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Apple Watch Confirmed Launch.

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After a month’s wait, the Apple Watch (yep, not iWatch) is about to go on sale. Here’s what you need to know.Now, we will soon be able to buy the Apple Watch (yep, not the iWatch).

Apple has now finalised all the details including Apple Watch release date and UK price information. Apple Watch looks cool. It can take calls on your wrist. It can cycle through the music and emails on your iPhone. It opens hotel doors! But when it came down to Apple’s closing pitch — that the device would improve efficiency, health, and fitness — a number of experts just weren’t buying it. So to speak.

The announcement was made at the Spring Forward event on 9 March, which was attended by analysts and media and took place in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The event shed light on the exact release date for the Apple Watch, as well as the final pricing structure for the various different models on offer. Find out what else was announced at the Apple Watch event here.

Apple needs to prove why consumers need a smartwatch to confirm this is a mass market and to meet the expectations Apple has raised about the smartwatch category. If Apple succeeds, other smartwatch makers will benefit from the increased addressable market. If Apple fails to make a case, then the smartwatch category will remain a niche and all smartwatch makers will suffer,” said Antony Marlis, Customer care exec in Apple Customer Service Support Dept UK.

Apple Watch UK Launch Date

Rumours had suggested that the Apple Watch would launch in the US first, with a staggered worldwide launch. Apple even told Digital Arts that the Apple Watch wouldn’t launch in the UK in April. Then a few days ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook took a trip to the flagship Apple Store in Berlin, Germany and while there, conversed with employees and allegedly told them that the Watch isn’t an exclusive device to the United States when it launches in April.

Everything You Need To Know Apple Watch: Release Date, Price, Features, Design & Specs(.gif Images)

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, has confirmed (Source: Telegraph) the price, battery life, release date and apps of the Apple Watch and that you’ll be able to pre-order or try the Apple Watch in an Apple Store from 10 April, and it will go on sale on 24 April. At first it will be available in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan, with more countries to follow..

This shows that Apple is being very aggressive to get the Watch on as many wrists as it can, right from the off. Is Apple feeling the pressure from other smartwatches like the Pebble Time?

Apple will live stream the event here.

The stakes are high for a company that just dislodged AT&T as one of the 30 stocks comprising the venerable Dow Jones industrial average. The watch is the first brand-new device Apple has launched without Steve Jobs.

Apple’s 10 a.m. PDT (1 p.m. EDT) event will likely begin with other product announcements. Here’s a look at what’s known so far and what to look fo


Everything You Need To Know Apple Watch: Release Date, Price, Features, Design & Specs(.gif Images)

Apple has said the watch will start at $349 for the base model. There will be three different lines: aluminum for fitness enthusiasts, stainless steel for everyday wear and luxury 18-karat gold. Each line will come in two sizes and offer a variety of wristbands.

The luxury edition might cost several thousand dollars, in line with other high-end jewelry. One question is whether Apple will let you keep the expensive casing and swap internal components as they are upgraded.

Apple Watch is available in three collections and two sizes for each collection, starting with Apple Watch Sport, priced at £299 inc VAT and £339 inc VAT; Apple Watch, available from £479 inc VAT to £949 inc VAT; and Apple Watch Edition, crafted from custom rose or yellow 18-karat gold alloys, with prices starting at £8,000 inc VAT.

Apple Watch Specs & Hardware

  • Sizes: 38mm and 42mm: 38 mm: 21.2 x 26.5 mm, 33.5 mm (1.32 in) diagonally, 272 x 340 pixels,
  • 42 mm: 24.3 x 30.5 mm, 39 mm (1.5 in) diagonally, 312 x 390 pixels
  • Versions: Apple Watch , Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition complete with a variety of strap choices for each model
  • Retina touchscreen display with Force Touch, and sapphire glass or Ion-X glass cover depending on model
  • Taptic Engine and built-in speaker for instant tactile feedback
  • Custom S1 SiP (System in Package) chip
  • Sensors: accelerometer, built-in heart rate sensor
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • NFC support (for Apple Pay payments)
  • Digital Crown Home button
  • 18-hours battery life and MagSafe charging
  • Compatibility: iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
  • Apple Pay and Siri support



1. Digital Crown

Apple has created what it calls a Digital Crown, a spinning dial on the side of the watch that you spin to zoom in and out of apps or rotate down through apps. This method of interaction ensures the display is never covered, meaning you can always see what’s being displayed on its screen – even when moving around the UX. The screen does still support touch input, however, and what’s more it has “force sensitivity” so it can tell how hard you’re pressing – this means it can perform different functions with different levels of pressure on the display.

Everything You Need To Know Apple Watch: Release Date, Price, Features, Design & Specs(.gif Images)

2. Apple Watch’s so-called Taptic Engine

A flexible retina display is a single crystal of sapphire. Force Touch, tiny electrodes around the display, recognise the difference between a tap and a press, allowing for different gestures to be made. A linear actuator provides haptic feedback. This is the Apple Watch’s so-called Taptic Engine: more than just helpfully vibrating when you receive a new notification, it can do such things as provide slightly different vibrations for left- and right turns within the Maps app.

3. Accelerometer

On the back a ceramic cover with sapphire lenses protects four sensors that make up the heart-rate monitor, which allows the Apple Watch to build up a comprehensive picture of your daily activities. The Apple Watch also has an accelerometer to measure body movement, and it uses the Wi-Fi and GPS in your iPhone to track distance. There’s a speaker, too, which is water-resistant.

4. power-hungry

For charging the Apple Watch combines MagSafe and inductive charging in a completely sealed unit. You simply hold the back of the watch near the charging connector and magnets pull it into place. According to 9to5Mac, the Apple Watch should offer a typical battery life of 19 hours. The hardware is rather power-hungry, so for gaming you’ll get only around 2.5 hours, but two- to three days on standby. Tim Cook said back in September that you’ll probably want to charge the iWatch every night.

Even for users who would find 18 hours sufficient, another concern is how the battery capacity erodes over time.Apple will offer to replace old batteries in its watches, just like it does in aging iPads and iPhones. That’s at least some consolation for people who plan to pay $10,000 or more for a potential family heirloom, the gold Apple Watch Edition.

5. A custom-designed S1 chip resides inside the Apple Watch, and is completely encapsulated in resin to protect it from the elements, impact and wear. This is an entire computing solution on a single chip

6. A Glances feature lets you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see whatever information you choose to have there. This is quick, at-a-glance summaries of such things as the weather forecast, your location or your calendar.

Everything You Need To Know Apple Watch: Release Date, Price, Features, Design & Specs(.gif Images)

7. The Apple Watch lets you control music on your iPhone or computer, or music stored on the Watch itself. Any photos you favourite on your iPhone or Mac will also show up on your Apple Watch.

8. You can choose what types of notifications you receive on the Apple Watch, then simply raise your wrist to see the notification.

Still, Apple and other companies should be aiming for a week’s worth of battery life within the next few years, said Danyl Matle, a sky customer service analyst. “Every time someone takes off a smartwatch, you’re potentially losing that user,” he said.

“Nobody making a smartwatch wants that to happen, so this is a problem that will get solved. It’ll just take some time,” he added.

Apple Watch: Try the Apple Watch today

Pipes’ Apple Watch Demo lets you try the Apple Watch experience in your browser right now. Just head to to test drive the Apple Watch.

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4 Reasons To Why you should buy Apple Watch?

  • If you need extra motivation to get moving
  • If you’re looking for a new way to be organizedIf you’re in the industry
  • If you have disposable income, and need to be the trendiest Apple fanboy on the block
  • If you’re an early adopter

7 Reasons To Why you shouldn’t buy the Apple Watch?

  • If you’re not interested in being an early adopter
  • If you’re expecting groundbreaking health care improvements
  • If you’re already pretty fit … and you’re reasonably price—conscious
  • If you don’t have the money to spend
  • No GPS or cellular connectivity
  • It doesn’t feel very Apple
  • Digital crown feels clumsy and unrefined

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Unanswered questions

According to multiple reports out of France, Apple is constructing a dedicated display for the upcoming Apple Watch in some upscale Paris-based retail outlets. The reports say that the size of the display is close to the length of a few small balconies and that Apple Retail Senior Vice President Angela Ahrendts has been directing the construction of the booth at retailer Galeries Lafayette on Champs Elysees. While these claims for France are still unconfirmed, sources have told us that Apple is considering constructing dedicated Apple Watch retail stores in the future if demand deems such outlets necessary…

These dedicated stores could be stores within larger high—end retailers, similar to how Macs are sold at Best Buy, or smaller-scale Apple Stores that sit on their own to sell Apple Watches.

Apple Watch clones at CES 2015: Apple Watch for Android

According to The FT, January’s CES 2015 show has seen a number of Chinese manufacturers showing clones of the Apple Watch. These are near-identical copies, and it’s difficult to tell them apart from the real thing. These cost from as little as $60 each, which is a long way off Apple’s $350 asking price.

The watches reportedly use a customised version of Android Wear that has been made to more closely resemble Apple’s Watch interface.

BREAKING NEWS: Cheap ‘Apple Watch’ copies on sale via Alibaba site (source: BBC)

Apps we already know and use regularly will bring out ‘mini-app’ versions of their software, which we can then download and install onto our wearable devices. These ‘mini-apps’ will be controlled from the main app platform, from within our iPhones.  In a similar fashion to ‘Tweet alerts’ and Facebook’s ‘Notify Me’ service – the Apple Watch will notify the wearer of changes and updates to their chosen apps.

We took inspiration from a subject close to our hearts, and developed a concept for a Sky sports mini-app.

Introducing: The Sky Sports Alerts ‘Mini-App’ for Apple Watch

Everything You Need To Know Apple Watch: Release Date, Price, Features, Design & Specs(.gif Images)

From the main Sky Sports app, you can select your favourite teams (the ones you want to get updates/alerts from) and the updates you wish you receive about your chosen teams. Taking inspiration from ‘Championship Manager’ (the one place you should always start) we categorized the alerts into:

This simple mini-app concept could be applied to almost all of our current iOS apps and serve as a simple and beneficial integration between our devices and the Apple Watch.

— There might be an update on Apple’s plans to replace iPhoto with a photo app similar to what’s found on iPhones and iPads.

— A new Apple TV streaming device? It’s been years since the last hardware update, though there’s speculation an announcement would instead involve Apple’s role in a stand-alone subscription service from HBO.

— Apple got a streaming music service when it bought Beats last year. When will Apple integrate that into iTunes?

— Might announce additional features or car models with Apple’s CarPlay, which lets drivers control iPhones with voice commands, a touch on the steering wheel or a swipe on a dashboard display.

— A larger-size iPad in the works?

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