List Of 38 Apple iOS 8 Features Every Apple Fan Should Know About

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What are the new features of iOS 8?

• Enhanced Messages:

  • Deliver text SMSs and make or receive your calls through your Mac via your iPhone (which should be close enough and should possess OS X 10.10 or higher).
  • Options for group messaging such as naming / leaving a conversation or add / remove a contact.
  • Adding your favorite photos, video and audio to your conversations on the fly.
  • During a conversation sharing your location for about an hour / a day / even longer.
  • Latest details view with ‘Do Not Disturb’, sharing location as well as ‘see all attachments’ view.
  • At once sharing multiple videos as well as photos.
  • Stored messages removal option which can be set for any time period (from 30 days to one year).

• Camera (all devices might not support these features):

  • iPad mini and iPad Air with Retina Display ability to capture panoramic photos.
  • Front-facing camera supporting Burst mode on iPhone 5s.
  • Self-timer feature (either 3 or 10 sec).
  • Manual as well as separate focus and exposure controls by a simple nudge adjustment to darken or lighten a photo before the capture.
  • Time-Lapse feature which captures an image series and compiles these into a ‘time-lapse’ video.

• Photos – (An app to manage your photos):

  • Features such as automatic straightening of horizons and smart editing-tools for the quick adjustment of color and light just by a swipe.
  • Separate tools for the adjustment of brightness, exposure, highlights, contrast, shadows and much more.
  • Search via location, date and/or album name or smart suggestions features.
  • Smart albums features for Bursts, Slow-mo videos, Time-lapse and Panoramas.

• Siri:

  • Buy iTunes content which includes various apps.
  • Control hardware supported by HomeKit.
  • Hands-free feature, ‘Hey Siri’ voice-activation (which can only be used when plugged with any power source).

• Calendar:

  • Time travelling via ‘calendar-appointments’.
  • Language-calendars such as Hebrew, Chinese and Islamic.
  • Week numbers display.
  • Declining calendar events with a comment.

• Safari:

  • Safari Extensions (this app could be improved with any 3rd party extensions).
  • Feature to ‘Scan Credit Card’ (instead of entering your credit card details manually, you can scan it).
  • Enhanced ‘Spotlight-searching’.
  • Desktop site version request.
  • Feature to choose ‘DuckDuckGo’ as search engine by default.

 Medical ID card ICE (In case of emergency):

  • Blood-type.
  • Medical notes.
  • Medical conditions.
  • Medications.
  • Allergies and reactions.
  • DOB.
  • Emergency contacts.
  • Height / Weight/Eye Color.
  • Organ-Donor-Declaration.


  • Zoom option with single-hand control and multiple-zoom features which also includes picture-in-picture option.
  • Latest grayscale mode.
  • In-built timer as well as ‘Touch-ID’ options for ‘Guided Access’.
  • ‘Speak Screen’ feature to read out onscreen contents via Siri command or gesture.
  • ‘VoiceOver’ enhancements such as ‘Braille input’ support and ‘Alex voice’ feature.
  • MFi hearing aids (with multiple-device support), to effortlessly switch between various paired iOS devices.

APIs for 3rd party apps availaible:

For more information on Apple ios8 Contact Apple Support

  • – PhotoKit: Apps for editing photos directly in the camera-roll.
  • – Touch-ID: Apps to use Touch-ID in place of a password/ pass-code.
  • – Camera: Apps to directly control the camera access.
  • – HomeKit: Devices (control supported) at your home which can even be controlled via Siri (with ‘standard connectivity protocols’ plus ‘secured pairing’).
  • – HealthKit: Fitness and health apps for data-sharing.
  • – Metal: Latest gaming tools which allows apps the direct hardware access.
  • – CloudKit: server side provisions.
  • – Swift: Latest programming language.
  • – ‘New Tips’ app – provides hints, tips and details about how to use your device.
  • – ‘Apple Watch’ support.
  • – Preinstalled ‘iBooks app’ as standard.
  • – ‘Improved Notification Center’: For installing 3rd party widgets.
  • – ‘Airdrop’ feature: Also works with your Mac and allows you to drag & drop the files between Mac and the iOS device easily (for OS X 10.10 version or higher and doesn’t support all iOS devices).
  • – ‘Instant-Hotspot’: iOS 8.1 update is required.
  • – ‘iCloud-Drive’: Easy accessibility of documents as well as folders on iCloud which offers 5GB of free space as well as additional space at cheaper costs if required (for Mac computer with OS X 10.10 version to access iCloud Drive).
  • – ‘Quick-Type’: Intelligent as well as predictive phrase and word suggestions.
  • – ‘Family Sharing’: Up to 6 of your family members are allowed to share purchases from iBooks, iTunes as well as the App Store without any accounts sharing and can also calendar-plus an option to trace family members and/or their devices and access a shared family-photo-stream.
  • – ‘Enhanced Spotlight searching’: Comes with news, Wikipedia, iTunes, nearby places, App or iBooks stores, movie show times as well as websites.
  • – ‘Health’ app: 3rd party developers together with hardware would input data into the ‘Health app’ using the latest HealthKit system to help you keep track of all the health related detailed information at a single place.
  • – ‘Wi-Fi calling’: Instead of cellular, place your calls over Wi-Fi (though it requires a carrier support).
  • – Perform action on email, texts, reminders, calendar invitations as well as apps messages such as Face book just from the banners of notification.
  • – Twice tapping of the home button now will give you fast access to the recent list of people contacted as well as view all your apps running currently.
  • – View the total battery consumption via app.
  • – Customizable share sheets.
  • – Fast access to location based apps which are even accessible through the lock screen.
  • – Weather app: Now instead of Yahoo it uses data from ‘The Weather Channel’.
  • – Auto night mode’ especially for ‘iBooks’.
  • – ‘iBooks’: Now provide the feature to group books together from a series.
  • – Feature to send Apple your last location before the battery of your device dies.
  • – ‘Notes app’: For better text editing as well as photos.
  • – Enhanced ‘Wi-Fi Privacy’: The MAC addresses of your iOS devices are now randomized by iOS while Wi-Fi networks are scanned.
  • – Use Mac to capture iOS screen Videos: Now whenever your iOS device is plugged with a Mac system, it would be viewed as a camera.
  • – Fast access to your key contacts during multitasking view.

– Enhancements for Business:

– Extended protection of data.

– Better mail encryption controls.

For Exchange users, provisions like out of office control.

  • – ePub, iBooks as well as PDF documents now can be pushed automatically to the user’s devices via MDM (Mobile Device Management) tools.
  • – Better & powerful capabilities for proper device management.

List Of iOS features available in UK

For more help and information about Apple IOS 8 Contact Apple UK Support

Below mentioned is the list of the following features that are available specifically in the United Kingdom:

• Maps>Standard.
• Maps>Turn by turn navigation.
• Maps>Directions.
• Maps>Satellite views.
• Maps>3D Buildings in Navigation (London, Birmingham, Manchester)
• Maps>Flyover (Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Leeds, Stonehenge, Manchester)
• Maps>Traffic
• Maps>Business Reviews and Photos
• Maps>Local Search
• Siri>Face book integration
• Siri>Twitter integration
• Siri>Local Search
• Siri>Sports
• Siri>Directions
• Siri>Restaurant Reviews
• Siri>Restaurant Information
• Siri>Film Showtime
• Siri>Film Reviews
• Siri>Film Information
• Quick-Type Keyboard>Predictive Input (English UK)
• Quick-Type Keyboard>English UK
• Quick-Type Keyboard>Dictation
• iTunes Store>films, music and TV
• App Store>apps & games
• Apple CarPlay.
• Spotlight Suggestions.

List Of iOS 8 features not available in UK

• Siri>Restaurant Reservations.
• iTunes Radio.
• Apple Pay (the iOS 8.1 update is required).

New and Specific Apple apps included in iOS 8?

The following are the list of the apps:

• Podcasts.
• Photos (an entire new version and which is compatible even with photos for OS X)
• iBooks.
• Tips.
• Health (iPod and iPhone touch only).

 iOS 8.1 Update – Additional Features – Benefits

Now the iOS 8.1 version was launched on 20th, October, 2014. It does come with various new features but also included are numerous other important bug and security fixes. Following is the list of some new and specific features:

  • ‘Apple Pay’ support.
  • ‘Instant Hotspot’ support.
  • Public beta for iCloud Photos.
  • Feature to add back the ‘Camera Roll album’ in the Photos app and the ‘My Photo Stream album’ when the ‘iCloud Photo Library’ is disabled.
  • Feature to add an option in order to choose between 2G or 3G or LTE connections for the cellular data.
  • Feature to add ‘AirDrop’ support for your passbook passes.
  • Feature to add an option in order to facilitate Dictation in the Settings for your Keyboards.

‘Apple Support’

For more help and information about IOS 8 Contact Apple Customer Service

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