This 09 number is a premium number and it is expensive to call on this number as compared to 03 numbers. Calling on this number can cost you around several pounds/minute.

What are the functions of DVLA?

DVLA largely deals with road users and vehicles. They monitor and examine a massive database, comprising of figures of users of the road and vehicles. It’s the central agency for managing provisional and permanent driving licenses. If you desire to book a theory test or have a medical condition, you should inform the DVLA as they may impact on your capacity to secure drive. In case, you want to acquire a personalized registration plate or renew your car tax, you can talk with an executive of DVLA helpline department

From the year 2004, DVLA has introduced the method of Electronic Vehicle Licensing, and the customers are able to pay their vehicle tax online and also over the phone and also order dvla forms. However, the option to pay the same is still available at the Post Office.

DVLA Headquarter – Address

Address Driving Licence Enquiries
SA99 1BU
Vehicle Registration and Tax Enquiries
SA99 1AR
Drivers Medical Enquiries
SA99 1TU
Drivers Customer Services
Correspondence Team

Contact DVLA Helpline

Driving Licenses – A Driving License is required in the UK to drive a vehicle legally on public roads. A Provisional or Learner License is issued when you are learning to driving. After passing a driving test, a permanent driving license will be issued.

Car Tax – Within the UK, Car Tax must be paid for all the vehicles operating on public roads. In case, a vehicle is not being driven, still there is a charge known as ‘SORN’.

Tax Discs – A Tax Disc is issued by the DVLA. It is displayed in the window of the vehicle, and also showing the date of expiry. On the other hand, from October 2014 onwards, the scheme of issuing a Tax Disc has been discontinued. But you are required to pay your car tax and update the status of the same online.

Blue Badge – A Blue Badge is a permit issued to individuals related to disability and mobility limitations. The beneficiary is permitted to certain parking privileges, disabled parking spaces and also permissible to park their vehicle on single or double yellow lines (nearly 3 hours).

DVLA Contact Number

For the convenience of all of the customers, we have provided the DVLA Customer Service contact number on this website. You can get all the required support pertaining to driving credentials, car tax, blue badge, personalized registration plates and everything that you would like to question.

Most important questions asked by customers –

How can I get a provisional or learner’s driving license?
How can I get new driving license, if it get lost or stolen?
How can I make a booking for a driving test (theory and practical)?
How can I pay my car tax?
How can I get a personalized registration plate?
How can I get resolved my queries about a service provided by the DVLA?

DVLA Phone Number

The customers who dial the DVLA contact phone number at will get connected directly to The DVLA customer services division. However, there are some limitations in relation to the phone call. All the callers will be charged at the standard rate of just 5p for every minute, provided that a BT landline is utilized to place the call. In the event, the call is placed from a mobile phone or another landline with a different provider, the service provider may incur additional charges per minute on the call made. Furthermore, the bill payer should give their permission to the caller, and the caller should be more than 18 years of age.

In case, you are a road user or a vehicle owner, still you can contact the DVLA phone number listed on this website. You can make an enquiry about the services offered by DVLA, and find out more about driving legislation, Highway Code and a lot of others.

How To Locate The Desired Registration Number?

If you are unable to locate your ideal registration or would like to have a request, you can directly contact the DVLA helpline Registrations that are not presently available but issued earlier could be tendered for sale at potential auctions. Still, if you are unable to locate the registration that might be formerly issued to a vehicle, you could trace the same if issued to a reliable number dealer.

The DVLA never recommends any particular dealer, and will not agree to any accountability for issues happening from this referral. The DLVA cannot revive old registrations for sale, and for this all details are listed on their official website. They also hold several auctions every year, comprising of approximately 1500 registration numbers in each auction. These actions are termed as Traditional and Timed auctions. At Traditional actions, a majority of popular registrations are sold, and at Timed auctions held 2-3 times a year in the UK, specifically requested registrations are sold to the public.

Amazon Contact Number

Are you looking for amazon contact number? If yes, then Dial to contact amazon uk helpline directly for queries regarding various services such as amazon prime, amazon kindle, books or many more. YOU will be able to speak with a member of the amazon customer service team immediately, whenever you need any help or assistance over phone. this amazon contact number is widely used in uk and has been one of the top-rated amazon contact numbers availaible.

Amazon Contact Number

Some of the most common queries asked by amazon customers online are:

  • What is the phone number for Amazon customer service?
  • How can I get in touch with Amazon by phone?
  • How do I contact Amazon UK?

How do I Contact Amazon UK Customer Service?

  • To contact Amazon UK – Dial amazon customer service contact number 
  • Click on the button “Contact Us” available on any of their Help pages on the website  with three alternatives, “Telephone”, “Email” or “chat”.
  • Than, answer the short questions . Then choose your preferred contact method by clicking the “E-mail”, “Phone” or “Chat” button.
  • By availing the button, you permit us to recognize you and we can have the majority of your data prepared so as to lessen the time you spend on the chat or phone with us.
  • If you choose to get in touch with us via our amazon contact number, we’ll be glad to serve you!

What is Amazon?


FounderJeff Bezos   –   FoundedJuly 5, 1994, Bellevue, Washington, United States
HeadquartersSeattle, Washington, United States    –    CEOJeff Bezos

Amazon is the world’s biggest e-business site, with 15 territorial forms of the site providing food for different major worldwide nations in their local dialect. Its was found by Jeff Bezos Amazon sells everything from electronics and toys. It is world’s largest place to purchase books. Amazon started off as an online bookstore and over the years developed into the huge corporation it is today. Regarding offering items in all shapes and sizes, Amazon are the most well known as an online commercial center for books and DVDs on the web, and offer the chance for clients to sign up as dealers utilizing their own Amazon micro store. Amazon has acquired several businesses and become a popular name globally. Today, Amazon has separate retail websites for the UK, Spain, Italy, Canada, Germany, France and many more.

Amazon UK Seller Centre – Customer FAQs

Amazon offers their items both-by means of their worldwide circulation system and also by means of Traders – outsider organizations who offer autonomously under the Amazon brand. Accordingly an Amazon pursuit will generally convey the item you need with quick conveyance from a trusted source. Amazon has their own particular restrictive tablet called ‘Amazon Kindle’.

Beginning life as a basic eBook-reader, the Amazon Kindle has increased numerous specialized elements and expanded usefulness over late discharges to now convey an adjusted online tablet experience to its clients, permitting them to scan the web, send email, play an extensive variety of audios, videos, and game files and utilize a plenty of online applications.

Amazon UK Contact Number

How to Login with Amazon?

Login with Amazon allows you to sign in and share information with participating third-party websites or apps using your Amazon user name and password.

To use Login with Amazon:

  •  Go to a website or app that offers Login with Amazon.
  •  Click the site or app’s Login with Amazon button.
  •  Enter your e-mail and password on the Amazon.co.uk-hosted sign-in screen.
  •  If this is the first time you’re logging in to a website or app, you’ll see a screen asking for your permission to share certain information from your personal profile. Click Okay if you would like to share this data with the website or app.
  • You’ll then be directed back to the website or app as a registered user or receive a prompt to complete registration.

Note: Sites/apps registered with Login with Amazon will always have a sign-in screen with an Amazon.co.uk web address. You’ll never be asked to give your Amazon password to the third-party site directly.

About Amazon Kindle

eBook-reader, the Amazon Kindle

  • Amazon Kindle a standout amongst the most prominent eReaders on the planet, Amazon presented the original of the Kindle in 2007. The innovation permits clients to buy computerized books from them and store them onto the gadget. They can then be understood or read from anyplace on the planet.
  • While earlier eras of the Kindle were fairly basic, later releases have endeavored to copy a tablet and permit clients to introduce applications, look through the internet and introduce recreations and in addition read books.
  • They made over $5 billion in Kindle deals in 2014 and it is assessed that more individuals decide to peruse books on it than the soft cover.
  • Probably the most mainstream Kindle gadgets accessible to buy are the Kindle 5, the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire which additionally comes in HD.

Any technical issue with your Kindle? Call the Amazon uk contact number today.

15 reasons’ why an amazon customer may wish to call the Amazon contact number

  • To check the delivery of a parcel.
  • To seek help making an online purchase.
  • To return an item purchased from Amazon.
  • Having problems with downloading MP3 purchases or eBooks.
  • To contact Amazon Kindle Support.
  • To seek Information about Amazon additional features, such as gifts,   certificates, or Amazon Prime.
  • To make a complaint or comment.
  • A product has been damaged or is faulty.
  • If you have committed an error with your delivery
  • Your thing has not been conveyed to you, then where is it?
  • An item/product has been harmed or is broken
  • You wish to report an outsider seller
  • You are experiencing difficulty with a gadget
  • You wish to know more about Prime
  • You need to make a complaint or comment

How To Contact Amazon UK?

How To Contact Amazon UK?

To contact Amazon UK – Dial amazon UK customer service number

Contact Amazon customer care team through amazon contact number UK. This telephone number will interface you to the expert counsel prepared to answer a wide range of inquiries categorizing with utilizing the Amazon site, buying, accepting conveyances, discounts, making grumblings and general request. For more points of interest, log on to website. Customers across the world will need to contact at Amazon contact number provided by us on this website. If you have problems regarding delivery of your products or you are facing problem in ordering from Amazon, you can contact Amazon customer service department to resolve your issues.

Facing issues while selling on Amazon?

Want to get in touch with Amazon seller centre customer care team? You can contact the customer care representative by calling the number mentioned below. Once the query is resolved, kindly rate the number given below.

What is the fee for selling on Amazon seller centre?

The fees will depend on where you list your item. The ”Marketplace” items list for free, but a 17.25% (11.5% for Electronics & Photo items) commission and a GBP 0.86 fee is applied when a sale occurs. However, the GBP 0.86 fee is waived for Pro-merchants.

For more information on the fees click on the link Seller Fees and administration fees on postage charges.

How to cancel my Pro- merchant subscription on Amazon?

To cancel your Pro-merchant subscription follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Login to your Seller Account
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on “Seller Account Information” and scroll down to “Selling Plan”.
  • Click “Downgrade”. Your account will be downgraded to the Individual selling plan.

How to get in touch Amazon Seller centre customer support services?

To get in touch with the Amazon Seller centre support services, call the Amazon U.K helpline number: 0800 496 1081

Want a call back from Amazon

Amazon Customer Service

How To Contact Amazon UK?

Amazon also offers cloud based back up services and by calling at Amazon customer service number you will be able to answer all of your queries relating to their services. Amazon is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. They have depth of their stock holdings which are distributed in large warehouses located across the globe.

Amazon stocks almost everything including movies, home items, electronic items and many more. You can purchase various items from warehouse or by visiting Amazon website. You can cancel or amend your order by contacting Amazon customer service number given by us on this website.

Amazon Prime Contact Number UK

Amazon is free to use. However, customers who regularly purchase items from the online retailer can join the Prime. This can be done online and if you need assistance, call the Amazon Phone number to get resolved your issues. Prime is a membership programme that offers many benefits. When you signed up for membership, you will be able to have your products delivered the next day for free. You will also get reduced rates on express deliveries.

If you ordered an item directly from Amazon and it has arrived incomplete, you can contact at Amazon Phone number given by us to rectify your delivery. For more information you can also visit Amazon website to know the details of items supplied by the Amazon.

With the handful of products and dynamic clients all around the globe, Amazon’s client service helpline is one of the world’s busiest, so it pays to utilize a less expensive number, and to call via landline not versatile. Contact Amazon free from your landline or at standard rate from your cell mobile phones whenever, however, be arranged to queue whatever the time of day you choose to call.

Address an Amazon UK client service advisor by calling their general request number. This number is perfect for request identifying with any part of purchasing and offering on Amazon UK. This number is additionally suitable for submitting criticism about your web shopping knowledge – be it a protest or supplement; and for non-exchanging request, for example, work applications. If any Amazon uk number is not reachable, you may find alternate options also by calling on other given numbers.

Asda Customer Services Contact Number

Are You Looking For Asda Customer Services Contact Number? The Asda Contact Listed Here Is A Direct Dial TelePhone Number For All Asda Direct & Groceries Related Enquiries. Call Asda on 0800 952 0101 or 0113 243 5435 for customer service and all other enquiries. The Asda customer services contact number is a direct connection to the customer services support team for all inquiries.

Asda Contact Number

0113 243 5435

Extension 1 for Asda Customer Service

Asda Direct Customer Services Team

This Asda Head Office helpline is suitable for staff, customers and suppliers alike.

0800 952 0101 / 0800 952 6060

Asda Customer Services

Asda Stores Limited is an American-owned, British-founded supermarket retailer, headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Wikipedia
Founder: J.W. Hindell
Founded: February 19, 1949, Leeds

Asda is one of the leading supermarkets in the United Kingdom, selling its products to millions of customers every day. You can buy everything from garden equipment and electronic goods to kids clothing and children’s toys. Customers can also purchase these goods in- store. To know more details, you can contact at Asda customer service number listed by us on this website.

ASDA Direct Contact Number

Asda deals with wide range of products and services and the number of customers. So Asda often receives number of calls from their customers over a various issues. When you need to make enquiries regarding products, report any issue you have with any product purchased from Asda, you can call at Asda contact number and the representative of customer care team will resolve issues efficiently.

Asda has reclaimed its spot as the UK’s second largest supermarket after briefly losing the title to rival Sainsbury’s last month.- Telegraph

Need To Contact ASDA Uk?

There can be many reasons to call at Asda direct Contact Number. Some are the following:-

To report a defect or problem on a product you bought.
To seek information on where the nearest Asda store in your area.
To shop online and need assistance.
To know the status of your order.
To make a complaint about the service you received.
To cancel your order and many more.

ASDA Customer Services Contact Number

0800 952 0101 / 0800 952 6060

Asda also delivers groceries to customers in the United Kingdom. There are more options available to contact Asda customer service team, one of them is online. By visiting Asda website you will be able to know lots of information regarding their products and order them online. If you have an account with Asda and facing some problem with your account, you can speak with the representative of Asda customer care department.

There are options like email and live chat are available. You can also contact customer care team by using these options. It totally depends on your preferences and circumstances.

ASDA Phone Number

0800 952 0101  / 0800 952 6060

ASDA Contact Number

Asda has one of the busiest customer services department in the United Kingdom. Customers would like to call at Asda phone number whenever they face issues regarding products and services offered by Asda. They offers many deals aimed at savings their customer’s money. This online retailer has strong dominance in the market and it has solid marketing campaign that helps to draws more shoppers to its store by giving them extra discounts and services.

When you call at Asda customer service number given by us, call charges will be 7p per minute plus phone companies access charge. Charges may vary with different network service provider. It is to be noted that callers must be at least 18 years of age to place a call at Asda customer service department.

How do I get a refund?

You need to sign in  to your account and follow the steps mentioned below:

View your orders > click on the most recent order.

View details and request a refund.

Select the item for which you want to get a refund, and kindly provide the reason for doing so.

You can request a refund via online account, up to 3 days of your delivery. You can also click here for contact options.

Asda direct customer services

0800 952 6060

There are some items missing from my order, what can I do?

If you have been charged for the items you did not receive, the company will arrange  a refund for you.

Sign into the account and follow the steps mentioned below :-

View your orders > click on the most recent order.

View details and request a refund.

Select the item for which you want to get a refund and kindly provide the reason for doing so.

I’ve forgotten my password, what to do?

Follow the steps to reset the password:

Go to http://groceries.asda.com/  and click on “Forgotten password?” from the sign in drop down at the top of the page.

Enter the email address and the postcode that is associated with your Asda account.

You will receive an email with a link on, follow the link and select a new password.

Asda customer services number

0800 952 0101 / 0800 952 6060

How to set options for substitution?

There are 2 ways to set your option for substitutions:

All together

From ‘Your Account’ > choose ‘Your Preferences.

Click ‘Yes, bring me substitutions’ or ‘No, don’t bring me substitutions’.

Want to Override

In this case, you can check or uncheck the box which allows substitutes on the “order summary page” when you’re checking out your order.

Asda direct contact number

0800 952 6060

Asda direct customer services

Why has my order been cancelled?

The company will  cancel your order if it cannot authorise your payment card. Once it is sorted out you can rebook the order by following the steps mentioned below:

Sign in to your account and go to “your orders”.

Select an order from your previous orders.

Click “add order to trolley”

Book a delivery or Click & Collect slot & checkout

How do I amend my card details?

To amend your card details follow the steps mentioned below:

1) Log into your account

2) Click on “Your Account” > select “Account Settings”.

3) Edit the details in the “payment card section”.

Asda home delivery contact number

0800 952 0101 / 0800 952 6060

How do I return an item?

Sign in to your account and follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 – View your orders and click on the most recent one.

Step 2 – View details and request a refund.

Step 3 – Select the “item or items” you want to refund and add the reason for doing so.

How to cancel my order?

To cancel the order, first you need to check the status of the order by going to Your Orders’ section and find the order you want to cancel.

If the order is not despatched: You can cancel it by contacting the company  representative at 0800 952 6060. You can call between 8 am to 8 pm. (7days)

If the order is  despatched:  In this case you will have to  refuse the delivery at the door.  Once the order is  received back by the company, it will send an email to let you know that your refund has been processed. It will take around 3-5 days for refund.

Asda customer services contact number

How to track my order?

You can track the order in the following ways:

Registered Customer:

    Go to Your Order.

    Select the order you want to track.

    Click on “Track Delivery”.

Guest customers:

    Go to Track Your Orders

    Enter the order details and click on “Track Delivery”.

Why can’t I find my tracking information?

This could be due to the following reasons:

Delay in the updates of tracking database.

The parcels which are sent by Royal Mail can’t be tracked.

Sometimes the supplier does not provide any information if the item is sent to you directly.

How do I cancel my exchange?

To cancel your exchange, you need to contact the company customer representative by calling on 0800 952 6060. Also, you can submit your query on the page: https://asda.custhelp.com/app/ask

Timings: 8 am to 8 pm (7 days)

Asda customer services contact number

Asda customer services number

0800 952 0101 / 0800 952 6060

What to do, if I can’t check out?

By following certain steps you will be able to check out.  Also you do not have to worry about your order, as it will be saved online in your account. Follow the steps below:

Clear your browser cache and cookies: If unsure how to delete, click on the link: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/ and you will view all the steps to  delete cache and cookies according to your browser.

Delete the cards that are expired: Steps to delete the card-

                     1) Log into your account

                      2) Click on Your Account

                      3) Select Account Settings

                      4) Select ‘delete’ under the payment card section.

What is the 100 day Asda satisfaction guarantee?

You can return any George clothing or George home products within 100 days and ask for a refund or an exchange if unsatisfied with the product.

With few exclusions which are as follow:



hair accessories

indoor and outdoor furniture

What is the difference between gold, silver and bronze eVouchers?

The eVouchers can be used as a part payment when placing any order. The major differences between these eVouchers are:

Gold: Maximum of 1 per order but you cannot combine it with a silver voucher.

Silver: You can use as many but  cannot combine it  with a gold voucher.

Bronze: You can use as many and in combination with any other voucher.

Asda contact number head office – 0800 952 0101 / 0800 952 6060

Asda contact number head office

How should I contact Asda if I have a complaint?

Product complaints:

You have to contact the store telephone number, which is  written on the top of your receipt. If you are unable to find the contact details, click on Store Locator to find store contact details.

Serious product complaints:

If there is a product which has caused any injury or illness,  you can contact the company representative by calling on the number 0800 952 6060. Call timings are : 7.30 am to 10:30 pm (Monday to Sunday)

Asda Service complaints:

If you have any  complaint about the quality of the service you can contact the company by going to contact us.

What to do if my order is not delivered?

If your order is not delivered you need to get in touch with the company by calling on 0800 952 6060.

Call Timings: Monday to Sunday- 7.30am to 10.30pm.

NOTE: Calls will be free from BT landline. Charges may vary with other network providers.

Vodafone Customer Service Contact Number

If you have got a question about Vodafone Accounts, billing, Top Ups, upgrades or any other essential customer information about Vodafone services. This is the best option to get in touch with Vodafone Customer Support, Just call Vodafone customer services telephone number listed here, or contact Vodafone by phone or Live Chat, which is a time consuming process. Want answers to your queries real fast? Call at Vodafone Helpline contact phone number given here & speak to their technical support person. Get advice or help from a real person at Vodafone customer care center UK. Only press1for provides the contact number for Vodafone that is available 24×7.

Calls cost £0.05 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website.

Vodafone customer services helpline numberHow do I contact Vodafone Technical Support team? 


[mks_icon icon=”fa-comment” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] How to get in touch with Vodafone Customer Services team?

[mks_icon icon=”fa-comment” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] How do I make a complaint to Vodafone?

[mks_icon icon=”fa-comment” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] How do I contact Vodafone to talk with their Technical Support person?

[mks_icon icon=”fa-comment” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] How do I start a live chat with Vodafone Customer Care Representative?

[mks_icon icon=”fa-comment” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] What Is The contact number for Vodafone?

– Can I bring my existing number to Vodafone?

Yes, you can do this by means of a simple process i.e. porting. After getting your PAC (Porting Authorization Code) from your existing network, contact us. We’ll take care of the rest.

Important things to remember: Make sure to use up all the credit with your existing network. Once you’ve joined us, you won’t be able to use any existing credit.

– What to do in case I need to change or cancel my move?

In any case, kindly let us know one working day before your planned move date (before 5pm). After that, we won’t be able to make any changes.

– On which day will my number change?

It all depends on when you send the completed online form to us:

– Are you searching for Vodafone customer service contact number?

Vodafone Contact Telephone Number For Customer Care

Vodafone FAQS

– Can I make calls on the day my number joins Vodafone?

Using Vodafone contact number listed here, you can make calls on Vodafone network with your new SIM and phone from 11am on the day you join. You can still get calls on your old SIM and phone, until the move has been completed.

Your number is expected to move between 11am and 4pm, but it may take time until the end of the same working day. After the move has been completed, we’ll send you a text message to welcome you on Vodafone. You’ll need to send a text to activate your number or make a chargeable call.

In case, you’re not getting your number activated, get in touch with us for due compensation.

– What do I mean with a Porting Authorization Code (PAC)?

In case, you’re joining or leaving Vodafone and want to keep your existing number, you’ll require a Porting Authorization Code (PAC).

You can get your PAC by email or post from your old network. As soon as you receive this, simply fill in the number transfer form. We’ll take care of the rest.

You can use PAC only within 30 days of the date of issuance. You’re required to give it to us in time in order to set up your move.

In case, you’ve changed your mind about moving, don’t worry. Nothing will happen, if you haven’t yet arranged your move.

Vodafone Helpline Phone Number

Vodafone contact number Vodafone Customer Support: Opening Hours

You can also call Vodafone Customer service: Official Number
Before 5 pm
  • Monday – Tuesday
  • Tuesday – Wednesday
  • Wednesday – Thursday
  • Thursday – Friday
  • Friday – Monday
  • Saturday – Tuesday
  • Sunday – Tuesday

After 5pm

  • Monday – Wednesday
  • Tuesday – Thursday
  • Wednesday – Friday
  • Thursday – Monday
  • Friday – Tuesday
  • Saturday – Tuesday
  • Sunday – Tuesday

Vodafone Customer Service NumberVodafone Customer Service Phone Number – Essential Customer Information

– Can I use my phone when I am abroad?

You can use your phone abroad, and there are standard charges and rates (subject to the country you are traveling to). Make sure to check the “Pay As You Go” and “Pay Monthly” options for your destination.

As a security measure, your phone may get blocked when you travel abroad in order to avoid unauthorized persons from making any unauthorized/expensive calls. To prevent this, kindly inform Customer Services that you are traveling abroad.

As soon as you arrive at your destination, your phone should connect automatically to any one of the local networks. In case this doesn’t happen, you can go for manual settings (selecting a network) through the ‘Phone Settings’ part of your phone.

Before you leave, you can top up by simply dialing 2345 from your Vodafone phone, and select Option 1. You can also opt to register your credit/debit card with your SIM, and you can top up online.

– How can I upgrade my existing phone?

To upgrade, just call Vodafone Customer Care number or log into your My Vodafone account. Alternatively you can also visit your nearest Vodafone store.

In case, you upgrade after your contract ends, your new plan will start from the very first day you’ve placed the order. In case, you’ve upgraded earlier, your new plan will begin after your original ending date.

– Is it possible to make changes to my plan?

Yes, you can make changes to your existing plan simply by calling customer care helpline number for Vodafone Support . To find out more about Vodafone UK products and services GO HERE.

– What should I do if my phone has been lost or stolen?

In case, you’ve lost your phone or it has been stolen, you should immediately Contact Vodafone Customer Services by phone so that that your SIM can be immediately blocked to avoid somebody else using the same.

However, if your phone was insured with Vodafone, you can call Vodafone Claims Helpline team and make a claim.

In case, you’re a Pay Monthly customer, your phone will be charged for any calls made before you report the lost or stolen case. Moreover, your monthly rental will carry on.

On the other hand, Pay As You Go customers are not required to pay anything until your SIM is blocked.

You can easily get a substitute/replacement SIM card from the local Vodafone store, following a loss or theft case.

Vodafone uk customer care telephone number

Vodafone Customer Service NumberVodafone Telephone Number – Discount Offers FAQs

– Can I know who is eligible for student discount offer?

This offer is only available to University students, and for only one connection per student. Moreover, the offers are only available with new connections (or transfers from other networks), or current Vodafone customers who are entitled to re-assign to an additional contract period.

– What about the price plan in my name to be eligible for the offer?

To become eligible for the offer, the price plan should be in your name. You are not eligible to apply for the offer if the plan is in your parent’s name.

– What are the benefits of this offer?

You’ll get an additional 10% discount on 12-month SIM only plans and 12- and 24-month pay monthly handset plans. The discount will include line rental, and there will be no any additional extras such as data packs, insurance, music, mobile TV and video, ringtones and games. Other charges excluded are usage charges and one-off charges

– What is the compatibility of price plans with the discounts?

In this offer, discounts are offered on consumer pay monthly plans (12 and 24-month contracts for mobile phones only), in addition to on SIM-only pay monthly plans (12-month contracts).

The offer is not available on the following plans:

  • 30-day SIM only plans
  • Data or broadband plans
  • Household plans
  • Business plans
  • Pay as you go plans
  • Red Hot plans
  • Red+ plans (Leader plans can be discounted)
  • Trade-in plans

– Can I get this offer and how?

Only price plans bought through the Vodafone online shop/telesales/Vodafone shops are eligible for this offer. To avail the discount, you’ll have to submit the online form with all completed fields. Moreover, you should have your university email address and your Student Number to apply for the discount. As soon as the discount gets applied to your Vodafone phone number, you’ll informed by email.

– Can I know if I upgrade or change my price plan?

In case, you apply for a change in your price plan, you’ve to inform via Vodafone customer service to re-apply the discount.

– What does it happens if I graduate from University (while remaining in contract)?

The discount will continue to persist on the account for the contract period (until you change price plan or upgrade it). At this stage, you will not be eligible to apply for the Student Offer.

– Am I eligible if I don’t have an .ac.uk email address?

No, you’re not eligible for this offer if you don’t have an .ac.uk email address.

– What’s the duration of the discount offered?

The discount will continue to persist until you change your price plan. The discount request has to be resubmitted if it is still required.

– Why my Welcome letter doesn’t show any discount?

The Welcome letter doesn’t show any information on your Student Offer. Via separate email, the confirmation of the Student Offer will be sent.

– Can I know how I’m eligible to upgrade?

Simply log in to Vodafone My Account and then click on Upgrade my phone. Choose the Vodafone products and plans section to observe if you’re eligible to upgrade or not.

– How can I know more about the Student Offer?

Simply drop an email at studentdiscounts@help.vodafone.co.uk and tell your inquiry or any Vodafone complaints you have by calling Vodafone customer service support heldesk team . Make sure to include your name, address and postcode, date of birth and student account phone number.

For any other question not related to the Student Offer, please call Vodafone Customer Care And Support Number . You can also visit My account on www.vodafone.co.uk .

customer care vodafone contact number

Vodafone Upgrade Contact Number

– Can I know the eligibility for this offer?

The Vodafone Employee Advantage scheme is only available to company employees that are verified participants of the Vodafone Employee Advantage scheme. An employee can get a maximum of six connections. Further, it is applicable only to new Vodafone connections or existing customers. Any person who’s permitted to start a Pay monthly plan can avail the discount scheme. Moreover, these persons should be at least 18 years old, maintain a bank account and permanent resident in the UK.

– How do I qualify for this offer?

In order to qualify for this offer, you should contact directly with Vodafone. Online purchases made at Vodafone retail store/ Vodafone Telesales will meet the criteria for this scheme.

– Can I apply for any discount?

In order to apply for the discount for your friends and family, just follow the necessary steps. Kindly submit your form within 30 days of getting the new connection. In case, you fail to apply within 30 days, you won’t be eligible for any discount.

Mobile phone and SIM only: Discount offers are available on Pay monthly plans (12 and 24 months) including 12-month SIM only plans.

iPad and tablets: 15% off discount on all iPad and tablet plans, and 15% off the monthly price of any Vodafone Smart Tab 4(24-month plan).

Vodafone Customer care helpline telephone Number

– Can I still get a discount/offer, as I’m already a Vodafone customer?

This discount/offer is only available to customers who have taken out a new plan (within 30 days of applying for the discount or upgraded the plan).

In order to find out the eligibility:

  • Simply log in to My Vodafone and select ‘Upgrade my phone’ (within the Products and plans section)
  • Call on 191 from your Vodafone number (mobile)

– Can I know about my first bill?

  • You’ll get your first bill within two weeks of joining Vodafone. You’ll get an email or a text message to let you know when the bill is ready.
  • Your first bill may be somewhat more than the actual charge for your plan. It covers the first full month, including the account set up charges.
  • In case, the discount is not reflected in your first bill, it’ll be adjusted in your second bill.
  • If you want to check your bills online, you can manage them with My Vodafone account. You can also check your usage or make online payment.

– If I upgrade/ change my plan/ change my number, what will happen?

In case, you upgrade/ change your plan/ change your number, all discounts will be removed and you are required to apply again within 30 days. Your friends and family members will also have to complete the form in order to re-apply for the discount.

– Can I know how to transfer my number from a different network?

Only your VEA discount is eligible to the number you desire to keep. In case, you wish for the transfer of your old number to new Vodafone plan, you are required to do that in a separate way. The completion of this process takes time, and only then you can apply for VEA discount (normal online/ at your nearest store) showing your work ID badge/ recent payslip.

– What is the duration of the discount offered?

The discount will stay in place until your account is upgraded/ the price plan changes/ the number changes. Any changes or upgrades on your own account, including your friends and family members will definitely mean the removal of discount. At this moment, you’ve to complete the form to apply again for the discount.

– How can I find my iPad/ tablet’s telephone number?

While filling the online discount form, you’ll be asked for the ‘Vodafone number to be discounted’.

You can find the tablet’s telephone number as follows:

  • On the welcome letter or the bill
  • On the bill receipt
  • Simply by logging into My Vodafone page(vodafone.co.uk)

– Can I know how I’m eligible to upgrade?

In order to find out whether you’re eligible to upgrade:

  • Simply log in to My Vodafone and select ‘Upgrade my phone’ (within the Products and plans section)
  • Just call us on 191 from your Vodafone mobile number
  • Visit any one of the Vodafone stores

customer care vodafone contact numberContact Telephone Number For Vodafone – 24 Hour Support Available

– What do I mean by Vodafone Voicemail?

In case, your mobile phone is out of coverage area/ switched off/ engaged/ the customer does not answer, calls can be diverted to Vodafone voicemail. Here the caller can leave a message. After that, voicemail will try to alert the customer to the message (waiting). Further, the caller’s number will get stored so that the call can be easily called later on.

– How does Voicemail work?

All new connections have the facility to get Voicemail activated automatically. Voicemail will answer calls when a customer is not available. Customers can call 1211 to switch it on and call 1210 to switch it off.

To arrange voicemail (answer all calls) by simply call 1212. To cancel this, just call 1213.

By calling 21212, customers can record their own messages. In case, the customer does not use this Voice mail service for continuous 90 days, the mailbox gets reclaimed by the network. However, by dialing 1211, this service can be reactivated.

– What is the cost of Voice mail?

Customers aren’t required to pay any subscription charges. They aren’t charged anything when callers leave messages for them. The billing is at the normal price plan rate while they are connected to the Voice mail service. For any other question not related to the Student Offer, please call Vodafone Telephone Number For Customer Services from your mobile.