Orange Customer Service

Orange are one of the UK’s most popular telecommunications companies and their customer services department take a large number of telephone calls every day.

Orange Customer Service Number – 0844 800 27100

Calls cost £0.05 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

Orange is one of the most renowned telecommunications companies in the UK. Their customer services department gets a number of telephone calls daily. The Orange customer care number listed by us on this website is planned to connect you directly to the Orange customer services department. Here you can get all assistance and support for your problems and queries. For all queries regarding the mobile company Orange, contact directly the Orange customer services contact number – 0844 800 27100. In the event, you’re out on a holiday and suddenly you discover that you have lost your mobile phone, you can instantly call the Orange customer service number listed here on this website.

Here the customer care executives will assist you greatly and in fact help in obtaining a substitute phone. To contact Orange customer services department, just put call to the contact number listed here – 0844 800 27100. When the caller put calls to the Orange customer service number from a BT landline, the bill payer will be charged at the rate of 5p per minute. Further, the caller must be older than 18 years of age, and must be using a BT landline to put the call. In case, the Orange contact number is called from another landline provider or a mobile phone, the bill payer may incur additional charges or extra cost per minute.

FAQs / General Orange Support Queries

forwardWhat does a locked phone mean?

Now since most of the handsets are subsidized quite heavily, in turn these are locked to that very network/carrier these were purchased from. Some of these phones could be unlocked and utilized with other carriers/networks, but in case you’re under any contract then this would be considered a breach.


Can the phone connection be utilized abroad?

Usually there are 2 restrictions based on which your phone can be used abroad: one is network-specific and the other is phone-specific. Now in case your phone is ‘Quad band’ which means it can be used almost anywhere in the world and in case your phone is ‘Tri-band’ then it can used within Europe only.

Now as your contract allowances are applicable within the UK only, you’d be usually charged the roaming-rates by Orange if you call from or to abroad. And you should also intimate Orange in case you’re planning to utilize the phone abroad, as an account-setting might be required in advance.


Is it possible to read as well as send emails via your phone?

Now all the latest Smartphone are great for sending as well as reading emails. Most of these phones are availed with a push-email option which means that the emails are automatically sent to your phone. And all you’re required to do is type in your email-account (usually the POP3 or IMAP) settings and after that you could send and read emails just like you do it on your PC.


Is it possible to cap the usage?

No. Orange unfortunately doesn’t offer the option to cap the usage currently. But, there’re numerous tools available at various app stores that will enable you to monitor the data usage and even cap it in case if it crosses a certain limit. Orange also recommends the usage of Wi-Fi wherever possible in place of mobile data, as the Wi-Fi usage won’t be counted towards the data allowance.

For further information, just dial the Orange customer care contact number or visit us at


What about the contract minutes as well as texts?

Orange contract comes with a specified allowance of free minutes as well as texts as a part of its contract. And in case your allowance is exceeded, an overage charge would be applicable to your monthly bill.

Now at the start of each month these allowances are being reset, so that the contract minutes as well as texts are not carried over to next billing cycle. Though, in case if you cross your limit in a month, it won’t get deducted from next month.

Various contracts also include a data allowance. Now these also works just like the texts and minutes allowances and are usually specified in GB and MB. Occasionally tariffs also include bonuses such as free unlimited texts, landline calls or additional data roaming.


Shall I opt for ‘Orange Pay As You Go’ or a ‘contract’?

Contracts are at much cheaper prices, which allows you to enjoy plenty of texts and minutes as well as a mobile phone for free (as on PAYG you need to purchase the phone separately).

Pay As You Go (PAYG) is the correct option in case you use your phone only during emergencies or in case you don’t wish to enter contracts. However, in all other cases a contract will offer you a better deal.

Orange Broadband Customer Service

Orange Broadband Customer Service

Just calling the Orange customer service number will connect you directly to the customer services team. Initially you’ll hear an automated menu, and you will have to choose an option that is most closely related to your enquiry. There are alternative ways of contacting the Orange customer service such as visiting the Orange website or reading the information there. The Orange website has been specially designed to answer all the most frequently asked questions and provide basic support as much as possible.

The Orange customer service team has been specially trained to answer all the questions, and is equipped with all the information needed by the customers. Orange customers may require talking with an executive of the customer services department team about the tariff plan, or how they can upgrade their old phone. Callers are able to contact the Orange customer service team whenever they like. They are to get all the valuable advice regarding the mobile company.

Orange has just combined with a fellow mobile telecommunications company, and they are committed to offer the greatest level of service possible. Moreover, the gaining of new customers will push Orange to accomplish this. This aspect is very favorable for the customers, and they can get the best customer services.

 forwardCan I retain my existing number if I change the network?

Yes, you can. According to Ofcom regulations, all service providers are required to offer number portability service to their users on request.In case you’re changing your network, you’ll require two things: a ‘Porting Authorization Code’ (PAC) from your existing network and your new SIM card or phone. After that just call Orange’s customer services contact number within thirty days. The Orange team would take all the information and sort out your transfer process. The entire process would take around a couple of days.


How come the mobile phones are for free?

Now mobile phones could be real expensive with some worth even up to whopping £ 500. But, Orange offers handsets absolutely free along with many of its plans.And the reason why those mobile phones could be given for free is, these are being subsidized by Orange which actually allows you to get hold of a phone when you opt for any Orange contract. Now, on some of the contracts, the entire cost of the phone might not be covered by the subsidy and as a result some contracts come with an up-front cost.So when you opt for a contract, just think before you decide if you wish to opt for a plan with an up-front cost, as such plans means lower monthly cost.

For more information, just call at the contact number of Orange customer care or visit us at

Orange Cash:


What does ‘Orange Cash’ stands for?

Now the ‘Orange-Cash-prepaid-MasterCard’ is quite different from a debit card, however, it could be used in the similar way for online-shopping, either in high-street stores or via phone.

You need to load ‘Orange Cash’ card with money prior to shopping. And you have to load more cash, in case it’s running low and above all, you don’t even require any credit check or a bank account to get one.

And as it’s being offered by Orange, it comes with a few extras which you won’t get with most of the other major prepaid cards. It offers:

  • Various mobile rewards.
  • Is contactless.
  • Allows top up on your Orange pay as you go (PAYG) phone.
  • Allows sending money to your friends.
  • Allow you to manage your card through the Orange Cash app, via text or your online account.

Orange Contact Number

It is commonly known that customer care services from huge companies like Orange come at some additional cost. Orange may have invested funds in corporate training in order that customers might be able to get the greatest level of service possible. Whenever any caller dials the Orange customer care number listed here in this website, the caller will be connected directly to the Orange customer care service department and will get an outstanding customer service.

In the event, you’re calling Orange customer service number to talk about the airtime you are getting or experiencing any problem with your mobile phone, you can contact the Orange contact number listed here on this website.

The Orange customer services team is on hand to be directly contacted whenever you require talking with them. There is a large number of ways to make contact with the Orange customer services department. Some of these include an email conversation and live chat option. You’ll get an instant reply from an executive from an executive of the Orange customer service team.


What are the ‘Orange Cash’ benefits?

‘Orange Cash’ rewards:

Now with each of your spending, you’re automatically collecting reward points which you could exchange with your ‘Orange cash’ rewards. You will gather one reward point every time you spend £ 1. You can then redeem your reward points against free minutes, texts or credit.

After the reward points are applied to the account, it will remain active either till your reward points run out or only for one month from the purchase day, whichever happens first.

No credit-checks required:

The ‘Orange Cash’ card is perfect in case you don’t wish for or you couldn’t get a debit or credit card.

No Bank-account required:

Now the user can only spend the money which they’ve loaded onto their card so in turn they won’t have to worry anymore about going over-budget. Also it’s quite easy to manage money with ‘Orange Cash app’. One can load more cash, view their balance as well as all the transactions, redeem their reward points and access balance-notifications, while on the go. And for all the cards with expenditure limits, Orange will email you and send SMS alerts to update you on your card usage. Dial the contact number of Orange customer services or visit us at, for more information.


Sending money to friends:

The users can transfer money to the ‘Orange Cash’ card owned by their family members or friends from either their Orange mobile phone or their ‘Orange Cash’ online account.

Contactless (Chip & PIN security):

The ‘Orange Cash’ card is contactless, so when the users are purchasing on the high street they don’t require spending time to put their PIN in stores which possess contactless payment-terminals. They simply need to tap their card for an amount which can be up to £ 20 wherever they’ll see the contactless symbol and then they’re on. Their card also posses Chip and PIN security technology to make payments over £ 20 and for those stores that do not possess contactless payment-terminals.

Covered for theft & loss:

The card is protected against any theft & loss, in case the user reports it straight away. After your call is received the Orange team will block others from using your card. The user can also log onto the ‘stolen/lost/damaged’ section of their ‘Orange Cash’ online account and fully fill out the form. And in case you prefer a replacement card, Orange will transfer the existing funds onto it and send it to you within about 7 to 10 business days. An additional £ 5 charge would be debited as the replacement service charges either from the existing balance or whenever you’ll load next time.


What does ‘Contactless-Payment-Technology’ stands for?

The ‘Orange Cash’ card is embedded with ‘PayPass’ contactless payment technology. So you don’t require waiting around to enter or change a PIN.You simply need to tap your card for an amount which can be up to £ 20 wherever you’ll see the contactless symbol and then you’re on. What about card with lower spending limits? Orange legally requires confirming your identity when your application is received. You would get a card which will enable you to shop in the high street as well as online and even money withdrawals from ATMs. The utmost balance allowed on the card at a time is around £ 5,000. And if the Orange team is unable to confirm your identity, then still you’d get a card which would let you shop anywhere, but has a spending limit of only £ 1,600 a year and only up to £ 600 withdrawal is allowed from ATMs. A solo transaction limit is up to £ 600.

  • Call at the Orange customer support contact number or visit us at, for more information.
  • Do you need to pay interest on your card?
  • No, there isn’t any interest on your card. It is just like a debit card.


Who can access a card?

  • As long as the ID can be verified by Orange, anyone can access a card.
  • Do we require a bank account to access a card?
  • No, absolutely not. There are neither any credit checks nor any bank accounts requirement to access a card.


How to pay for the ‘Orange Cash’?

The ‘Orange Cash prepaid MasterCard’ costs only £ 5. One can pay for their card via:

SMS text message:

You have to text the word “APPLY” to 82023. Then you’ll receive a unique code to enter during the payment stage and a £ 5 application charges would be deducted from the top-up credit (PAYG plan) or would be included to the monthly bill (pay monthly plan).

Credit/Debit card:

During the ‘Orange Cash’ card application payment stage, one can pay for his/her card via credit/debit card. However, there’s an additional 4 % charges for payments via credit cards.


Orange shop:

You can even pay for the ‘Orange Cash’ card via any of the Orange shop. You’ll get a receipt bearing a unique 8-digit code. After you reach your ‘Orange Cash’ card application’s payment stage, just select the ‘promotion voucher’ option and then type in the unique 8-digit voucher code.

‘Orange Cash’ promotion voucher:

In case you get an ‘Orange Cash’ promotion voucher, you’ll receive a unique 8-digit code. After you reach your ‘Orange Cash’ card application’s payment stage, just select the ‘promotion voucher’ option and then type in the unique 8-digit voucher code.


How long does it take for the card as well as the PIN to arrive?

  • The cards usually arrive within 8 to 10 business days. And the PIN is provided when the user calls Orange to activate the card.
  • Just call at the Orange customer Helpdesk contact number or visit us at, for more information.

What does a ‘PIN’ stands for?

The Personal Identification Number-(PIN) is a 4-digit number which Orange will send when the users call to activate their ‘Orange Cash’ card. They’d be asked to type in this number when they opt to withdraw cash from ATMs and at various ‘Chip & PIN’ terminals when they opt to pay with the ‘Orange Cash’ card. Make sure to keep your ‘PIN’ secure and don’t share this anyone.


What are the first things to do after your card arrives?

Following are the 3 simple steps to begin your card usage:

1.      Card activation:

  • Take out your card and do sign it. Just look for the unique activation code.
  • After that just dial the contact number of Orange customer Helpdesk from any other phone.
  • Orange will provide you with 4-digit ‘Personal Identification Number-(PIN)’ over the phone. Do note down the PIN separately.

2.      Card Registration:

  • Log on to the site and then click on the log-in button there. After that, carefully follow the online-instructions.

3.      Load-it and shop:

  • One can load his/her card through the ‘Orange Cash app’ or in the online account’s ‘Top-up account’ section, at any of the Pay-Point outlets, Post Offices or even at any Orange shops.
  • The users can now start to use their card wherever ‘MasterCard’ is accepted, anywhere in the world; whether online, on the high street as well as over the phone.


How to change the PIN?

One can change his/her PIN at most of the ATMs available in the UK.

What to do if you forgot your PIN?

Now all you need to do is to visit your online ‘Orange Cash’ account and after that carefully follow all the onscreen steps visible there in the “Forgotten PIN” section.

Orange Customer Service Phone Number

Orange Customer Service Phone Number

Orange has successfully emerged as one of the top providers of mobile Phone services in the UK. The devoted team of customer care professionals is available to respond to all of your queries, ranging from bill payment to addition of extra add-ons to your existing packages. You can also discuss about the model, make and type of handset to select depending on your personal requirements. The proficient customer care advisors can also recommend on the package that is most suitable to your personal usage. You might be a user who uses huge voice minutes, large SMS and maximum volume of data. Every type of user can get customized advice on the best packages that meet their personal requirement.

By simply calling the Orange contact number on , you can best advice regarding the type of handset, data, voice and SMS packages precise to your needs. Orange is now a part of the bigger mobile company EE, which is now formed by the combination of the Orange and T Mobile companies. It also permits you to use any of the networks in either of the locations where either of the networks is accessible or not.

Orange customer service phone number – 0844 800 27100 can also help you subscribe to the popular Orange Wednesdays. It is easy to get access to Orange Wednesdays by texting FILM to 241 from the Orange Mobile. You can enjoy a movie along with a meal at half the mentioned prices. An Orange Mobile broadband customer is able to get access to the same offers, and for this you can dial the Orange contact number and discuss the various options with the expert and dedicated team.

 forwardWhat is the meaning of ‘for electronic use only’?

Now the users will surely notice that their card bears a “for electronic use only” message on its top right corner. This doesn’t affect their online card usage, either at any ATM or over their phone. It means, the users can only use the card wherever the ‘Magnetic-Stripe-cards’ are being accepted and at all the ‘Chip & PIN terminals’ in the UK. This card simply can’t be used in the old ‘manual-sliding-type’ card machines, as it does not bear any raised numbers. Likewise, the card can’t be used on a train or a plane as the non-availability of electronic connection might be an issue.


What does ‘PayPoint’ mean?

The users can load money onto their card wherever they view the ‘PayPoint’ logo. They can find it at certain shops as well as near-by garages. There are more than 21,000 places in the UK where you can the ‘PayPoint’ logo. Just call at the Orange customer support Helpdesk contact number or visit us at, for more information.


How to set up the ‘Orange Cash’ online account?

You need to log on to, to setup the online account. The set up process is really easy and would take only a few minutes. Just reply some security-questions and you’d be on. After that you can view your statements, check-out balance, load money and even update.


How To to Manage Orange account via mobile phone?

Yes, it is possible. After downloading the ‘Orange Cash app’, simply follow the onscreen registration steps and then you can easily manage your account while you’re on the move. You can do the following:

  • Confirm the current amount on your ‘Orange Cash’ card and check all the latest transactions.
  • Instantly load your card from your credit or debit card or a voucher.
  • Notifications settings when the balance reaches below a set level.
  • SMS alert when you load money to your account.
  • Confirming your reward points and redeem all your PAYG (pay as you go) credit, minutes as well as texts.

The other way to do is, setting-up the online-account via the PC. After that the users can access all the important functions via the internet option on their mobile phone such their balance check, a mobile top-up function, view last three transactions and funds loading onto other ‘Orange Cash’ card. And if you wish you can even text an SMS to 311 (which is for Orange users only) and request your account information.


How to transfer funds to other ‘Orange cash’ card?

The users can transfer funds from their ‘Orange Cash’ card to their family as well as friends who also possess an ‘Orange Cash’ card. And all they’re required to do is set these up in the Orange Cash online account’s “Make a payment/Load another card” section. And after that, whenever you wish to transfer them the funds, you have to choose the appropriate identifier, the balance you wish to transfer them and even confirm your transferred funds. The users can track each of such transfers right in their online account’s ‘Payments section’.


How to cancel the ‘Orange cash’ card?

In case you wish to cancel the card before its being activated or till 14 days after the activation date or during the ‘Cancellation Period’, Orange will refund the application charges (if applicable) and the available amount (if any) on the card. Now there are no charges at all for your card cancellation. But, in case you opt to cancel your card after the ‘Cancellation-Period’, you’d be charged a redemption fee of about £ 5, in case you wish to redeem any remaining money on your card.


How to login to ‘Orange Cash’ app?

In case you’re already registered to the Orange website’s “My Account” section, all you’re required to do is enter the following:

  • Your username.
  • Your password.
  • Date which you can easily remember.

Then you have to create a passcode which would provide you a quick and a secure access.


How to log out of the ‘Orange Cash’ app?

You just need to press your phone’s home button and you’d be logged out. Also you’ll get logged out automatically, in case the app is left open for a few minutes or more. And for the safety of your details, the app will enquire for your passcode each time you return.

Which Are The Top 5 Pocket Friendly Mobile Networks In UK?

If you are a traveller or holidaying in or outside Europe than making or receiving calls via your cell phone could prove to be a costly affair, the EU roaming caps notwithstanding.

The detailed list of top mobile networks uk that offer the cheapest data roaming is provided here that should assist you in roaming on pocket friendly basis , plus the add-ons available to help you save money whether your destination is within the EU or elsewhere in the world.


Top 5 Pocket Friendly Mobile Networks For Nomads: Feb 2015

Pay monthly plans

Non-EU calls – From 18.7p

Non-EU texts – 5.8p per text + the cost of a domestic text (14p)

Non-EU data – 19.8p per MB for up to 5MB; £15 per 5MB thereafter

Vodafone’s international roaming rates are some of the lowest around, which make it pretty affordable to keep in touch with home. The Euro Traveler feature allows pay monthly customers to use the calls, texts and data within your existing data plan within Europe for £3 per day, and you’ll only be charged for the days you use your phone. Be aware however, that by opting into Euro Traveler (by texting ADD to 40506), you’ll automatically opt out of the monthly data roaming spend limit for data within Europe because you’re using your existing allowance

For more information, we have made it easy for you to contact Vodafone uk, just dial Vodafone customer service number to speak with support representativeFAST & EASY

The Vodafone boasts of the lowest international roaming rates. It comes up with a Euro Traveler feature which enables the existing monthly customers   to call text and browse with your existing plan within Europe at £ 3 per day and charge will be only for the day you use the phone. But by using this plan you will shed your roaming spend limit for Europe within Europe.


 Top 5 Pocket Friendly Mobile Networks For Nomads: Feb 2015 Mobile Phones, Mobile Broadband

Pay monthly plans

Non-EU calls – From 80p per minute

Non-EU texts – 40p per text

Non-EU data – £6 per MB

O2 offers a wide range of bolt-ons to assist pocket friendly international roaming viz-a-viz UK. You just have to select the destination from the list provided and the cost of calling messaging and net browsing.

For more information, we have made it easy for you to contact O2 uk, just dial O2 customer service number to speak with support representativeFAST & EASY

In case you plan to discontinue during trip than O2 Travel feature is just for you. The charges for using data in Europe are £1.99 for 50MB for 24 hours after that you will have to text MORETRAVEL to 21300 for an additional 50MB.The pay monthly customers can get a free talk time of up to 60 minutes for   inter European calling on payment of connection charge of 50 p. You can check whether O2 Travel is by calling customer services on 202 or checking your online account.

Virgin Mobile

Top 5 Pocket Friendly Mobile Networks For Nomads: Feb 2015

Pay monthly and pay-as-you-go

Non-EU calls – From 24p per minute

Non-EU texts – 8p per text

Non-EU data – From £1.50 for 10MB

The Virgin mobile offers   Three Tier travel passes on monthly basis that are highly flexible with add-ons running just for one .These three tiers are: £1.50 for 10MB data, £6 for 50MB data, and £20 for 250MB data. These options are very cost-effective and helpful for surfing within Europe and some other nations namely Iceland ,Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Though there are no add-on packages for rest of the world but the standard rates are pretty reasonable for   calling and messaging. You may check the full list.

For more information, we have made it easy for you to contact virgin media uk, just dial  number to speak with support representativeFAST & EASY

European Union roaming rules

European Parliament caps are binding on all networks on cost of mobile use

Of late the mobile usage charges for abroad have come under great scrutiny from European Parliaments Special Caps have been introduced via new legislation for to regulate overseas roaming charges on local networks determined by mobile operators while overseas. One must be aware of the European Unions rules and regulations on roaming charges while overseas.

List of capped charges to be abolished from December 2015

The following table indicates the European Union roaming caps and the charges that will be done away with from December 2015.As per the current laws the users at the max can use the data up to €50 per month and are forbidden from transmitting or receiving more data unless they choose to do so.

Making a call (per minute): €0.19 (15p)
Receiving a call (per minute): €0.05 (4p)
Sending a text (per SMS): €0.06 (5p)
Internet data (per MB) €0.20 (16p)

*Prices are set in Euros, but cost in British Pound Sterling varies with exchange rates.

3 Three

3G & 4G Mobile Phones.

All pay monthly, SIM-only and pay-as-you-go plans

Non-EU calls – From free

Non-EU texts – From free

Non-EU data – From free

 Three comes up with a feature called Feel at Home in select countries which enables you to use your UK plan allowance( or add on for pay-as-you-customer) for calling or messaging or net surfing as you are able to do it at home with no extra charge. The countries that are covered under this are France, Australia, Denmark ,Austria, Ireland ,Finland ,Norway, Indonesia , Sweden Switzerland ,Israel ,Italy/ USA and Switzerland. It also includes Macau and Hong Kong which fall under the Chinese administration.

For more detailsgo here.

 If you are travelling at some other place than you will be charged extra for internet browsing unless you have the Euro internet pass which costs £5 a day and is specially designed for browsing purpose. As per the Three the streaming and other activities might me relatively slow and also tethering calling and messaging are not included .You can find out more about Three pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go plans abroad here


4G Phones & Fibre Broadband UK

EE Extra pay monthly plans with roaming

Non-EU calls – From 20.4p per minute

Non-EU texts – From 6.8p per text

Non-EU data – Data add-on required

If you have got EE’s data add-on you can benefit from it on roaming to cut on extra costs. Otherwise you will have to pay extra charges. You will be presented with the additional price list when you open the browser at your destination. The add-on prices may vary from place to place and it could go up to £ 200 for 50 MB data at far flung places.

For more details, See EE Plans Price Guide(PDF). & EE Broadband Customer Service

As for calling and messaging you can enjoy free unlimited roaming within a few selected countries. It means that all incoming calls or text for free from UK and eligible countries This however doesn’t apply on outgoing messages and calls or on countries except covered under this plan, in which case you will be charged according to standard EE plans and charges that apply on international roaming.

Which Are The UK’s Fastest & Best Broadband ISP’s 2016?

If you’re looking for a new broadband provider, it’s likely you’ve experienced less than stellar customer service from your old one.

But how can you ensure that you’re not about to jump from the frying pan into the fire?

We’ve looked at survey results from Ofcom and Which? on customer satisfaction, and the results of PC Pro’s Excellence Awards, to work out a report about which providers will go the extra mile to fix your broken broadband and which will struggle to put one foot in front of the other.

Best Customer Service

  1. Zen Customer Service
  2. Sky UK Customer Services
  3. Virgin Media Customer Service
  4. BT Customer Service

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has just released its broadband complaints data, highlighting the companies guilty of the most complaints .

The report only looks at providers with a market share of 4% or more, so you won’t see smaller broadband networks mentioned.

Let’s take a look at the results:

Provider Complaints per 1,000 customers (Q2 Apr-Jun 2014) Complaints per 1,000 customers (Q3 Jul-Sep 2014) Complaints per 1,000 customers (Q4 Oct-Dec 2014) Complaints per 1,000 customers (Q1 Jan-FEB 2015)
EE 0.32 0.45 0.29 0.42
BT 0.28 0.41 0.32 0.33
TalkTalk 0.29 0.27 0.21 0.24
Sky 0.09 0.09 0.08 0.09
Virgin Media 0.06 0.08 0.07 0.07

EE looked to be making progress last quarter, when for the first time it wasn’t the provider attracting the most complaints (as a proportion of its customer base). Normal service is apparently resumed however, with Ofcom confirming it had mainly received complaints about service faults, billing and issues with switching provider.

(As Per Call Data Analysis: EE Customer Service)

Virgin and Sky once again had the fewest complaints, with numbers around the same as the previous quarter.

(As Per Call Data Analysis from : Sky Customer SupportVirgin Media Customer Service )

So that’s what you think is important in the world of UK broadband. Now let’s take a look at the best of the current crop of ISPs.

UK’s best broadband ISPs

Sky and Virgin did well across all categories. For instance, when we asked ‘would you recommend your Broadband Provider’, Sky tied with Virgin to achieve the best overall ranking. But the picture was positive across the board. For instance, although around a third of Broadband customers were undecided as to whether they would recommend their ISP, only in the cases of Primus and Be Broadband did a third of respondents actively say they wouldn’t recommend their provider.


So let’s have a look at why those ISPs attained those results. It was a similar story when it came to customer care, with only Be and Primus failing to get half of their customers to say customer service was excellent or at least satisfactory (and even then Be’s 47 percent is close enough). Indeed, we were delighted to see four providers had more than 60 percent wholly satisfied customers. And the winner? Step forward once again Sky.

Virgin Media – MOST RELIABLE

And what then, of speed, the most important factor for UK broadband users when selecting an ISP. We measured this two ways, both in terms of customer satisfaction and the speed tests the survey respondents submitted.

In the case of the former, once again Sky and Virgin Media leads the way, with a whopping 82 percent of customers expressing their happiness with the rapid internet fired down cables to their homes. BT with its fibre networks also made a strong showing here. other optic fibre operators, Sky, Plusnet, also performed well here.

CHART: Average speed test results per ISP (kbps)

  • Virgin: 27,266
  • Plusnet: 24,529
  • BT: 13,164
  • TalkTalk: 6,910
  • EE: 6,818
  • Demon: 6,586
  • Sky: 5,942
  • Eclipse: 5,786
  • O2: 5,642
  • Be: 5,458
  • AOL: 3,809
  • Post Office: 3,255

A clear winner, then. Virgin Media is the fastest ISP in UK, and is recognised as such by its customers.

FASTEST ISP: Virgin Media

Highly commended UK ISP : Virgin Media

The fastest ISP, both in terms of overall speed tests and user satisfaction, it is perhaps unfair on Virgin that we have to pick a winner. Indeed, the survey results show that Virgin Media users are just as happy as are Plusnet customers: that is, very happy indeed. As well as speed, Virgin’s cable technology provides the most reliable network, but you do get what you pay for in this regard, and Virgin Media is one of the more expensive ISPs.

Overall satisfaction with customer service by landline provider

  2013 2014
Virgin Media 61% 64% 74%
Sky 67% 70% 69%
TalkTalk 57% 64% 66%
BT 55% 63% 63%
Sector Average 58% 64% 66%

In relation to overall satisfaction with landline providers’ customer service, Virgin Media’s score (74%) is significantly higher than the sector average (66%).

Virgin Media saw particular improvements year-on-year in logging of query details to avoid consumers having to repeat themselves (54% to 65%) and keeping consumers informed throughout the process (56% to 67%).

Satisfaction with the courtesy and politeness of Virgin Media customer service advisors also significantly improved since 2012 (69% to 79%) while it was the only provider to score higher than average on ease of getting through to the right person (67% versus 58% average).

Levels of overall satisfaction for BT, Sky and TalkTalk are in line with the sector average in 2015. None of these providers’ scores significantly increased from 2014.

Fixed broadband services (Sky, Virgin Media, BT, Orange and TalkTalk)

Connection speed was the main reason for broadband customers contacting customer services (16% of contacts), followed by changing their package or service (12% of contacts).

Overall satisfaction with customer service by fixed broadband provider

2012 2013 2014
Sky 63% 63% 71%
Virgin Media 60% 61% 71%
BT 61% 63% 63%
Orange 60% 59% 63%
TalkTalk 60% 60% 62%
Sector Average 60% 62% 66%

Sky and Virgin Media jointly achieved the highest customer service satisfaction scores  (71%), compared to the sector average (66%).

Broadband only:

Provider Ease of set-up Value for money Customer service Technical support Reliability of connection Connection speed Score
AOL 3/5 2/5 1/5 2/5 2/5 1/5 38%
BT 4/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 54%
Virgin Media 4/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 4/5 4/5 63%
Plusnet 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 3/5 73%

So one again EE, TalkTalk and BT fail to impress. Indeed, only Plusnet and Utility Warehouse achieve a decent score, earning themselves the distinction of being recommended suppliers.

Technical support numbers and forums

Another way to tell which broadband providers take customer service and technical support seriously is to have a look at the methods they use to communicate with their customers.

And note that while it’s now illegal for businesses to use revenue-generating numbers (like 0845 and 0870) for dedicated complaints lines, they can still use them for technical services.

Customer Support Contact Numbers to get first hand experiance of Best ISPs In UK.

Sky Customer Service Number – LISTED HERE

Orange Customer Service Number – LISTED HERE

BT Customer Service Number – LISTED HERE

Vodafone Customer Servicee Number – LISTED HERE

List Of 38 Apple iOS 8 Features Every Apple Fan Should Know About

In This Post: Apple – iOS 8 – What’s New – iOS 8 Features: Hidden New Features – Hidden features from iOS 8, Apple’s new operating system and updates.

What are the new features of iOS 8?

• Enhanced Messages:

  • Deliver text SMSs and make or receive your calls through your Mac via your iPhone (which should be close enough and should possess OS X 10.10 or higher).
  • Options for group messaging such as naming / leaving a conversation or add / remove a contact.
  • Adding your favorite photos, video and audio to your conversations on the fly.
  • During a conversation sharing your location for about an hour / a day / even longer.
  • Latest details view with ‘Do Not Disturb’, sharing location as well as ‘see all attachments’ view.
  • At once sharing multiple videos as well as photos.
  • Stored messages removal option which can be set for any time period (from 30 days to one year).

• Camera (all devices might not support these features):

  • iPad mini and iPad Air with Retina Display ability to capture panoramic photos.
  • Front-facing camera supporting Burst mode on iPhone 5s.
  • Self-timer feature (either 3 or 10 sec).
  • Manual as well as separate focus and exposure controls by a simple nudge adjustment to darken or lighten a photo before the capture.
  • Time-Lapse feature which captures an image series and compiles these into a ‘time-lapse’ video.

• Photos – (An app to manage your photos):

  • Features such as automatic straightening of horizons and smart editing-tools for the quick adjustment of color and light just by a swipe.
  • Separate tools for the adjustment of brightness, exposure, highlights, contrast, shadows and much more.
  • Search via location, date and/or album name or smart suggestions features.
  • Smart albums features for Bursts, Slow-mo videos, Time-lapse and Panoramas.

• Siri:

  • Buy iTunes content which includes various apps.
  • Control hardware supported by HomeKit.
  • Hands-free feature, ‘Hey Siri’ voice-activation (which can only be used when plugged with any power source).

• Calendar:

  • Time travelling via ‘calendar-appointments’.
  • Language-calendars such as Hebrew, Chinese and Islamic.
  • Week numbers display.
  • Declining calendar events with a comment.

• Safari:

  • Safari Extensions (this app could be improved with any 3rd party extensions).
  • Feature to ‘Scan Credit Card’ (instead of entering your credit card details manually, you can scan it).
  • Enhanced ‘Spotlight-searching’.
  • Desktop site version request.
  • Feature to choose ‘DuckDuckGo’ as search engine by default.

 Medical ID card ICE (In case of emergency):

  • Blood-type.
  • Medical notes.
  • Medical conditions.
  • Medications.
  • Allergies and reactions.
  • DOB.
  • Emergency contacts.
  • Height / Weight/Eye Color.
  • Organ-Donor-Declaration.


  • Zoom option with single-hand control and multiple-zoom features which also includes picture-in-picture option.
  • Latest grayscale mode.
  • In-built timer as well as ‘Touch-ID’ options for ‘Guided Access’.
  • ‘Speak Screen’ feature to read out onscreen contents via Siri command or gesture.
  • ‘VoiceOver’ enhancements such as ‘Braille input’ support and ‘Alex voice’ feature.
  • MFi hearing aids (with multiple-device support), to effortlessly switch between various paired iOS devices.

APIs for 3rd party apps availaible:

For more information on Apple ios8 Contact Apple Support

  • – PhotoKit: Apps for editing photos directly in the camera-roll.
  • – Touch-ID: Apps to use Touch-ID in place of a password/ pass-code.
  • – Camera: Apps to directly control the camera access.
  • – HomeKit: Devices (control supported) at your home which can even be controlled via Siri (with ‘standard connectivity protocols’ plus ‘secured pairing’).
  • – HealthKit: Fitness and health apps for data-sharing.
  • – Metal: Latest gaming tools which allows apps the direct hardware access.
  • – CloudKit: server side provisions.
  • – Swift: Latest programming language.
  • – ‘New Tips’ app – provides hints, tips and details about how to use your device.
  • – ‘Apple Watch’ support.
  • – Preinstalled ‘iBooks app’ as standard.
  • – ‘Improved Notification Center’: For installing 3rd party widgets.
  • – ‘Airdrop’ feature: Also works with your Mac and allows you to drag & drop the files between Mac and the iOS device easily (for OS X 10.10 version or higher and doesn’t support all iOS devices).
  • – ‘Instant-Hotspot’: iOS 8.1 update is required.
  • – ‘iCloud-Drive’: Easy accessibility of documents as well as folders on iCloud which offers 5GB of free space as well as additional space at cheaper costs if required (for Mac computer with OS X 10.10 version to access iCloud Drive).
  • – ‘Quick-Type’: Intelligent as well as predictive phrase and word suggestions.
  • – ‘Family Sharing’: Up to 6 of your family members are allowed to share purchases from iBooks, iTunes as well as the App Store without any accounts sharing and can also calendar-plus an option to trace family members and/or their devices and access a shared family-photo-stream.
  • – ‘Enhanced Spotlight searching’: Comes with news, Wikipedia, iTunes, nearby places, App or iBooks stores, movie show times as well as websites.
  • – ‘Health’ app: 3rd party developers together with hardware would input data into the ‘Health app’ using the latest HealthKit system to help you keep track of all the health related detailed information at a single place.
  • – ‘Wi-Fi calling’: Instead of cellular, place your calls over Wi-Fi (though it requires a carrier support).
  • – Perform action on email, texts, reminders, calendar invitations as well as apps messages such as Face book just from the banners of notification.
  • – Twice tapping of the home button now will give you fast access to the recent list of people contacted as well as view all your apps running currently.
  • – View the total battery consumption via app.
  • – Customizable share sheets.
  • – Fast access to location based apps which are even accessible through the lock screen.
  • – Weather app: Now instead of Yahoo it uses data from ‘The Weather Channel’.
  • – Auto night mode’ especially for ‘iBooks’.
  • – ‘iBooks’: Now provide the feature to group books together from a series.
  • – Feature to send Apple your last location before the battery of your device dies.
  • – ‘Notes app’: For better text editing as well as photos.
  • – Enhanced ‘Wi-Fi Privacy’: The MAC addresses of your iOS devices are now randomized by iOS while Wi-Fi networks are scanned.
  • – Use Mac to capture iOS screen Videos: Now whenever your iOS device is plugged with a Mac system, it would be viewed as a camera.
  • – Fast access to your key contacts during multitasking view.

– Enhancements for Business:

– Extended protection of data.

– Better mail encryption controls.

For Exchange users, provisions like out of office control.

  • – ePub, iBooks as well as PDF documents now can be pushed automatically to the user’s devices via MDM (Mobile Device Management) tools.
  • – Better & powerful capabilities for proper device management.

List Of iOS features available in UK

For more help and information about Apple IOS 8 Contact Apple UK Support

Below mentioned is the list of the following features that are available specifically in the United Kingdom:

• Maps>Standard.
• Maps>Turn by turn navigation.
• Maps>Directions.
• Maps>Satellite views.
• Maps>3D Buildings in Navigation (London, Birmingham, Manchester)
• Maps>Flyover (Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Leeds, Stonehenge, Manchester)
• Maps>Traffic
• Maps>Business Reviews and Photos
• Maps>Local Search
• Siri>Face book integration
• Siri>Twitter integration
• Siri>Local Search
• Siri>Sports
• Siri>Directions
• Siri>Restaurant Reviews
• Siri>Restaurant Information
• Siri>Film Showtime
• Siri>Film Reviews
• Siri>Film Information
• Quick-Type Keyboard>Predictive Input (English UK)
• Quick-Type Keyboard>English UK
• Quick-Type Keyboard>Dictation
• iTunes Store>films, music and TV
• App Store>apps & games
• Apple CarPlay.
• Spotlight Suggestions.

List Of iOS 8 features not available in UK

• Siri>Restaurant Reservations.
• iTunes Radio.
• Apple Pay (the iOS 8.1 update is required).

New and Specific Apple apps included in iOS 8?

The following are the list of the apps:

• Podcasts.
• Photos (an entire new version and which is compatible even with photos for OS X)
• iBooks.
• Tips.
• Health (iPod and iPhone touch only).

 iOS 8.1 Update – Additional Features – Benefits

Now the iOS 8.1 version was launched on 20th, October, 2014. It does come with various new features but also included are numerous other important bug and security fixes. Following is the list of some new and specific features:

  • ‘Apple Pay’ support.
  • ‘Instant Hotspot’ support.
  • Public beta for iCloud Photos.
  • Feature to add back the ‘Camera Roll album’ in the Photos app and the ‘My Photo Stream album’ when the ‘iCloud Photo Library’ is disabled.
  • Feature to add an option in order to choose between 2G or 3G or LTE connections for the cellular data.
  • Feature to add ‘AirDrop’ support for your passbook passes.
  • Feature to add an option in order to facilitate Dictation in the Settings for your Keyboards.

‘Apple Support’

For more help and information about IOS 8 Contact Apple Customer Service

Royal Mail Customer Service

 Royal Mail is the ultimate mailing service available for you to deliver national, international as well as your local standard mails, packages and parcels of all sizes and shapes. There is range of options which you can avail. You can opt for standard 1st or 2nd class mail, specific delivery and even avail the assured same day deliveries (which could be subjected to specific criteria) and to know all about these services just dial the Royal Mail Customer Service Number listed on our website.

Royal mail Royal Mail Customer Service Number:

In case you’re moving home, simply dial the Royal Mail Contact Number listed here. A team of expert advisors would assist you to sort out all your queries and reset your redirection services. Use the same number to call in case you’re not sure for how long your current redirection service would last or you’re concerned that your current Royal Mail redirection service isn’t set up as yet or your confirmation letter hasn’t been received.
And in case you have queries regarding online postage, simply dial the Royal Mail Customer Service number. The customer care advisors will properly guide you through the entire procedure and answer all the related queries.

Royal Mail Customer Service Contact Number

Royal mail

How to file Royal Mail Complaints?

The users can file their complaints either by dialing the Royal Mail phone Number or by visiting the official Royal Mail website or by writing to us.
In case you opt to contact via telephone, then be ready with your complaint details. A team of Customer Services Advisors will guide you through the appropriate procedure which you’re required to follow. And in case you are calling on behalf of someone else, you might be asked to provide proof of consent of that person to handle the concerned complaint.

After your particular grievance is being received, the Customer Care executives will confirm your information and give you unique reference digits to identify you as well as your complaint.

Royal mail

Various Stages of your Royal Mail Complaint:

There are three internal stages for assessing your complaints and though your complaint would be dealt on a person to person basis via phone, in case you wish, your case will be specifically dealt at any phase via letter or e-mail also.

Following are the stages of the assessment of your complaint:

Royal Mail Customer Service Contact Number

  • Stage I: To Contact the Customer Care Executives

The 1st step is to contact royal mail. They will receive your complaint details and would make all the efforts to resolve your complaint as well as provide you the most appropriate answer. In case you’re not satisfied with the response you can raise your complaint to the ‘Escalated Customer Resolution Team’ who will re-investigate your case.

  • Stage IITo Contact the ‘Escalated Customer Resolution Team’

The ‘Escalated Customer Resolution Team’ is well trained and quite experienced to deal with escalated complaints. The team will venture to tackle as well as resolve your apprehensions; though, in case still you’re unhappy with their answer, then you can contact the ‘Postal Review Panel’.

  • Stage III: To Contact ‘The Postal Review Panel’

Royal Mail clients, who have filed complaints, do get access to ‘The Postal Review Panel’, who in turn conducts a fresh and fair look at your complaint. And after reviewing, the Review Panel would give its final reply on behalf of Royal Mail regarding your complaint. The entire process will take around 30 days to complete since you first contacted them.

Clients can always contact ‘The Postal Review Panel’ any time using their reference number provided by the Royal Mail. And though, the Royal Mail’s first preference would always be to resolve all of your complaints and concerns, we strongly recommend that you should 1st dial the Royal Mail Contact Number listed on this website and refer your concerns with the post office customer service executives at Stage I and Stage II before referring your case to ‘The Postal Review Panel’.

Royal Mail Customer Service Contact Number - Post Office Customer Service

  • Stage IV: In case you’re still unhappy

In case you’re not satisfied with the Review Panel’s final response then your particular case would be considered as ‘deadlocked’ and such deadlock cases could be referred to an autonomous Ombudsman known as the POSTRS (Postal Redress Service). Now this service can be availed to you in case:

  • • Your particular complaint isn’t settled by the Royal Mail helpline within the 90 day set time period.
    • Your complaint has been referred to as ‘deadlocked’.
    • The Customer Care has not properly followed the complaints procedure while handling your case.

Royal mail

The Royal Mail Customer Promise:

After receiving your full complaint details, the Royal Mail promises that they generally would take around 30 Calendar Days to fully respond to your particular case.
International complaints might take longer to get resolved because of the job which is required to be done by the foreign overseers.

Now there might be times when they’ll need additional details from you to finish their investigation. And in that case they’ll wait for another 14 Calendar Days for you to respond. So considering all such factors, the longest inquiry period by the Royal Mail, for any inland complaints, might take around 90 Calendar Days to fully finish.

Unable To Connect Xbox 360 To BT Home Hub 4 Wireless – Resolved

BT home hub 4 wireless connection issue on the Xbox 360

Please note: to connect your device wirelessly at first you need to know your hub’s wireless network name and wireless key. If you don’t know the wireless key or password, check under the side or at back of your BT hub as it will be mentioned there.

  • In case you have an older XBOX, verify that your wireless adapter is plugged in properly and if you have the new Xbox then you are automatically provided with the wireless built in as standards.
  • On the main dashboard pages scroll towards right and select settings and then press A to select System. Problems connecting your Xbox wirelessly to the BT Home

Highlight Network Settings and press A again.

Xbox Live Issues With Bt HomeHub Wireless

        • Scroll right in order to highlight your BT network names and press A to select.

        • Enter the wireless hub’s details when prompted and select done.

        • Xbox will now prompt for the network test. Select yes to start the test.

        • Once you are done with the testing part, press B  to finish the setup.

Want More Help? Dial BT Customer Service Contact Number to get connected with BT customer service support.

Top 20 Broadband Speed Test Tools, Meters & Checkers in 2016

Now that you know very much about broadband, also as in our previous post (if no, than you can check out this interesting post on some interesting facts about broadband) An internet speed test can provide you with down-low on your download or upload speeds, also giving you the details whether or not your internet service providers is living up to your expectations.

So here we have put together a list of top 20 internet speed(broadband) test tools, meters and checkers in 2015-2016, that you can try using on your Browsers and mobile apps.

For Sky Broadband Users

Sky Broadband Speed Test

Sky Broadband Speed Test

FireShot Screen Capture #456 - 'Sky User - Broadband Speed Tester' - www_skyuser_co_uk_speedtester.jpg

How Can You Improve Sky Broadband Speed?

For BT Broadband Users

BT Broadband Speed Checker

Top 20 Broadband Speed Test Tools, Meters & Checkers in 2016
BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Tester will enable you to test the throughput performance (speed) of your broadband service and the results can help your broadband Service Provider to determine if you have a problem with your service. There are many factors that influence broadband performance and speed. The BT Performance Tester can be used to help understand whether your broadband service is performing as expected. To do this you will need to carry out a number of tests at different times of the day as there will be times when the broadband throughput performance is affected by ‘Busy Peak Periods’.

How To Increase BT Broadband Speed?

Google Toolbar Button – Global Broadband Speed Test

Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test. Bandwidth Speedtest – bought to you by google – bandwidth download upload speed checker

Broadband Speed Test.Co.Uk

BT Broadband Speed test

MegaPath Speed Test Plus

MegaPath Speed Test Plus

This is one of the most popular tools for internet speed test. This began analyzing 56 K and broadband connections in the 1990s. Today this very site MegaPath Speed Test simply directs and provides a similar function, but MegaPath still keeps the popular and much-cooler space on web. MegaPath now gives a test their broadband connection a new reason to bounce on over to the new site at a very large scale: the MegaPath Speed Test Plus. This upgraded highlights bundle misfortune, dormancy and jitter tests notwithstanding download and transfer speeds estimations. Indeed, MegaPath Speed Test Plus takes a couple of minutes longer and alarms clients with a few ” needs to get to your PC ” cautioning messages. Be that as it may, it can figure out whether there’s some kind of problem with your web line other than the normal download and transfer speeds.

ZDNet’s Broadband Speed Test

ZDNet’s Broadband Speed Test measures the data throughput between a computer and a geographic distributed network of servers to calculate how fast broadband speeds are in the real world.

ZDNet's Broadband Speed Test

Ookla’s Speedtest.Net

Ookla's Speedtest.Net

More than 50 million people use this speed test their broadband internet speed.  It’s always good to get a second opinion, nevertheless, Ookla’s does a little more its frequent testers as it allows the users to create an account and save their result and rate their ISP. It is then possible to turn over to another page in order to compare the speed test results to other broadband owners in the area you are in.

SpeedOf. Me

SpeedOf.Me is the forefront of internet speed tests; it skips the Flash and the Java required by all the mentioned broadband testing serviced.

Other speed test tools available on web are:

Uswitch Broadband Speed test tool:

Gone are the days when simple upload and download measurements were enough. UK’s broadband customers still want to know their speeds but they also want to compare the speeds of their neighbors and for what cost.

By using this test you can compare your broadband speed against other providers and who is the fastest provider in your area. Click here to test your Broadband speed

Postcode Checker

By using this tool you can check the best broadband speeds available in your area, by just entering your Postcode into the box. Click here to find out the best deals available.

Broadband StreetStats

If you are thinking of moving your house and want to check what potential broadband speeds are ahead of you then enter your postcode into the StreetStats tool to see what residents on your new locality  are getting and also know the best service provider in order to experience the best offers and services. Click here to compare the StreetStats

Broadband Usage Meter – tbbMeter

Monitor your network connections and record statistics on your usage with our handy bandwidth meter.

Broadband Quality / Ping Monitor

Our continuous quality monitoring allows you to monitor the latency of your broadband service. We take a measurement once a second, every second, and provide graphs you can share with your service provider

Accurately measures broadband connection speed and quality. Test from a number of locations worldwide

ISP Speed and Tests

Ookla is also being used as the essential engine for ISP- branded speed tests, but it is still a well turned-out idea to allow them to use sample out your download and upload quality.

Some of the ISP Speed test tools are listed below:

Charter Communications Communications Warner Cable FiOS broadband tool

T-Mobile Customer Service Number

T Mobile is one of the leading telecommunication providers in the United Kingdom. It together with EE and Orange covers more than 96 % of the population throughout the UK. T mobile is providing fast and efficient 3G network services to its millions of customers. The company is providing the best tariffs that can suit every customer’s needs. T mobile offers pay as you go plans and pay monthly contract to suit customer needs. For more details about T Mobile, you can call at T Mobile Contact Number given by us on this website.

T-Mobile Customer Service Number

T Mobile Customer Service Contact Number

T Mobile Customer Service Phone Number

T-Mobile can provide you deal on all the latest handsets including SamsungIphone, HTC, and LG. T-Mobile customer services can be contacted from Monday to Friday between 8am to 10pm. On the weekends, you can call from 8am to 8pm. By dialing the number listed by us on this website, you can speak to an advisor of T Mobile customer services team and enquire about the service plan that suits you well. T Mobile also offers accessories ranging from phone covers to head phones.

Why to Call T-Mobile Support?

There can be many reasons to call at T-Mobile Customer Services Number. Some are the following:-

  • To report technical device issues.
  • To know the details of Internet Services.
  • To enquire about Accounts and Billing.
  • To know the details of roaming abroad plans.
  • Promotions and Services enquiry.
  • To complaints about T-Mobile products and services.
  • To enquire about Pay as you go and Pay monthly plans.
  • To upgrade your existing contract or phone.
  • To report technical issues related to your device.

When you call at T-Mobile contact number listed by us on this website, you will be able to speak with advisors of Customer Services department. They are highly trained and professional to tackle number of issues regarding your queries. You can contact them to require a subsidy pin number (PAC code) to unlock your T-Mobile.T Mobile Customer Service Contact Number

T- Mobile Phone Number

T-Mobile is German & French owned mobile phone network in the UK. Now, it is owned and operated by EE. As a T-Mobile Customer, you will be able to choose whether to pay for your phone monthly or pay-as-you go basis. You can get all the support over the phone as well as online. You will be able to find out any planned improvements to the network. By calling at T-Mobile Customer Services number given by us on this website, you can also discuss the following mentioned below:-

  • Phone Speed – 3G or 4G: – If you don’t know what 3G or 4G stands for, you can call at T-Mobile Customer Services Number listed by on this website. You will be able to know the differences between the two and the Customer care representative will help to find out which suits your needs.
  • The Type of phone: – T Mobile customer services representatives will help you to find out which mobile brand is right for you and suits you well.
  • The Operating System: – T Mobile customer services advisors will give you better options available regarding operating system if you are favoring specific operating system. You can prefer operating system such as Windows, Android, Apple, and Blackberry.

Phone Accessories

There is wide range of phone accessories available including Headsets, Phone Cases, In Cars and Hands free kits, Batteries, Charger, Bluetooth connectivity, and Memory Cards for increasing the capacity of your phone.

If you are Business user, you can discuss various business plans for Pay monthly users and the Unlimited Sim only plan. There is wide range of phones available for Business users. You can also find out the deals and services specifically available to Business users.

How can you switch to T-Mobile?

It has become simple to switch to T-Mobile. Firstly, you have to select a phone or device- you can buy a new one or bring your own. If you are bringing your own phone, you should check whether it is eligible or not. Then, you have to choose how much high speed data you want. You can choose unlimited text, talk, and data on T-Mobile network with up to 1GB high speed data on nationwide 4G LTE network. Lastly, T- Mobile will contact your existing carrier to make the switch.

What is T-Mobile return policy?

If your new T-Mobile device doesn’t fit into your expectations, you can return it. To get full price of your purchase, you have to return your device with original associated contents, undamaged and in good working condition. T-Mobile return policy is exclusively based on where you bought your phone or device. Before returning your phone or device to T-Mobile, you have to consider the following mentioned below:-

  • T-Mobile authorized dealer: – If you bought your phone or device from T-Mobile authorized dealer, you have to consider the individual authorized dealer’s return policies applicable to your purchase.
  • T-Mobile retail store: – If you bought your phone or device from T-Mobile store, you have to return it within 14 days from the date of purchasing the item for refund. You can return accessories purchased separately within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • T-Mobile online at My T-Mobile: – If you bought your device online at My T-Mobile, you can return it within 20 days from the date of purchase of your device. You can return accessories purchased separately within 30 days from the date of purchase.

You have to fill out the Return Form and indicate the item(s) and the reason(s) for the return. You have to seal the package and process it for shipping. It is advised that you have to send the package via traceable carrier such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS so that you will be able to track your package if needed. Your account will be credited for the full purchase price of Device or accessory within two billing cycles from the date T-Mobile receive your return.

Tesco Mobile Customer Service

 Tesco Mobile Customer Service Contact

Here, the Tesco Direct Contact number will automatically direct you to the Tesco Direct main enquiry helpline and the Customer Service Team who will willingly assist you with your enquiry. The Tesco is among one of the largest retail outlets and only second to US based Wall mart. The Company has also been listed at the London Stock exchange bragging of a market capitalisation of about £25 billion.

Founded1919, East End of London, London
SubsidiariesTesco Bank, Tesco Mobile, Tesco Ireland, more

Tesco Direct is a web-based variant of the regular Tesco stored. The Tesco Direct deals generally deals with the items like clothes, jewellery, home, gaming accessories, health, beauty and many more. Although, in order to obtain a full product list of the items that are available at the Tesco Direct, we suggest you to contact the Tesco Direct customer helpline contact numbers.

Tesco Mobile Contact Number

How to Track your Tesco Direct order?

Well, thanks to Tesco direct contact number   it is now possible to track your order, you can also initiate a complaint, or even rearrange a delivery. One of the basic advantages of ordering the products through Tesco contact number is that the shopper benefit from a wide range of variety of the products from the different stores.

Tesco Opening Hours

The Tesco Customer helpline numbers allows you to find the answers to your queries respectively-Tesco’s committed personnels are always available between the below mentioned hours:

8am to 11pm Monday to Friday

8am to 8pm on a Saturday

10am to 6pm on a Sunday

If it is about Tesco Mobile Customer Service you are suggested please note the opening hours as follows:

8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday

9am until 6pm on a Sunday

What is the cost of calling the Tesco Direct Customer Services number?

Well, making a call to a Tesco Customer Helpline number it may cost approximately 6 Pence, along with up to 2 pence, is using a BT calling plan.

Need to Contact Tesco by post?

Evidently every enquiry is made individually itself, Therefore, it is important to be sure of any written correspondence goes to the correct address. Any online or in-store issues must be addressed to:

Tesco PLC – Contacts

Baird Avenue



Tel: +44 (0)  . Email: ..

Does the company accept cheques?

The company no longer accepts personal cheques for in-store transactions. However it accepts business cheques, but this needs to be pre-agreed by the  Tesco Store Manager.

Can I use my old Tesco gift voucher?

Yes, these vouchers can be accepted as they do not have an expiry date.

What to do if I’ve been overcharged by Tesco?

You can visit the company’s Customer Service Desk with your receipt if you have been overcharged.

What to do if I have been charged twice for the same transaction?

You can contact the Customer Service team via Contact Us page where the Tesco agent will help you in this issue.

Can I spend a coupon of a branded product at Tesco store?

Yes, the company will accept these coupons as long as you’ve purchased the product and the terms and conditions on the coupon are met.

What forms of ID does Tesco accept as proof of age?

The company accepts Passports (with photo), Photographic Driving Licenses, Portman Cards, Citizen cards, Military ID card and Validate cards as proof of age.

How to check if I’ve left an item in one of the Tesco stores?

All items of lost property are logged at the Customer Service Desk, you can visit the Tesco Customer Service Desk on your next visit.

What are the timings to use the Scan as You Shop service?

The Scan as you Shop Service is available in selected stores between 8am-10pm.

What are the charges to use the Coinstar Centre?

There will be a processing fee of 8.9% on the total amount of coins you put in the Coinstar centre.

Does Tesco reserve items to collect at a later date?

No, the company operates a ‘first come first served’ policy on all  stocks.

How can I return or exchange my item?

You can bring the item back to Tesco store along with your receipt and you will get a full refund or your item will be exchanged

Do I get Clubcard points when I buy a Branded Gift Card?

If you’re a Clubcard customer, you’ll earn 150 Clubcard points for every £50 you spend in a single transaction on Branded Gift Cards.

Vodafone Customer Service Contact Number

If you have got a question about Vodafone Accounts, billing, Top Ups, upgrades or any other essential customer information about Vodafone services. This is the best option to get in touch with Vodafone Customer Support, Just call Vodafone customer services telephone number listed here, or contact Vodafone by phone or Live Chat, which is a time consuming process. Want answers to your queries real fast? Call at Vodafone Helpline contact phone number given here & speak to their technical support person. Get advice or help from a real person at Vodafone customer care center UK. Only press1for provides the contact number for Vodafone that is available 24×7.

Calls cost £0.05 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website.

Vodafone customer services helpline numberHow do I contact Vodafone Technical Support team? 


[mks_icon icon=”fa-comment” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] How to get in touch with Vodafone Customer Services team?

[mks_icon icon=”fa-comment” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] How do I make a complaint to Vodafone?

[mks_icon icon=”fa-comment” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] How do I contact Vodafone to talk with their Technical Support person?

[mks_icon icon=”fa-comment” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] How do I start a live chat with Vodafone Customer Care Representative?

[mks_icon icon=”fa-comment” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] What Is The contact number for Vodafone?

– Can I bring my existing number to Vodafone?

Yes, you can do this by means of a simple process i.e. porting. After getting your PAC (Porting Authorization Code) from your existing network, contact us. We’ll take care of the rest.

Important things to remember: Make sure to use up all the credit with your existing network. Once you’ve joined us, you won’t be able to use any existing credit.

– What to do in case I need to change or cancel my move?

In any case, kindly let us know one working day before your planned move date (before 5pm). After that, we won’t be able to make any changes.

– On which day will my number change?

It all depends on when you send the completed online form to us:

– Are you searching for Vodafone customer service contact number?

Vodafone Contact Telephone Number For Customer Care

Vodafone FAQS

– Can I make calls on the day my number joins Vodafone?

Using Vodafone contact number listed here, you can make calls on Vodafone network with your new SIM and phone from 11am on the day you join. You can still get calls on your old SIM and phone, until the move has been completed.

Your number is expected to move between 11am and 4pm, but it may take time until the end of the same working day. After the move has been completed, we’ll send you a text message to welcome you on Vodafone. You’ll need to send a text to activate your number or make a chargeable call.

In case, you’re not getting your number activated, get in touch with us for due compensation.

– What do I mean with a Porting Authorization Code (PAC)?

In case, you’re joining or leaving Vodafone and want to keep your existing number, you’ll require a Porting Authorization Code (PAC).

You can get your PAC by email or post from your old network. As soon as you receive this, simply fill in the number transfer form. We’ll take care of the rest.

You can use PAC only within 30 days of the date of issuance. You’re required to give it to us in time in order to set up your move.

In case, you’ve changed your mind about moving, don’t worry. Nothing will happen, if you haven’t yet arranged your move.

Vodafone Helpline Phone Number

Vodafone contact number Vodafone Customer Support: Opening Hours

You can also call Vodafone Customer service: Official Number
Before 5 pm
  • Monday – Tuesday
  • Tuesday – Wednesday
  • Wednesday – Thursday
  • Thursday – Friday
  • Friday – Monday
  • Saturday – Tuesday
  • Sunday – Tuesday

After 5pm

  • Monday – Wednesday
  • Tuesday – Thursday
  • Wednesday – Friday
  • Thursday – Monday
  • Friday – Tuesday
  • Saturday – Tuesday
  • Sunday – Tuesday

Vodafone Customer Service NumberVodafone Customer Service Phone Number – Essential Customer Information

– Can I use my phone when I am abroad?

You can use your phone abroad, and there are standard charges and rates (subject to the country you are traveling to). Make sure to check the “Pay As You Go” and “Pay Monthly” options for your destination.

As a security measure, your phone may get blocked when you travel abroad in order to avoid unauthorized persons from making any unauthorized/expensive calls. To prevent this, kindly inform Customer Services that you are traveling abroad.

As soon as you arrive at your destination, your phone should connect automatically to any one of the local networks. In case this doesn’t happen, you can go for manual settings (selecting a network) through the ‘Phone Settings’ part of your phone.

Before you leave, you can top up by simply dialing 2345 from your Vodafone phone, and select Option 1. You can also opt to register your credit/debit card with your SIM, and you can top up online.

– How can I upgrade my existing phone?

To upgrade, just call Vodafone Customer Care number or log into your My Vodafone account. Alternatively you can also visit your nearest Vodafone store.

In case, you upgrade after your contract ends, your new plan will start from the very first day you’ve placed the order. In case, you’ve upgraded earlier, your new plan will begin after your original ending date.

– Is it possible to make changes to my plan?

Yes, you can make changes to your existing plan simply by calling customer care helpline number for Vodafone Support . To find out more about Vodafone UK products and services GO HERE.

– What should I do if my phone has been lost or stolen?

In case, you’ve lost your phone or it has been stolen, you should immediately Contact Vodafone Customer Services by phone so that that your SIM can be immediately blocked to avoid somebody else using the same.

However, if your phone was insured with Vodafone, you can call Vodafone Claims Helpline team and make a claim.

In case, you’re a Pay Monthly customer, your phone will be charged for any calls made before you report the lost or stolen case. Moreover, your monthly rental will carry on.

On the other hand, Pay As You Go customers are not required to pay anything until your SIM is blocked.

You can easily get a substitute/replacement SIM card from the local Vodafone store, following a loss or theft case.

Vodafone uk customer care telephone number

Vodafone Customer Service NumberVodafone Telephone Number – Discount Offers FAQs

– Can I know who is eligible for student discount offer?

This offer is only available to University students, and for only one connection per student. Moreover, the offers are only available with new connections (or transfers from other networks), or current Vodafone customers who are entitled to re-assign to an additional contract period.

– What about the price plan in my name to be eligible for the offer?

To become eligible for the offer, the price plan should be in your name. You are not eligible to apply for the offer if the plan is in your parent’s name.

– What are the benefits of this offer?

You’ll get an additional 10% discount on 12-month SIM only plans and 12- and 24-month pay monthly handset plans. The discount will include line rental, and there will be no any additional extras such as data packs, insurance, music, mobile TV and video, ringtones and games. Other charges excluded are usage charges and one-off charges

– What is the compatibility of price plans with the discounts?

In this offer, discounts are offered on consumer pay monthly plans (12 and 24-month contracts for mobile phones only), in addition to on SIM-only pay monthly plans (12-month contracts).

The offer is not available on the following plans:

  • 30-day SIM only plans
  • Data or broadband plans
  • Household plans
  • Business plans
  • Pay as you go plans
  • Red Hot plans
  • Red+ plans (Leader plans can be discounted)
  • Trade-in plans

– Can I get this offer and how?

Only price plans bought through the Vodafone online shop/telesales/Vodafone shops are eligible for this offer. To avail the discount, you’ll have to submit the online form with all completed fields. Moreover, you should have your university email address and your Student Number to apply for the discount. As soon as the discount gets applied to your Vodafone phone number, you’ll informed by email.

– Can I know if I upgrade or change my price plan?

In case, you apply for a change in your price plan, you’ve to inform via Vodafone customer service to re-apply the discount.

– What does it happens if I graduate from University (while remaining in contract)?

The discount will continue to persist on the account for the contract period (until you change price plan or upgrade it). At this stage, you will not be eligible to apply for the Student Offer.

– Am I eligible if I don’t have an email address?

No, you’re not eligible for this offer if you don’t have an email address.

– What’s the duration of the discount offered?

The discount will continue to persist until you change your price plan. The discount request has to be resubmitted if it is still required.

– Why my Welcome letter doesn’t show any discount?

The Welcome letter doesn’t show any information on your Student Offer. Via separate email, the confirmation of the Student Offer will be sent.

– Can I know how I’m eligible to upgrade?

Simply log in to Vodafone My Account and then click on Upgrade my phone. Choose the Vodafone products and plans section to observe if you’re eligible to upgrade or not.

– How can I know more about the Student Offer?

Simply drop an email at and tell your inquiry or any Vodafone complaints you have by calling Vodafone customer service support heldesk team . Make sure to include your name, address and postcode, date of birth and student account phone number.

For any other question not related to the Student Offer, please call Vodafone Customer Care And Support Number . You can also visit My account on .

customer care vodafone contact number

Vodafone Upgrade Contact Number

– Can I know the eligibility for this offer?

The Vodafone Employee Advantage scheme is only available to company employees that are verified participants of the Vodafone Employee Advantage scheme. An employee can get a maximum of six connections. Further, it is applicable only to new Vodafone connections or existing customers. Any person who’s permitted to start a Pay monthly plan can avail the discount scheme. Moreover, these persons should be at least 18 years old, maintain a bank account and permanent resident in the UK.

– How do I qualify for this offer?

In order to qualify for this offer, you should contact directly with Vodafone. Online purchases made at Vodafone retail store/ Vodafone Telesales will meet the criteria for this scheme.

– Can I apply for any discount?

In order to apply for the discount for your friends and family, just follow the necessary steps. Kindly submit your form within 30 days of getting the new connection. In case, you fail to apply within 30 days, you won’t be eligible for any discount.

Mobile phone and SIM only: Discount offers are available on Pay monthly plans (12 and 24 months) including 12-month SIM only plans.

iPad and tablets: 15% off discount on all iPad and tablet plans, and 15% off the monthly price of any Vodafone Smart Tab 4(24-month plan).

Vodafone Customer care helpline telephone Number

– Can I still get a discount/offer, as I’m already a Vodafone customer?

This discount/offer is only available to customers who have taken out a new plan (within 30 days of applying for the discount or upgraded the plan).

In order to find out the eligibility:

  • Simply log in to My Vodafone and select ‘Upgrade my phone’ (within the Products and plans section)
  • Call on 191 from your Vodafone number (mobile)

– Can I know about my first bill?

  • You’ll get your first bill within two weeks of joining Vodafone. You’ll get an email or a text message to let you know when the bill is ready.
  • Your first bill may be somewhat more than the actual charge for your plan. It covers the first full month, including the account set up charges.
  • In case, the discount is not reflected in your first bill, it’ll be adjusted in your second bill.
  • If you want to check your bills online, you can manage them with My Vodafone account. You can also check your usage or make online payment.

– If I upgrade/ change my plan/ change my number, what will happen?

In case, you upgrade/ change your plan/ change your number, all discounts will be removed and you are required to apply again within 30 days. Your friends and family members will also have to complete the form in order to re-apply for the discount.

– Can I know how to transfer my number from a different network?

Only your VEA discount is eligible to the number you desire to keep. In case, you wish for the transfer of your old number to new Vodafone plan, you are required to do that in a separate way. The completion of this process takes time, and only then you can apply for VEA discount (normal online/ at your nearest store) showing your work ID badge/ recent payslip.

– What is the duration of the discount offered?

The discount will stay in place until your account is upgraded/ the price plan changes/ the number changes. Any changes or upgrades on your own account, including your friends and family members will definitely mean the removal of discount. At this moment, you’ve to complete the form to apply again for the discount.

– How can I find my iPad/ tablet’s telephone number?

While filling the online discount form, you’ll be asked for the ‘Vodafone number to be discounted’.

You can find the tablet’s telephone number as follows:

  • On the welcome letter or the bill
  • On the bill receipt
  • Simply by logging into My Vodafone page(

– Can I know how I’m eligible to upgrade?

In order to find out whether you’re eligible to upgrade:

  • Simply log in to My Vodafone and select ‘Upgrade my phone’ (within the Products and plans section)
  • Just call us on 191 from your Vodafone mobile number
  • Visit any one of the Vodafone stores

customer care vodafone contact numberContact Telephone Number For Vodafone – 24 Hour Support Available

– What do I mean by Vodafone Voicemail?

In case, your mobile phone is out of coverage area/ switched off/ engaged/ the customer does not answer, calls can be diverted to Vodafone voicemail. Here the caller can leave a message. After that, voicemail will try to alert the customer to the message (waiting). Further, the caller’s number will get stored so that the call can be easily called later on.

– How does Voicemail work?

All new connections have the facility to get Voicemail activated automatically. Voicemail will answer calls when a customer is not available. Customers can call 1211 to switch it on and call 1210 to switch it off.

To arrange voicemail (answer all calls) by simply call 1212. To cancel this, just call 1213.

By calling 21212, customers can record their own messages. In case, the customer does not use this Voice mail service for continuous 90 days, the mailbox gets reclaimed by the network. However, by dialing 1211, this service can be reactivated.

– What is the cost of Voice mail?

Customers aren’t required to pay any subscription charges. They aren’t charged anything when callers leave messages for them. The billing is at the normal price plan rate while they are connected to the Voice mail service. For any other question not related to the Student Offer, please call Vodafone Telephone Number For Customer Services from your mobile.