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Looking For Audi UK Customer Services Number? Are you facing issues with your Audi car? You can get in touch with the Audi customer care team. All you have to do is call the Audi helpline number mentioned below. The agent will assist you in the best possible way. Once your query is resolved, kindly rate the Audi Customer Care number below.

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How to find out my Audi MOT due date?

If you have forgotten your MOT due date, you can check your MOT date by clicking here. You have to enter your car registration number and the system will automatically check the due date. You can also set a reminder of the date by registering on the Automyze account.

How can I check my Audi car tyre pressure?

All the Audi cars are installed with the tyre pressure monitoring system. You can check tyre pressure on the infotainment screen known as MMI. You will also find the information of your tyre pressure in the instrument panel of the car. If there is low pressure in your car tyres, you will see a yellow warning light on the speedometer panel. After inflating the tyres you have to reset the tyre pressure monitoring system.

Audi UK Contact Number

How to change my Audi car tyre?

To change your Audi car tyre, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Turn ON the hazards of your car.  Press the “Triangle shape” button to ON the hazards.
  • Engage the Parking brake on your car. Press the “P” button located near the gearbox.
  • Take out the tyre from the boot of your car. The tyre will be placed under the boot space shelf.
  • Take out the tool box from a small cabin placed at the right side of the boot.
  • Take out the “pin” from the toolbox and pull out the “Audi logo fitted on the tyre”.
  • Fit the Socket in front of the Spanner and place it on the tyre. You have to rotate the Spanner on your left side in order to loosen the bolts on the tyre.
  • Place the Jack (situated in the toolbox) under the chassis of the car.
  • Attach the Rotating Arm (situated in the toolbox) to the jack and turn it to the right side to lift the car up.
  • Once the car is lifted up, you can take out the tyre and replace it with another.

Contact Audi UK

How to Contact Audi UK?

If you are facing any issues regarding your car, you can contact the Audi customer support team. The customer service number are mentioned below:

  • Audi Customer Service:

Telephone number:

Timings: Monday to Sunday- 8 am to 8pm.


  • Audi Roadside Assistance:

Telephone number:


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