Are You Unable To Connect your PS 3 to BT Home Hub WiFi?

Connecting Your Playstation 3 to BT Home Hub WiFi.

ERROR: Attempt to obtain ip address timed out

Please note: to connect your device wirelessly at first you need to know your hub’s wireless network name and wireless key. If you don’t know the wireless key or password, check under the side or at back of your BT hub as it will be mentioned there.

  • Select Network Settings from the home screen of your PS3. Please ensure that your internet connection is enabled.
  • Now, select Internet Connection settings.
  • Select yes to accept when prompted with a warning.
  • Then select
  • custom>>wireless>> scan.
  • You will now see a list of hubs and routers within range of your PS3 and then highlight your hub or router name and select.
    Select your wireless name.
  • Enter the Security Key and then press Start key using your controller.
  • You will have to change the Hubs or Router settings, therefore you will have to verify your Hub or router settings:
  • Verify whether your IP Address Setting is Automatic.
  • Verify that the “Set the DHCP host name” is selected to “do not select”.
  • DNS Settings are set to Automatic.
  • Also please make sure that your proxy server is set to “do not use”.

Verify the settings press X button to select.

  • Press X button in order to verify your connection.
  • Lastly, you will provided with a test summary and to finish the setup press O button of your remote.

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