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In case the service of your broadband provider leaves a little (or a lot) to be desired, then it may seem that you are not alone facing the same. According to a new research from Ofcom shows that 35% of the respondents, who had contacted their broadband providers to survey in the three months prior to the survey, had done so in order to complain.

Though that is not bad enough, as the reading shows that one in five (21%) of these appellants were discontented with the services they received as the feedback of the complaints they made.

BT has moved into the unenviable position of being the “most complained about ISP” in the UK, according to the latest figures published by Ofcom.

According to Ofcom…………

BT suffered a backlash against faults and remedial action, with the regulator saying: “Complaints were primarily driven by service faults and issues with how complaints were handled.”

BT said in a statement……..

“BT is the fastest growing business by far in the UK for both pay TV and broadband, and as we process more transactions we have unfortunately suffered more disruption than companies with static or declining customer bases,”

BT and Talk Talk

Out of the four broadband providers nailed in by Ofcom’s survey – BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media – the highest numbers of complaints were made by the BT customers. In fact, according to the survey 39% of the BT customers made recent calls to their broadband providers in order to complain about some facet of BT’s broadband services.

Well, it can said to be a high jump upwards!! if we talk about the figures that were issued last year and also the highest on the record in the investigations started by Ofcom. Whereas TalkTalk played a fair game this year (36%) as it had the highest proportion of complaints in the reports issued last year.

The Customer’s satisfaction was below than average in some aspects including the BT customer service and TalkTalk. But for BT, it included the ease in order to find the provider’s contact details, a speed of response, being kept informed and the persuasive logging of the query details.

And For TalkTalk, the highlighted areas of improvement comprises the provision of the useful advice and the information, the advisors’ ability to understand what the issue in actual is and then identify the problem accordingly, along with the persuasive logging of the query details.

Sky and Virgin Media

Sky and Virgin Media acquired the lower proportion of the complaints than BT and Talk talk, which are 33% and 32% respectively based on their customers’ most recent causes for the contact.

Customers of both are reported to be highly satisfied on a number of aspects when talking about the Sky customer services, in addition to receive other valuable and useful advice and information while speaking to a sky technical support advisor who understood the problem and was able to identify the problem.

According to the survey by Ofcom, Virgin Media broadband customers who contacted their broadband provider regarding a fault and repair were more anticipated to say that their issue was resolved by contacting the virgin media customer support once only.

Ofcom recorded the fewest complaints about O2 (0.029/1,000) and Three (0.033/1,000).

What are the Major causes for complaint?

According to the report by Ofcom, slow broadband speeds continue to be the most common and specific reason for contacting a broadband provider, the reckoning for 19% of the most recent reasons for getting in touch with. This followed by the requests to change the packages or the services which accounted for 12% in terms of contact.

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Here, Ofcom sundered the reasons appellants gave for contacting their provider into three broad classifications: a billing issue, a general enquiry and a fault or need of repair.

Around 46% of respondents’ reasoned  that they contacted their providers related to a fault or need of repair while one in the three (35%) contacted for a general enquiry.

Lastly, One in a five (19%) contacted their providers related to the billing issue.

Eventually. only half of the customers who contacted their broadband providers with an issue had the issue resolved right after one call.

Though there was a better news in that – just 6% of respondents were left unsatisfied with their broadband provider’s customer service when they called with an enquiry to be considered by the provider they did not feel was a complaint.

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