British Gas Customer Service Contact Number

 0844 385 1133

 Calls cost £0.05 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

To Contact, British Gas customer service team Call on 0844 385 1133 . This is a direct dial British Gas contact number that connects you straight through to their department. British Gas contact telephone number can be called from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

British Gas Contact Number

The need to contact the British Gas customer service department is something that customers will face regularly. There are lots of ways of finding information that you may need over the internet but sometimes you are faced with circumstances that dictate you have to pick up the phone and speak with a member of the British Gas customer service team.

Fortunately that is where the contact number of british gas listed on this website comes in handy. Calling  0844 385 1133 will connect you straight through to the British Gas customer service line because it is a direct dial british gas contact number. There is no telephonist who works for the directory enquiries company waiting to ask you which company it is that you wish to speak with and then connect you through, making your phone call last significantly longer than necessary.

british gas knowledge graph contact number – British Gas is an energy and home services provider in the United Kingdom: ref- wikipedia

Where can I find a telephone number for British Gas?

For all British Gas pay as you go PAYG (prepayment) customers, in addition to this service we also offer one straight rate for the phone call. When the British Gas contact number is called from a BT landline the bill payer can be sure to only pay 5p for every minute the phone call lasts. The caller should be older than 18 years of age and have secured the bill payer’s permission before calling the British Gas contact phone number but the bill payer has a responsibility to check the charges that may be incurred if the number is called from anything other than a BT landline.

The use of a mobile phone or a landline with a different provider can lead to the bill payer incurring additional or greater costs for calling the British Gas customer helpline. We are an independent company offering this service and are only able to provide the billing information in relation to BT landlines.

British Gas Customer Services

While calling the number that we list on this website is a sure-fire way to speak with a member of British Gas customer services and have your enquiry answered immediately, there is also an alternative option when it comes to contacting the customer services team. Visit the British Gas website to find all of the information regarding contacting the company through electronic communication channels.

The British Gas customer service department is available to be reached through email and live chat services as well as over the phone. These are simpler ways to ask a quick, possibly general question that can be done over the internet so customers do not incur the costs of making a phone call. It is also possible to read the information listed on the British Gas website. This comes in the form of a Frequently Asked Questions page which details generic responses to the questions that the British Gas customer service department find themselves answering regularly.

Whether you are a current or potential British Gas HomeCare customer, you can call the British Gas customer service line, the number for which is listed on this website. Their employees are willing to listen and assist respectively depending on your reason for calling the number. There are different levels to the service as well – if you are concerned about the gas supply into your building, perhaps you suspect a leak, you can call the British Gas contact number seven days a week and 24 hours a day. If you simply wish to change some of the details attached to your account, the opening hours of the British Gas customer helpline are a little more limited.

British Gas Homecare Contact Number  

Whatever the reason is for calling, if you are an existing customer it is important to have your account or customer number at the ready. This will allow the British Gas customer advisor to instantly access your account and make any relevant changes.

This is only possible when the customer cooperates with the customer services department, right from the beginning of the telephone call. While this British Gas phone number is a direct dial number and will therefore connect you straight through to the respective department, but when the customer is first connected they will hear an automated menu and be asked to select the most appropriate option. This will allow the caller to be directed towards the most suitable member of staff for their enquiry.

By paying attention to the options and making sure you select the most appropriate option and then having your account number ready when you are connected, will allow you contribute your bit to make sure the most efficient energy service possible can be offered. By immediately giving the British Gas customer advisor your account number you are making sure that they can access your account instantly which will speed the whole process up as much as possible.

There will of course also be security checks that have to be carried out in order to make sure that you are the account holder. After all, anyone could read the account number off the top of your most recent gas bill!

Contact Us details for British Gas

British Gas offer a series of offers to make sure you pay your bills in the most efficient way for you, as well as pleasing them. For example, establishing a direct debit with the company will allow the company to instantly receive the agreed amount each month as well as the customer being able to manage their money more efficiently because they know precisely how much is leaving the account each time. There are two options for direct debits too – monthly or quarterly. The latter is more accurate in terms of paying for precisely what you’ve used, but paying monthly allows for the cost to be spread in a more efficient manner: it makes budgeting easier.

It is perfectly acceptable still for the customer to contact British Gas every time they receive their bill and pay precisely what is owed for that period of time. Customers can do this through any format – card payment, cheque or cash and each time they pay the bill will be reset. With direct debits, the customer is often offered an estimated amount to pay each month and then they will either discover that they need to pay more or less when their account is reviewed (usually every six months) and the direct debit is appropriately adjusted.

British Gas Free Phone Number

With slogans such as “from one off repair to regular care” and “looking after your world”, British Gas make it clear to their customers on a regular basis that they are dedicated to offering the best, most comprehensive customer service possible. This should fill the customer with confidence when they do need to call the British Gas customer care department using the number listed here.

If calling the telephone number listed here is not the way you would most like to contact the company, you can either read all of the information available on their website or alternatively, it is possible to enter into an email conversation. This will mean you can receive the same level of in depth information that you would receive over the phone, but in a way that allows you to communicate at you convenience.

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